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Published at 8th of February 2021 11:47:35 AM

Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Xiao Bai’s shocking evolution (Part 1)

There was a warm atmosphere at dinner as the three of them mentioned the interesting things that happened to them today .   Naturally Feng Xiao didn’t forget to mention what happened with Xiao Bai .

After eating dinner, Yang Xi Ruo went to rest to slowly recover her body, while Feng Xiao also went to sleep .   Feng Yao’s slender brows knit for a bit as she fell into thought before she entered the game .

It was midnight when Feng Xiao woke up and turned on his gaming chamber, preparing to enter «Rebirth» .

When Feng Xiao used his super attack power to skip levels in fighting mobs, he used two days of grinding eight hours without stopping to go from level 28 to level 29 .   But now when he opened the level ranking, he found that Hen Tian was already level 29 and everyone else had increased by a level .

“These fellows really are maniacs, they must be leveling twenty four hours without stopping . ”

But Feng Xiao was not worried about being caught up to by Hen Tian .   It took double the experience of going from level 28 to level 29 to go from level 29 to level 30, so without four or five days of hard leveling, it was impossible to catch up to him at level 31 .

A level 35 Green One Eyed Beast noticed him and went wild, charging at him .   Feng Xiao casually dodged him and killed it with a single Dragon Flame Slash .

Sure enough, he didn’t kill monsters like before .

“Ding, your mount ‘Purple Eyed Cloud Wing Tiger’ has reached level 1 .   HP +10, MP +5, Physical Attack + 5, Magic Attack +5, and Defense +5 . ”

“Ding, your mount ‘Purple Eyed Cloud Wing Tiger’ has reached level 2……”

… . . .

“Ding, your mount ‘Purple Eyed Cloud Wing Tiger’ has reached level 5……”

Feng Xiao was surprised because he hadn’t called out Xiao Bai, but it could obtain experience just like Xiao Xiao .

Feng Xiao began walking towards the Stalactite Cave .   He wasn’t as cautious as before when he was protecting Feng Yao since these fierce monsters weren’t that much of a threat to him, so he took care of the monsters while moving forward .

Four hours again… . . .

“Xiao Tian, Xiao Bing, let’s form a team . ”

Xiao Tian’s eyes lit up and he almost didn’t dare believe his ears .   He quickly pulled Feng Yao into his and Chen Bing’s party, afraid that she would regret it .

“Little sister Yao’er, relax .   With me and ice cube carrying you, it’ll be hard not to level fast . ”  Xiao Tian had a mesmerized look, as drool almost came out of his mouth .   He forcefully patted his chest .

Feng Yao was speechless .   She didn’t know how fast the two of them leveled, but she was certain that it was unknown who would carry who .


White light shined down on the three of them .   Xiao Tian was surprised to find that his half HP had been healed to full .

Feng Yao’s high intelligence gave her “Cure” a shocking effect .

“Wa!  Little sister Yao’er, you’re simply an angel……”

“Behind!”  Chen Bing coldly reminded .

Xiao Tian quickly turned and found that there was a level 24 Cyclops charging at him .   The defense of these monsters were quite good, but they moved a bit slow .

Xiao Tian quickly used the warrior’s “Provoke” skill and pulled the Cyclops over before cutting it .   At the same time, Chen Bing kept releasing the “Ice Spell” at it .

With the two working together, they kept pulling in monsters to kill .   Feng Yao was on the side casting her Cure, watching the two of them pull in monsters becoming more speechless as she kept watching them .

“These two, compared to big brother killing a large group with one attack… . . Forget it, there’s no other way . ”


A Cyclops was frozen by Chen Bing’s Ice Spell .

Xiao Tian called out in an exaggerated manner, not forgetting to praise Feng Yao, “God, this is my first time seeing the ice cube freeze someone like this .   Little sister Yao’er, you really are our lucky star . ”

Chen Bing gave a cold snort and ignored him .

She really was a lucky star because with Feng Yao’s powerful healing that could instantly fully heal him and Chen Bing, they had no scruples fighting monsters .   They no longer had to dodge and their efficiency greatly increased .

“Xiao Tian, Xiao Bing, you don’t have AoE attacks?”  Feng Yao couldn’t take it any longer .   With their speed, her level would never come close to her big brother’s .

Xiao Tian scratched his head and said, “Ice cube doesn’t have one, but I do .   Only there were only the two of us before and we couldn’t hold on if we drew in that many mobs at once . ”

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“Xiao  Tian, use your AoE spell . ”

Xiao Tian always listened to Feng Yao .   He quickly ran forward and used the warrior’s “Whirlwind Sword” to create a small arc, pulling in four Cyclopses .

Chen Bing’s expression didn’t change as he raised his staff, releasing an “Mist Spell” .   It made two of the four monsters go “blind” and their accuracy fell .

To be honest, Xiao Tian was hesitant about pulling in four at once, but soon his mouth was bigger than a hippopotamus .

A white seven stringed zither released immortal music… . . .

The Cyclops all stopped attacking and focused completely on the beautiful music .   They slowly fell asleep as they listened to the music, struggling for no more than five seconds .

Although Feng Yao could only display a small bit of the Fuxi Zither’s divine power, there was no effort at all dealing with normal monsters that were close to her in level .

This was the might of an ancient divine weapon .

Seeing the stunned Xiao Tian and Chen Bing who had stopped attacking, Feng Yao almost stopped her foot in anger .

“Xiao Tian, Xiao Bing, quickly attack . ”

Xiao Tian came back to his senses and responded in a daze, as he released his Whirlwind Sword while killing those sleeping monsters with Xiao Bing .

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Killing a group with one attack and there were no scruples at all, their monster killing speed didn’t just double .   Moreover, the monsters that respawned didn’t even have time to see the world before they fell asleep .

The Whirlwind Sword only dealt 80% of his normal damage, but it didn’t have a cooldown .   So Xiao Tian understood how fast he could go through MP potions .

A normal seven stringed zither was normally played while placed on the ground or in one’s lap, but Feng Yao was incomparably intelligent, being able to play all kinds of instruments in real life and even reaching a state that no one else could match with the zither .   Even while holding it, the sound she played was very clear and bright .

There were other players leveling around, so Feng Yao kept the zither music to within a range of twenty meters .   Her big brother had said that no one else could know about this zither .

Sly Music · Confusing Gods could make monsters fall into a confused state that made them attack everything, it was her only choice when leveling alone .   But the monsters had weak attacks and the experience came slowly .   Moreover, if she used it here, the Cyclops might hurt Xiao Tian and Xiao Bing .

So Immortal Music · Intoxicated Dream was the best choice .

“Little sister Yao’er, your zither is?”  Xiao Tian finally couldn’t help asking .   Although this kind of killing mobs filled him with satisfaction, he couldn’t stop the curiosity that filled his heart .

Chen Bing who had been silent couldn’t help perking his ears .

“Fuxi Zither . ”

“Oh, good zither, good zither . ”

“ . . . . . . ”


“What!  Fuxi Zither?”  Xiao Tian almost jumped up and Chen Bing was stunned .   Perhaps normal people didn’t know what the Fuxi Zither was, but people of their world were very clear on the Chinese legend of the ten ancient divine weapons .

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