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Published at 18th of October 2020 03:07:59 PM
Chapter 2240: Revenge
Chapter 2240 Revenge After settling the black dragon, Jian Wushuang and Emperor Bai left . As for the cold man, he escaped . There was a possibility that he would take revenge . However, it is not possible for Jian Wushuang and Emperor Bai to be on guard all the time . They gave the command to Sanctuary Alliance to track his location . If he was found, Jian Wushuang and Emperor Bai would go and take care of him .

Within a secluded mountain dwelling in the Red Dragon Sanctuary .

The cold man in black armour stood there, his face twisted with anger . He was like an enraged beast .

“Emperor Bai, Emperor Bai!!”

“You wait . I will not make life easy for you!!”

His voice reverberated in the mountain dwelling .

A month later .

A figure approached the mountain dwelling .

It was an elder with white hair . He had blurry vision and he looked like he had been through many ups and downs in life .

“Is this the place?”

He looked at the mountain in front of him . He had found the presence of the mountain dwelling after he had used his soul power to scan the area .

He then started to walk towards the mountain dwelling .

Within minutes, he was in the interior of the mountain dwelling and saw the cold man .

The man looked up with a twisted face filled with savagery .

The white haired elder took a cold breath and greeted, “Greetings, Lord Jian . I am Chu He . ”

The elder was wondering what had happened and why Lord Jiao was so angry and crazy .

Chu He originated from the ancient past and was one of the subordinates of the cold man . During the ancient past, he had followed the cold man for many years . It was rare to see the cold man so angry and crazy . It felt like the cold man was about to go to extremes to achieve something .

“Chu He . How long were you awake?” The cold man, Old Monster Jiao, looked at Chu He and asked casually .

“About two thousand years,” Chu He answered respectfully .

“Many of those who were in slumber around you awakened too right?” Old Monster Jiao asked randomly .

“Yes . Some of them have already awakened,” Chu He nodded his head and replied .

“That’s good,” Old Monster Jiao nodded his head .

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“Does my lord have any commands?” Chu He asked, curious .

“Scaly died,” Old Monster Jiao said suddenly .

“What? Scaly, Lord Scaly died? Who? Who had the courage to kill Lord Scaly?” Chu He turned pale and questioned .

Scaly was the rider of the man in front of him . The man in front of him treated Scaly like he was a true brother .

How could his lord not be angered and go crazy if Scaly died?

“Emperor Bai from this era killed Scaly . I will not allow him to continue living . However, the Restrictions of Heaven and Earth are too great and I cannot handle him alone . I need some helpers and I want you to find some for me,” Old Monster Jiao said directly .

“So that is the case . Lord, the number of experts that have awakened and I can contact is limited . Furthermore, some of these experts are not your subordinates . If you want them to follow your orders might be…” Chu He took a deep breath and said solemnly .

“I understand . Tell them, I will give those who help me one Divine Demon Nirvana Elixir after we return to the Absolute Beginning Divine World,” Old Monster Jiao said .

“Divine Demon Nirvana Elixir?” Chu He was shocked .

Divine Demon Nirvana Elixir had been an extremely high level elixir back in the Ancient Past .

This type of elixir was extremely useful for any experts in the Divine Demon Realm as it could make them much more powerful .

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However, back in the ancient past, or the Absolute Beginning Divine World, this elixir was extremely rare and most experts in the Divine Demon Realm would not have been able to get it .

Now, Old Monster Jiao was giving one of this elixir to those who were willing to help him deal with an expert in the Chaotic Realm . This…

After taking a deep breath, Chu He said, “Don’t worry lord . I will go and contact those experts in the divine demon realm now . With your reward, I can guarantee at least ten experts from Divine Demon Realm who will come and help you . ”

“Only about ten?” Old Monster Jiao frowned, displeased .

“Lord, as you know, those who were in that battle and did not manage to escape this place were mostly injured or even killed . Their blood essence was forcefully absorbed by that formation . Many of them died during their long slumbers, or will never be able to wake up anymore . Even if there is an opportunity to leave this place now, there are not many who have managed to awaken from their slumber . ”

“Within a short period of time, I can only contact these many,” Chu He said .

He was speaking the truth .

Not many of the experts from the ancient past who were in slumber awakened . This was why the Eternal Chaotic World was so peaceful .

If all the experts who were in slumber could awaken when they wanted to, there would be chaos within the Eternal Chaotic World .

“Understood,” Old Monster Jiao nodded his head .

“Oh yes, my lord, while I was talking to one of the experts in the Divine Demon Realm, I got news that Lord Chen Qi also awakened,” Chu He said suddenly .

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“Chen Qi? That brat…” Old Monster Jiao raised his eyebrows .

Chen Qi was an expert who had surpassed the Divine Demon Realm .

Chen Qi was nothing compared to Old Monster Jiao in his prime . However, given the effect of the Restrictions of Heaven and Earth, an expert above the Divine Demon Realm would have similar fighting power to him .

“Find a way to contact Chen Qi and ask him to help me,” Old Monster Jiao commanded .

“I should be able to find him . I will try my best . However, you pissed Lord Chen Qi off before, hence…” Chu He looked at Old Monster Jiao carefully and said .

Old Monster Jiao did not get angry .

Back in the ancient past, Old Monster Jiao indeed looked down on and pissed Chen Qi off before .

This was because Chen Qi was nothing compared to him back then .

Now, it was different .

“Tell him that I will owe him a favour if he agrees to help . If he agrees, I will return him the favour after we return to Absolute Beginning Divine World . However, if he refuses, I will use all the power I have to kill him after we return to Absolute Beginning Divine World as he will have angered me!”

Old Monster Jiao said coldly .

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