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Chapter 2391: 2391
Chapter 2391: Jian Wushuang and Miss Xiao (3)


Jian Wushuang sighed secretly in his mind .

Samsara was an incredible method .

Even within Ancient God Domain, there were only a mere few who could send a person into the Reincarnation Passage and rebirth with spiritual energy . That was the reason why there was hardly anybody who was reincarnated in the Ancient God Domain . However, there were two such people within the tiny Wusha Territory at the same time .

One was Jian Wushuang himself, the other was Miss Xiao who stood before him .

The difference was that Jian Wushuang came from the Eternal Chaotic World, a completely sealed off-world . However, Miss Xiao…

“Someone who could achieve Samsara must be one with an incredible origin . Miss Xiao understands the secret skills of Seven Stars Black Sect so well, plus your method of bewitchment is so unique and outstanding . You must have been a major figure in the Ancient God Domain, but you were forced to enter Samsara because of some special circumstances . ”

“In situations such as this, if I were to expose your history, it would most probably put you at a great disadvantage . Yes?” Jian Wushuang smiled .

He knew that any reincarnated person always had a specific reason to enter the Reincarnation Passage .

Furthermore, the reasons must be compelling enough for her to choose to be reborn into the next life . Hence, before she could completely restore her strength, Miss Xiao certainly would not want to expose her true identity .

“Are you threatening me, Jian Wushuang?”

Miss Xiao took a cold glance at Jian Wushuang . “Hmph, I do have some major origin, but your origin is probably even bigger than mine . The Seven Stars Black Sect had already perished completely, this is common knowledge . However, there is now a person who possesses two secret skills from the sect and had a deep relationship with it . I’m sure a lot of people from the Ancient God Domain would be very interested in you, correct? I’m afraid the Three Divine Realms, Four God Tribes, and Eight Heavenly Sects would find you!”

Jian Wushuang raised his eyebrows . “Indeed . Hence, we both have things to worry about, or should I say, we’ve both got the goods on each other . Why do we have to try to destroy each other? It wouldn’t do either of us any good . Why don’t we each take a step back and keep the secret for each other? What do you think?”

“Sure . ” Miss Xiao did not hesitate and nodded right away .

She had a demonic mind and could tell what Jian Wushuang said was true .

Both of them had huge origins and possessed massive secrets . Most importantly, they had no enmity toward each other, to begin with . All the same, Miss Xiao had no enmity towards Seven Stars Black Sect . On the contrary, they had some friendship . Since that was the case, why would they need to fight each other to death?

“I can let you live today . When we walk away, we each have to keep the other’s secrets and never to tell anyone . Otherwise, we’ll fight each other to death,” said Miss Xiao frostily .

Jian Wushuang nodded and smiled . “Of course . Oh yes, how about my senior brothers here?”

Miss Xiao took a quick look at Xiao Heng and his group who had fainted earlier . “You’re saying those five? They’re fools and didn’t get to know much . However, they also saw me killing Bai Tao and his companions . If I leave them here, it wouldn’t be good for me . ”

“Miss Xiao, these five people came here with me on a mission . If they’re all dead and I return as the sole survivor, it would be hard for me to explain when I get back to Narcissus Island . Therefore, I would like to ask for Miss Xiao’s mercy again . After this, I’ll warn them not to speak a word about what happened today with anyone,” said Jian Wushuang .

In fact, he did not care if Xiao Heng and the rest were dead or alive .

The important crux was, if they really died, he would not know how to explain when he got back to Narcissus Island .

Who would believe that five core disciples died in the process of carrying out a mission, while a mere outer disciple survived and returned unscathed?

“Can you guarantee that they won’t speak about it?” asked Miss Xiao

“Well…” Jian Wushuang smiled wryly .

He really could not guarantee .

After all, it was up to Xiao Heng and the rest of the group if they wanted to talk about it . Furthermore, he did not know them well enough . More so, he could forget about ordering them to do anything .

“Forget it, even if the word got out, it would just be Nine Stars Palace that I have to face—a bit of extra trouble but nothing too serious . Seeing that you’re doing me a favor, I’ll let them live, but you have to agree on one condition,” said Miss Xiao .

“What is it?” asked Jian Wushuang .

“It’s simple, you owe me a favor . Although I have no use for it right now, it’s a guarantee that I’ll need it in the future . When that opportunity comes and I need your help, you cannot decline,” said Miss Xiao .

Jian Wushuang shook his head hearing that, “Miss Xiao, you’ve probably overestimated the value of these five senior brothers of mine . I’m not friends with them, I truly don’t care whether they live or die, I just don’t want to put myself in a difficult position when I go back . If you want to exchange a favor from me with their lives, it isn’t enough . After all, returning a favor could cost much . ”

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“Though, I do have a suggestion that might interest you . ”

“And what is it?” Miss Xiao looked over .

“We can forge an alliance now . If you run into any troubles in the future, I will do everything I can to help . But, if I need your help one day, you’ll have to help me with all your ability as well . ” said Jian Wushuang solemnly .

He knew that Miss Xiao probably had no hatred against the Seven Stars Black Sect, but might even have a rather close friendship .

In addition, it was worthwhile forging an alliance with someone who had such a huge background .

After all, his own identity was too sensitive and he had too many enemies .

Three Divine Realms, Four God Tribes, and Eight Heavenly Sects were something that he had to face eventually .

At that moment, he certainly needed some powerful friends .

This Miss Xiao was definitely a rather good choice for a friend .

“Alliance huh?” Miss Xiao pondered for a moment and slowly nodded her head . “Sure, I will forge an alliance with you . ”

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“Haha! Then, I wish us a happy alliance . ” Jian Wushuang laughed heartily .

“Don’t get so happy too soon, I know quite a bit about Seven Stars Black Sect and I know what you have to face from here on . I wouldn’t be able to do much myself when the time comes . ” Miss Xiao froze his enthusiasm right then .

“Oh, I know . But it’s always better than me facing them alone . Besides, this is just the beginning . From now on, I will find ways to make stronger and reliable friends . ” Jian Wushuang smiled .

“This is my message token, we can communicate through this token . ” Miss Xiao passed a token to Jian Wushuang .

Jian Wushuang accepted it .

“Jian Wushuang, I will leave Wusha Wilderness rather soon, you…better catch up . Your current ability is still a far cry from being my ally . ”

“Little Li, let’s go . ”

After she spoke, Miss Xiao turned around and left with Little Li .