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Chapter 1661: Water Mirror

The column of white light gradually shrank until it completely dispersed, leaving the Pavilion of Heavenly Tomes with a burning opening.

A ray of light fell down from the opening, scattering on Li Qingshan’s devilishly handsome face. He gazed up, but his eyes were a mess, unable to see anything. The scorching white light continued to linger in his head.

However, after he blinked his eyes, they recovered some of their colour, blurrily making out the tiny portion of the sky in the opening that faded in and out in the black smoke.

The All-encompassing Formation of the Myriad had already been destroyed. Spiritual qi surged into his body as all of his wounds rapidly healed.

Before his wounds could completely heal, Li Qingshan leapt into the sky, rushing out through the opening!

The black smoke and fire on each floor of the Pavilion of Heavenly Tomes rushed out of the opening with him, spewing out from the very top and reaching several hundred metres in the air, soaring through the sky like a trapped fire dragon.

Li Qingshan stood among the black smoke and fire. Beneath his feet were Myriad city that had been reduced to ruins and the burning Pavilion of Heavenly Tomes, yet his expression seemed very relaxed. His black hair danced with the heat waves, which made him seem even more demonic.

“Hand over the Myriad Heavenly Tome and I won’t kill you.”

On the eastern balcony of the highest floor, the Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance’s figure shimmered between the smoke, except he seemed much more hunched over, like he had suddenly aged by a thousand years.

He asked without looking back, “Do you have any idea just how much effort was put into these books? Every single book contained a soul, yet now, they’ve all…”

“Hand over the Myriad Heavenly Tome!”

Li Qingshan glared at him and lunged down like a hungry tiger on the hunt, extending his claw towards the Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance’s back. The sharpness of his claws were on full display.

The fierce winds he stirred up brought the smoke over as if it had also turned into a vicious beast, lunging for the Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance.

Li Qingshan was taken aback. His right hand emerged from the Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance’s chest, but he felt like there was nothing, like he had only pierced thin air.

The black smoke silently dispersed around them with the sparks.

The Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance turned around slowly and pointed at the sky. “You don’t have much time left.”

With that, his body burst like a bubble, completely vanishing without a trace. The broken crystal in his hands dispersed with the wind too.

“Watermirror’s Image!”

Li Qingshan was not unfamiliar with this move. Apart from being skilled in controlling water and divination, the clones of spirit turtles were extraordinary too, completely capable of fooling anyone.

He also understood what the Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance was saying. The disturbances here had probably reached the heavens already. Very soon, enemies would descend from above!

With the strength of his clone, he did not fear any Human Immortals, but he could not stop True Immortals, let alone the Zhenwu Emperor.

If he was unable to find the Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance’s main body before that, then he could forget about the Myriad Heavenly Tome. He had won this battle, but it would still be a loss.

And with spirit turtles’ abilities for hiding, Li Qingshan was well aware that even if a True Immortal was here, they would not necessarily be able to calculate the Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance’s exact location.

However, at least there was one thing he could be certain about. The Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance’s body must have been in theMyriad city, or he could not have operated the All-encompassing Formation of the Myriad to such a degree.

Fortunately, Myriad city was not particularly large to him right now.

Li Qingshan shut his eyes before opening them again.

Immediately, every single structure and street in Myriad city appeared in his eyes.

His eyes shimmered gently, turning into thousands of hexagonal crystals. Every hexagon reflected a corner of Myriad city, unaffected by the smoke, fire, and walls. He surveyed every corner of Myriad city, whether it was the most twisted waterway or the most hidden compartment.

This was one of the innate abilities of the Spirit Turtle Transformation, the Profound Light Illuminates All. After completing the Spirit Turtle Transformation, he had completely mastered all the innate abilities, such that it was almost like an instinct. He no longer needed to go out of his way to use it.

But strangely enough, he had basically turned over every stone in Myriad city, yet he still failed to find where the Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance was hiding.

Don’t tell me he’s invisible? He soon dismissed that thought. Even the Spirit Reverend of Ocean Returnance could not hide every single trace of himself under his search.

“Qingshan, could you send us to the Demon domain first?”

Dai Mengfan hurried over with Yang Miaozhen. If she did not leave now, she might not be able to leave anymore later. No matter how impressive Li Qingshan was, he could not fend off the Desireless Heavenly Palace with only a clone.


Li Qingshan did not even look at them. He just nodded. With a wave of his right hand, a black crack appeared in the air. It actually became a miniature demon cavern.

With a smile on her face, Dai Mengfan immediately performed a curtsey to him before diving head-first into the demon cavern.

Yang Miaozhen did not follow after her immediately. Instead, she gazed at Li Qingshan with mixed emotions, wanting to say something but faltering.

Only now did Li Qingshan direct some attention to her. He smiled. “Miaozhen, why aren’t you going? Don’t tell me you’re resenting your husband for deserting you, or because you’re worried about your husband?”

“Didn’t you say that we’re not husband and wife?”

Perhaps due to all the upheavals she had experienced over the past few days, Yang Miaozhen’s emotions were rather mixed, but she was also unexpectedly calm. When she saw his face, the feeling of being an old couple sprang forth inside her. She was neither particularly thankful of him for his rescue, nor did she possess any of the youthful bashfulness of a woman. She simply wanted to talk with him.

“Stop with the nonsense. When I say we are, then we are. Can’t you see that I’m busy? Just go already! When you get to the Demon domain, take good care of yourself. I’ll come to spoil you very soon!”

Li Qingshan waved his hand impatiently. Yang Miaozhen snorted in response, but she still stepped into the demon cavern obediently.

She was aware that her “game” in the Human realm was over. At the end of the day, she would still be returning to his side, continuing as his consort.

But fortunately, this man had not changed compared to her memories. He was still the same “hero king” who was forceful, murderous, and battle-hungry, yet also friendly, approachable, and even rather moody and sentimental.

So, it was not all bad!

Li Qingshan probably would have never dreamt that Yang Miaozhen’s impression of him included “moody and sentimental”, or he would definitely fly into a rage and give her a thorough spanking.

He never imagined that as soon as Yang Miaozhen left, another acquaintance would appear before him, dressed in the same golden necklace and silken robes, adorned with jewels and valuables yet also seeming tasteless to the extreme. He even had an unconcerned smile and a pair of iconic, squinted eyes.

“Le Tian!” Li Qingshan suddenly smiled. “You’re late!”

“No, no, no, I’m perfectly on time.” Le Tian’s unconcerned smile faded away as he stared straight into Li Qingshan’s eyes. “First senior brother, I want to gamble with you!”

“Gamble with me!?” Li Qingshan finally began to laugh. “Hah, haven’t you forgotten about your lesson on the Road to the Yellow Springs.”

“I would never forget that.”

“What do you want to gamble on?”

“Let’s gamble whether in thirty years’ time I can become a Human Immortal, or, a Heretic God!”

“Why does this gamble sound familiar?” Li Qingshan smiled even wider. In the past, when he first joined the Myriad sect, he had wagered a thousand Green Jade bookmarks against Le Tian to gamble whether he could become a direct disciple in thirty years’ time. Afterwards, the scope of the gamble increased, drawing in many direct disciples, which led to his enlistment in the army.

However, he had also benefited very much from the gamble. In particular, the thousand Green Jade bookmarks he obtained as soon as he joined the sect had helped him pave his path in the Human realm.

“Though…” Le Tian rubbed his hands. “I am a little tight right now, so I don’t really have enough for the wager!”

“Say no more. I’ll provide you with all the resources you need for cultivation. In thirty years’ time, if you aren’t a Human Immortal, you don’t have to pay me back either. Just kill yourself!” Li Qingshan waved his hand and opened another demon cavern. He could never have enough talents, especially these special talents skilled in divination.

“Not a problem, not a problem.” Le Tian’s unconcerned smile returned again as he made his way into the demon cavern. When he stepped into the demon cavern, he suddenly glanced back at Li Qingshan. “First senior brother…”


“Hasn’t what you’ve been looking for…” Le Tian glanced down with a smile. “been in front of you the entire time?”

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