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Chapter 2871: Fury

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“Black Blood Emperor is already an Invincible Divine Master in the second stage. Even those who have reached the Immortal Saint-level in their comprehension of the rules and have created an absolute art in the saint level can not kill him. As for Jian Yi… his comprehension of the rules and the absolute art he created are not very strong.”

The black-robed elder was a real Immortal Saint. He had seen the battle clearly, so he could see Jian Wushuang’s comprehension of the rules. The absolute arts he had created were only at the level of an ordinary Invincible Divine Master. Compared with the Black Blood Emperor, not even close.

“Although his laws and techniques are not as powerful as the Black Blood Emperor’s, the power of Jian Yi is much stronger than the Black Blood Emperor’s. Furthermore, he has the reincarnation sword formation.. However, the most important thing is the divine weapon in his hand… that sword is very powerful. It’s definitely not just an ordinary divine weapon.”

The black-robed elder narrowed his eyes. “I just heard Qu Hong talking about the Fire Cloud Castle and Mo Tao. Could it be that the Sword Dao divine weapon that Mo Tao refined with the Holy Heavenly Furnace not long ago is the sword in his hand?”

“You mean the sword dao treasure that Lord Mo refined previously and shook the entire Golden Crow Nine Realms?” Chi Ming was immediately shocked, “I heard from master that Lord Mo rarely refined treasures with the Holy Heavenly Furnace over the years. The last time, he refined it to help Lord Bone Emperor refine a special treasure. This time, although no one knows what the Sword Dao treasure is, it must be of an extremely high level. Its value might not be lower than Lord Bone Emperor’s special treasure.”

“How could such a treasure be in the hands of a mere deity?”

“I don’t know,” the black-robed elder said in a low voice, “However, even if the divine weapon in Jian Yi’s hand isn’t the treasure Mo Tao refined, it is definitely a very powerful sacred treasure. If such a sacred treasure were to be in the hands of an Undying Sage who specializes in the Dao of the sword, its power would definitely be even stronger!” Chi Ming frowned.

“If that’s the case, why didn’t you kill Jian Yi just now and snatch the divine weapon?” Chi Ming asked with a frown.

They had been around just now. If the black-robed elder had attacked, Jian Yi definitely would not have been able to escape.

However, when he heard Chi Ming’s words, the black-robed elder shook his head slightly. “Jian Yi isn’t that simple.”

“Just now, Qu Hong took out his life-saving jade talisman at the last moment. That life-saving jade talisman contained the power of a single strike from the Tian Qu realmlord. It was extremely powerful, yet it wasn’t able to injure even a single hair on the sword. Although I don’t know how he did it, since he was able to easily block a single strike from the Tianqu realmlord, even if this old man personally acted, I don’t think I would be able to take him down.”

“Elder Su, you can’t even take him down with your own hands?” Chi Ming could not help but be shocked.

Elder Su, this was a genuine Immortal Saint.

The gap between the Immortal Saint and the reverent god was simply insurmountable. Logically, no reverent god should be able to escape with an Immortal Saint taking action personally.

But now, this Elder Su actually did not have the confidence to take down Jian Yi?

Was Jian Yi really that powerful?

“I am indeed not confident that I can do anything to him. Moreover, I have a hunch that Jian Yi still has many trump cards hidden on him. These trump cards are all extraordinary, and even I have some misgivings about them. Therefore, it is better not to provoke him unless it is absolutely necessary,” said the black-robed elder.

“In that case, are we just going to sit idly by and watch as Lord Mo personally forged this powerful Sword Dao weapon?” Chi Ming frowned.

“That’s not the case.” The black robed elder smiled, “If I didn’t see wrongly, that Young Master Qu wasn’t just begging for mercy before he died. At the same time, he had already secretly sent a message to his father, world overlord Tian Qu, informing him of his death.”

“Not only is that world overlord Tian Qu extremely powerful, he’s one of the hardest to deal with amongst the Undying Saints. He’s also famous for spoiling his son. If not, he wouldn’t have paid such a huge price to help his son pursue the Young Phoenix.”

“Now That Qu Hong is dead, that World Overlord Tian Qu will definitely be furious. He might even immediately move to the Dragon-phoenix Sacred City to find Jian Yi and avenge his son. At that time, we only need to watch from the side. Once we know the truth about Jian Yi and find an opportunity, it won’t be too late for us to act.”

“Mmhm, that’s all we can do.” Chi Ming nodded.

After all, the Dragon-phoenix Sacred City was a territory under the control of the Dragon-phoenix Pavilion, not the Star Point Sacred City where his Star Point Pavilion was located.

Here, the experts of his Star Point Pavilion would more or less have some misgivings.

This time, it was also because of the opening of the Dragon-phoenix rankings that the Dragon-phoenix Pavilion allowed the Undying Sage of the Star Point Pavilion to openly appear in the city. But if they wanted to look for help from the Star Point Pavilion now… if the Star-Point Pavilion were to send a second undying sage, the Dragon-phoenix Pavilion would definitely not sit idly by.

There was no other way. Since the black-robed old man was not confident of taking down Jian Yi with a single glance, they could only hope that world overlord Tian Qu would be able to rush over and reap the benefits.

Golden Crow Nine Realms, Tian Qu realm!

In terms of territory, the Tian Qu realm was definitely one of the top three realms in the Golden Crow Nine Realms. It was slightly larger than the Heavenly Void Realm and had more experts.

And compared to the Pill Sun Sacred World, it was naturally much stronger.

The Heaven Curve World Overlord was one of the publicly acknowledged peak experts in the Golden Crow Nine Realms. His fame was so great that countless years ago, he had already caused people to revere him.

In addition, the Heaven Curve World Overlord had always been tyrannical and unruly. In the entire Golden Crow Nine Realms, other than the Supreme Lord Bone Emperor, there was not a single undying sage that could cause him to feel fear.

Within a boundless starry space.

A burly middle-aged man dressed in a violet-gold robe with an incomparably violent aura akin to a brown bear, World Overlord Tian Qu, suddenly opened his eyes. Boundless rage instantly rose up as a shocking killing intent erupted out, filling the entire starry space.

“He’s dead. Hong ‘er was actually killed?”

“Sword one, it was Jian Yi who killed Hong ‘er!”

Realm Lord Tian Qu’s eyes were cold, filled with boundless killing intent.

And he was not unfamiliar with the name Jian Yi.

Back at Fire Cloud Castle, that Young Master Qu was there. He had personally witnessed Mo Tao using the Holy Heavenly Furnace to refine treasures. At that time, Young Master Qu had suspected this person called Jian Yi and even told him about it, but he did not take it to heart.

After all, he was only an Advanced Great Divine Master. How could he have the ability to ask the number one refiner of the Nine Realms of the Golden Crow to refine a divine weapon of that level?

But now…