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Chapter 335: 335
“I didn’t hold back . ” Li Qingshan casually pushed her aside . Ever since he realised he had misunderstood that day, he no longer thought of Ru Xin in any special way . This woman was just too twisted . She was constantly ready for mischief . He did not want to be toyed around with for nothing .

Ru Xin said, “You clearly could have won, but you lost . Isn’t that holding back?”

Combining the effort of five hundred people was not an easy feat, requiring extremely great discipline . Maintaining the Coiled Snake formation took tremendous energy too .

As long as Li Qingshan dragged it out, the formation would collapse on itself before long, and he would be able to defeat them all in the same way as before . Defeating these military disciples who had lost many people and much might would probably be even easier than last time .

“Don’t you feel that winning like that is very boring?” Li Qingshan laid back down . It was not like it was a battle to the death, so there was no need for him to rack his brain . The outcome was less important . What mattered was learning from it, training his body, and practising skills through it so that he could prepare for a certain day in the future .

“If there are spiritual stones up for grabs, it obviously isn’t boring . ”

“Women just love to be petty . Have you ever heard of thinking for the long-term?”

“Wow, looking down on women . ” Ru Xin squeezed Li Qingshan’s shoulder . “Your strength seems to have increased again . ”

“One spiritual stone, two spiritual stones…”

“You-” Ru Xin was taken aback . Then, Li Qingshan grabbed her slender, white hand . “Now we’re on equal footing, so feel me however you want!” Although she was always so mischievous, he did feel that it was easier to get along with her .

“Keep dreaming!” Ru Xin smiled . Her face sank .

“Hahaha, Li Qingshan, to think that you would have a day like today . What are you doing? Ru Xin, tell me what’s going on?” Chu Tian rushed in like a whirlwind, pointing at Li Qingshan and laughing at him, but when he saw what they were doing, he immediately struggled to accept it .

“Li Qingshan, you- you- you-” Han Qiongzhi wanted to stop Chu Tian, but she just happened to see this too .

Even Ru Xin rolled her eyes . Just what have we done? You’re reacting like you’ve caught a cheating couple in bed .

Li Qingshan returned to Great War island and found Han Tieyi .

Han Anjun was currently giving a talk to the military disciples, while Han Tieyi stood to one side . Seeing Li Qingshan, Han Anjun made a gesture towards him with his lips .

Han Tieyi walked over and said to Li Qingshan, “Come with me . ”

Li Qingshan followed Han Tieyi and arrived before a metal gate . Han Tieyi took out his waist tablet and opened the gate, entering the darkness . Gates opened and closed one after another as they rapidly travelled deeper underground .

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Finally, he arrived at the very bottom . A formation glowed as a great streak of light shot up . As it turned out, the school of the Military’s formation was located here . All he could say was this truly was the school of the Military . With how strict the security was, the school of Novels could never rival it with how theirs was just located within a bamboo forest . However, he did not imagine that this was a library either, with battle skills everywhere .

Han Tieyi stopped and turned around . He said, “Thank you!”

Ru Xin could tell, so he obviously could tell too . His original reason for calling Li Qingshan over was to give the military disciples a sense of danger and an opportunity for actual battle, but ever since the chaos from the White Lotus cult, they could not afford to lose again .

Losing once or twice could motivate them, but if they kept losing, it would only damage the army’s morale . They were in desperate need of a victory so that they could rise up with force and spirit .

Li Qingshan said, “What’s there to thank me for? I said I already did all that I could . ”

Defeating the military disciples did not offer any practical benefit to him . Instead, he would lose a great opportunity for actual battle . This battle had a much greater effect on his cultivation of the Ox Demon’s Fist of Great Strength than training alone in the bamboo forest .

Han Tieyi said, “You can throw your second punch now . ”

Li Qingshan said, “If I want to hit you, I’ll do it fairly . I’ll never do it secretly like this . I don’t like to hit a punching bag either, so feel free to fight back in the future . ”

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“Then don’t even think about touching my face again . ” In the darkness, Han Tieyi’s lips seemed to curl up, but the change faded away very quickly .

Li Qingshan said, “Normally, I mean what I say . Let’s cut to the chase . Where’s the battle skill?”

Han Tieyi took out over a dozen jade slips from his hundred treasures pouch . “Here are all the battle skills suited for Gui Water true qi . ”

“Don’t tell me you called me to such a secretive place just to say those few words earlier!”

“So what if I did?”

Li Qingshan had no idea on how to respond . He lowered his head and browsed through them .

By battle skills, they were referring to skills in battle that combined both qi and the body . It was similar to techniques, yet different from techniques . From a certain perspective, it was a higher form of martial arts .

Not only did the people of the jianghu cultivate inner force arduously, but they also practised martial arts arduously . Only then could they unleash their battle prowess .

Cultivators were no different, except true qi was profound and flexible, even greater than inner force . This was a critical skill for Li Qingshan, who specialised in close combat . In a battle that could change with every instant, if he could be a moment faster at a crucial moment, it would be the moment of life and death .

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And, just like martial arts, battle skills were divided into various levels . The battle skills Han Tieyi had taken out were all rare, high level battle skills . Even the disciples of the school of the Military could not learn them unless they performed outstandingly .

Although it was said that the hundred schools communicated and exchanged ideologies with one another, they would still keep the items that formed the very core to themselves . Not to mention that the collection included battle skills the Han family had gathered itself, which would only be taught to members of the Han family . Without Han Anjun’s permission, even Han Tieyi did not possess the authority to take them out . This was no longer just because Li Qingshan had provided training for the military disciples .

Back then in Ancient Wind city, Li Qingshan had made Han Qiongzhi leave first before personally carving out a path of retreat for her . Han Anjun had seen all of it . Although he never mentioned it, he had his own plans .

Li Qingshan could sense this too . His gaze suddenly locked onto a jade slip, and he let out a soft interjection of surprise .

The battle skill had an extremely grand name—Ocean Wielding . The introduction to the general information detailed . “The power of the converging rivers, with the vastness of the ocean, achieves the arts of the boundless . ”

Five words immediately leapt out in Li Qingshan’s head, the Arts of the Boundless Ocean! And, this was not the first time Li Qingshan had heard this saying .

“You have quite the eyes . This is the strongest out of all the battle skills here, but it needs to be powered by a special cultivation method . Your true qi is pure, but it’ll still be rather difficult, so I’d advise you to choose another one!” In order to get Li Qingshan to make a correct decision, Han Tieyi spoke for once .

However, this only verified Li Qingshan’s thoughts . Ocean Wielding must have been a battle skill derived from the Arts of the Boundless Ocean . It was impossible for a sect to be built off a single cultivation method . With the collapse of the Ocean sect, their various cultivation methods and techniques became scattered throughout the world . Ocean Wielding had ended up in the hands of the Han family .

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