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Chapter 2310: 2310
Chapter 2310 Snow Cleave Time passed in the blink of an eye . Jian Wushuang had been staying in the Lin Mansion for three months . In the house that Jian Wushuang was staying in .

Just as Lin Yan was about to enter the garden, two people walked out from inside .

They were two experts in the Chaotic Realm .

They were chatting as they walked .

“I had never thought that there could be an expert in the Lin Mansion who would have such an incredible understanding of the Sword Doctrine . What is more amazing is that he is a child aged twelve . ”

“Little friend Wushuang is really incredible . His talent in the Sword Doctrine is unmatched . Taoist Priest Xuan Shen is amazing . With this level of talent, he should be given ten times the amount of resources of a core disciple . ”

The two of them chatted casually . Lin Yan could hear what they were saying clearly .

“Both of you . ” Lin Yan smiled .

“Prince Yan . ” The two experts in the Chaotic Realm looked over and greeted .

“Did both of you seek Brother Wushuang’s guidance in the Sword Doctrine?” Lin Yan asked .

“Yes . Both of us have learnt a lot from him,” one of the experts said .

“Yes, a lot . ” The other man nodded his head in approval .

“Brother Wushuang is a guest here at the Lin Mansion . He also needs to focus on his own cultivation . You can come and ask him once in a while, but please don’t come and bother him consistently,” Lin Yan said .

“Of course . ”

“We have already benefited greatly from a single session . How could we be greedy and want more?” the two experts in the Chaotic Realm said .

“That’s right . Carry on . ” Lin Yan waved his hands and the two experts in the Chaotic Realm left the place .

Lin Yan then entered the garden that Jian Wushuang lived in .

After he reached the garden, he saw Lin Yi .

Jian Wushuang stood in the middle of the garden with his eyes closed . He held an ordinary sword in his hands .

“Uncle Lin Yi, what is Brother Wushuang doing?” Lin Yi asked softly .

“Looks like he is going to practice with a sword . ”

“Practice?” Lin Yan raised his eyebrows . He realized that even though Jian Wushuang had been there for three months, he had only studied sword skills . He had never practiced at all .

This was the first time Lin Yan had seen Jian Wushuang use a sword for practice .

Lin Yan stood to the side quietly as he did not want to disturb Jian Wushuang .

Spring was about to come and this was the last snow this winter .

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Snowflakes filled the entire sky as they fell to the ground slowly . The floor of the entire garden was already covered with snow .

Jian Wushuang held a sword with one hand and stood at the center of the garden . He opened his eyes all of a sudden . Killing intent could be seen clearly in his eyes . The sword in his hand moved .

He thrusted the sword out like a beam of light .

It seemed like an ordinary thrust . However, ripples could be seen in the surrounding space .

It was as though the space bent because it was so affected by the sword essence .

In reality, it was not space which bent . It was spacetime .

Before the thrust landed, Jian Wushuang swung his blade out in a horizontal swing .

This horizontal swing was the sword skill that Jian Wushuang was trying to cast .

A sword light could be seen at the corner of his eyes . It was beautiful and stunning . People could lose themselves within it .

Even though the sword light seemed extremely small, it filled the entire garden, including the space right in front of Jian Wushuang .

As the sword light dimmed, peace returned to the garden .

Jian Wushuang sheathed his sword .

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“What… what sword skill was that? I am completely lost . ” Lin Yan knitted his eyebrows . He could not understand the essence of the sword skill that Jian Wushuang had just done .

However, he could feel how terrifying the move was .

“Uncle Lin Yi, do you understand what just happened?” Lin Yan looked over and Lin Yi and asked .

“I could not understand it completely, but I realized something,” Lin Yi said .

“What did you realize?” Lin Yan asked .

“Have you not realized that the amount of snowflakes around our dear friend Wushuang has become more dense?” Lin Yi a said .

“Oh yes, that’s true . What happened?” Lin Yi asked curiously .

“If I am not wrong, Wushuang sliced all of the snowflakes falling from the sky in half . This created the illusion that the snowflakes on the ground became denser . The sword light is incredibly powerful, and the snowflake is extremely frail . It will melt easily . However, he managed to slice all of the snowflakes in half without melting them . How incredible is his control of the sword essence and power of that sword skill?”

“He is that incredible?” Lin Yan widened his eyes in shock .

“That sword swing, that swing…” Lin Yi clenched his fists and closed his eyes as the scene where the snowflakes were sliced in half played repeatedly in his mind .

“Uncle Lin Yi, what happened to you?” Lin Yan asked .

“Do not disturb him,” Jian Wushuang said as he walked over . “It seems like he has managed to learn and understand something new . ”

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“Learn something new?” Lin Yan nodded his head and stood there quietly, waiting for his uncle .

After a few minutes, Lin Yi opened his eyes . He looked extremely happy .

He took a deep breath and bowed to Jian Wushuang before turning and leaving .

Seeing this, Jian Wushuang smiled and said, “Looks like the Lin Family is finally going to have an expert who meets the criteria for the Sword Doctrine Realm . ”

Lin Yan also realized that Lin Yi was going to have a breakthrough in his understanding of the Sword Doctrine .

That was why Lin Yi had left without saying anything . He was going into isolation to train .

“Brother Wushuang, what is the sword skill that you just cast? It looks foreign to me,” Lin Yan said .

“That sword skill… is called Snow Cleave . I created this style after fully understanding and mastering Sword Principle Snow Congelation,” Jian Wushuang said .

He had been studying the Sword Principle Snow Congelation for three months . He had managed to master this sword skill completely .

He had created Snow Cleave after gathering the essence from Sword Principle Snow Congelation and combining it with the Power of Spacetime .

“I finally created my own style in the Spacetime Sword Principle after I did the same for the Reincarnation Sword Principle . ”Jian Wushuang smiled .

His understanding of the Spacetime Rules of Order and Reincarnation Rules of Order was profound . He had a better understanding of Reincarnation Rules of Order due to the miniature reincarnation, which allowed him to create a style in the Reincarnation Sword Principle… Samsara .

Jian Wushuang had never been able to perfectly combine his understanding of the Spacetime Rules of Order and the Sword Doctrine to create a new sword skill .

He had finally managed to do so today by creating Snow Cleave .