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As soon as anyone opened up their eyes and saw such frightening eyeballs, they would go crazy. A Miao let out a cry and rolled directly to her side...

"Be careful!" Shen Xinglan reached out to bring her back.

A Miao crashed into his arms and heard him snort.

"You, you, you..." Finally able to react, A Miao fiercely jumped up. "How are you? Did I run into you? Le Yi! Le, woah..."

The warm lips were approaching her. A Miao stared at him and saw her panic-stricken self in his eyes, as well as his... undisguised affection.

"Well..." She could not breathe, and instinctively opened her mouth to breathe in, but let the man seize the opportunity to come in.

Kissing more and more deeply, the atmosphere was more and more ambiguous, even the air seemed to be full of a kind of flavor called sensuality.

"Woo..." A Miao felt that she was going to suffocate. She was afraid of touching Shen Xinglan's wound, so she had to push away his tongue desperately. But in return, she got a more fierce entanglement from him; she had the illusion that her mouth was going to be eaten.

When Shen Xinglan let go of her, the woman in his arms was flushed and full of confused temptation. Even the makeup over her eyes did not affect his sense of her beauty, making him wish to consume her directly.

"A Miao!" Shen Xinglan's voice was dull, making the listener's heart tremble.

"I'm sorry..." A Miao could still think rationally at this time, and she admired herself for it.

Shen Xinglan lifted the corners of his mouth. The smile outlined by a pair of phoenix eyes made A Miao's face redder. She scratched her face as she said, "You saved me again."

"So? Huh?"

... She used to read novels, often seeing inside the writing that if the male leading role uttered "huh", the heroine would go weak at the knees. At that time, she also sniffed at it and thought that it was bullshit.

But now, she really was weak! From her heart inside to the outside was limp throughout.

"I... I will not run away, I will stay with you, and I will not give you any more trouble." A Miao looked at him seriously. She saw Shen Xinglan staring at her with shining eyes and could not help scratching her face.

"That's not what I want," said Shen Xinglan while squinting his eyes.

"Then... then what do you want..." A Miao did not overdo it. "You... whatever you say... whatever you want."

This was what she had in mind before. This man gave his life to save her. What reason did she have to refuse the request of him? A Miao automatically ignored the secret happiness in her heart and believed that he should get anything in return for saving her life.

"You know what I want." Shen Xinglan firmly pressed her chin in his fingers. "I like you, I want you. What about you?"

A Miao did not dare to look at his hot eyes and she stammered, "You... you didn't woo me..." Then, she could not wait to bite her tongue off.

"Good!" Who would have thought he would nod and say, "Then I will woo you from now on."

After finishing saying that, he pressed against her lips again, back and forth, like he was tasting something delicious in her mouth.

"I don't want to disturb you, but do you really not care about drowning in blood?" Suddenly, there was a voice. A Miao pushed Shen Xinglan away. Only then did he discover that the blood in his chest had already flowed out, and even the quilt was dyed red.

"Did I press on it?" She burst into tears. "Did I hurt you again?"

Le Yi took a look at the satisfied man and grumpily opened the gauze on his chest. "Be careful. You don't want the wound to heal, do you?"

A Miao saw the blood under the gauze and fully cried out. Shen Xinglan stared at Le Yi and comforted her. "It's okay, it's just scary looking. It doesn't hurt at all. Shh..."

"Does it hurt?" Le Yi took his hands off.

Shen Xinglan sneered wordlessly, and A Miao struggled to look at his chest.

"All right, just stay there quietly. If it collapses again, I'll splint you so you can't move." Le Yi cleaned up the bloody cotton.

Seeing Shen Xinglan staring at A Miao again, he looked around with his eyes and said, "A Miao, come out of the room with me and I'll tell you how to take care of him."

"No..." Shen Xinglan just wanted to say that A Miao did not need to take care of him, then he saw Le Yi cast him a meaningful glance.

"Don't you want A Miao to take care of you, right next to you, every day?"

In a split second, he understood.

"Listen carefully." Shen Xinglan patted A Miao's hand.

A Miao had no idea that the two shameless men had just exchanged so much information as she nodded and followed Le Yi out.

"Sit down!" Le Yi did not take A Miao into the office, but went to the garden on the VIP floor.

Seeing that A Miao's face was still stained with tears, he knew this incident had really scared the girl. But... it was also good, wasn't it?

"When I met Shen, he was in a terrible situation." Le Yi suddenly opened his mouth and looked somewhere in the void. "I was a teenager at that time and was sold by traffickers to an organization."

A Miao knew that Le Yi was talking about his past with Shen Xinglan, so she listened silently.

"Our daily task was to train, and we would be beaten if we didn't finish training. Kids who were eliminated every week would be beaten to death." Le Yi's eyes were not as clear as usual, but more like the cold eyes of Shen Xinglan.

"Then, they started killing each other. If they wanted to live, they had to kill everyone."

A Miao squeezed her fist, but it was no surprise. Ding V's behavior let her know that Shen Xinglan and Le Yi must not be ordinary businessmen or doctors.

But she did not expect that it would be so bitter.

"If it weren't for Shen Xinglan, none of us would have survived." Le Yi smiled at her. "He saved us, one by one."

A Miao could not imagine the scene depicted by Le Yi, which could only be seen in movies.

"Shen Xinglan is a very dictatorial person, he doesn't like others disobeying his orders. Of course, he was never wrong." Le Yi went on to say, "He is not good at expressing his feelings, or he simply does not know how to express them."

A Miao nodded, she knew of that well.

"You know wolves!" Le Yi gestured suddenly. "These animals are natural killers. They never trust anyone, but once they identify a mate, they will never regret it. Even if the female wolf dies, the male wolf will die also."

Le Yi suddenly looked at A Miao. "If you agree to him, you must do it. Otherwise, he will kill you before he kills himself.

"So, A Miao, do you like him? Are you in love with him?"

A Miao shivered. She knew that Le Yi was telling the truth. Because Shen Xinglan was a complete psycho, he acted like a lunatic from the first day she met him...

"Think about it!" Le Yi stood up. "If you are not sure whether you love him or not, don't make any promise."

Leaving A Miao to think alone, Le Yi walked slowly down the quiet corridor. He did not tell A Miao about Shanshan, and Le Yi himself could not guarantee what kind of reaction Shen Xinglan would have if Shanshan were to appear one day.

But now, since Shen Xinglan had decided to be with A Miao...

"I'm sorry, if there is such a day, I will at least guarantee you food and clothing." Le Yi sighed and walked into the ward.

Seeing him, Shen Xinglan's face sank. "What about A Miao?"

"She went to the bathroom." Le Yi smiled as if bestowing something onto him, but then said without mercy, "You played too much this time. If I hadn't made it back in time, you would have died."

"Didn't you come back?" Shen Xinglan rested on the bed, looking like he was not dead.

Le Yi really wanted to poke a hole in his wound. "What were you thinking? Knowing that Ding V's marksmanship is perfect, you still jumped on it."

"I didn't have time to think about it." The beautiful face of Shen Xinglan showed a delicate expression. "If you insist on me saying it, I can only say it's just instinct."

Le Yi shrugged his shoulders. "Then I wish you can win someone soon!"

"She was mine." Shen Xinglan had a proud face.

"Look, he's sick again..."

After waiting for a long time, Shen Xinglan did not see A Miao come back, but Shen II came in.

"Boss, the young lady left with Shen I and said she would go out for a while and come back later."

"Where did she go?" Shen Xinglan had a discontented frown. In this kind of situation, A Miao was supposed to stay with him. She just woke up crying her eyes out.

Shen II shook his head. "Miss didn't say."

Seeing Shen Xinglan's face was not good, he asked again, "Why don't I secretly send a message to Shen I to ask?"

"No," Shen Xinglan said with eyes closed. "When she comes back, I want her to say it herself."

A Miao did not come back until the evening. When she came back, she brought some soup made by her aunt.

"Where have you been?" Shen II seldom gossiped and pulled Shen I out.

Shen I looked bitterly at A Miao, who entered the ward. "Poor young lady..."

"I asked my aunt to make duck blood soup. Are you hungry, do you want some?" A Miao was busy putting away the big bag in her hand and taking out the soup from the thermos.

Shen Xinglan, closing the corners of his mouth, looked at her without saying a word.

"What's the matter?" A Miao thought he was uncomfortable again. "Does the wound hurt? Do you want me to call Le Yi?"

"Where have you been?" Shen Xinglan stared at her with fixed eyes, looking like if A Miao could not give him a suitable reason, he would jump on her and kill her.

A Miao's hand paused with a spoon, and then she slowly sat down and fed him some soup.

"I went to the cemetery," A Miao said, putting the spoon to Shen Xinglan's mouth.

Shen Xinglan saw that the fake eyelids on her eyes were gone, and her pair of peach blossom eyes were watery and looking at him tenderly.


"I went to see my mother." A Miao moved the spoon and Shen Xinglan unconsciously opened his mouth. When he reacted, he had already swallowed it.

A Miao gathered another spoonful. "My mother said that if one day I find someone who can protect me, I would not have to wear makeup again."

Shen Xinglan tightened his gaze and said, "Go on."

"I told my mother that I found that man." A Miao smiled at him. "Maybe one day he will leave me, but now, I am willing to... stop running away and hiding my heart from him."

"Who said I would leave you?" Shen Xinglan stared fiercely at A Miao. "It is you who must stay with me in the future or I'll break your legs."

A Miao was like: ...

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