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Chapter 2234: 2234
Chapter 2234 Three-way Split Up Red Dragon Sanctuary, at a northern city . That city was not spectacular amongst the Red Dragon Sanctuary’s many cities, but it had countless cultivators nevertheless .

But now… the city fell silent . It was a dead city now .

Within the city walls, the tall and mighty buildings remained standing, but they were swept with a coldness, frosting them all with a layer of ice .

It was as if the entire city had frozen up .

At the top Void above the city, three figures stood in a line .

They were Red Dragon King, Abysmal Saint Master, and Underworld God .

They rushed over as soon as they heard the news, but obviously they were too late . The city had already frozen up by the time they had arrived .

“Everyone has vanished, just like before, that dragon again,” Red Dragon King clenched his fist, and his face turned green with anger .

“We came here as fast as we could, but still we were too late,” Abysmal Saint Master frowned .

Abysmal Saint Master and Underworld God had received instructions from Emperor Bai to help Red Dragon King .

“The dragon is not to be messed with . I’ve transmitted to Emperor Bai, he should be on his way, let’s wait here in the meantime,” Red Dragon King said .

They waited above the city .

Not long later, two figures were leaping over from a distance .

The trio went up to greet them .

“Lord Emperor Bai, Sword Emperor!” the trio bowed and looked at Jian Wushuang in astonishment .

They had only expected Emperor Bai to come, but Jian Wushuang had followed as well .

“Red Dragon, how was it?” Emperor Bai asked .

“We were too late, the Black Water Dragon had left long ago, all the cultivators in the city have disappeared . Must have all been eaten up by the dragon, ” Red Dragon King said .

“Eaten up?” Emperor Bai and Jian Wushuang were taken aback .

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They knew that the cultivators from the previous few cities, and from that sect, were all eaten up by the Black Water Dragon .

Human cultivators were food to the Black Water Dragon .

“As of now, five cities and one sect worth of cultivators have been eaten up by the Black Water Dragon . If this persists, the Red Dragon Sanctuary will come to an end,” Red Dragon King said .

He was right . Only thirty years had passed since the appearance of the Black Water Dragon, but five cities and one sect had already been attacked .

And even though the Red Dragon Sanctuary was extremely large with over a thousand cities, if the Black Water Dragon kept eating up its cultivators, what would happen to the Red Dragon Sanctuary eventually?

“The Black Water Dragon has quite a history . Should be from the Ancient Era, with an Ancient Era expert behind it,” Emperor Bai said .

“Ancient Era expert?” The trio’s faces darkened .

They had assumed they were only going against the dragon, they did not expect an Ancient Era expert to be behind it .

“How the Black Water Dragon acts hurts the Sanctuary Alliance, therefore it cannot be allowed to stay . Jian Wushuang and I are here to take care of the dragon, and if we can, to take care of the Ancient Era expert behind it as well,” Emperor Bai said coldly .

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Red Dragon King was elated .

Even with his abilities combined with Abysmal Saint Master and Underworld God, they could not do much to the dragon, much less the Ancient Era expert .

But if Emperor Bai and Jian Wushuang were to be in the picture, the whole game could change .

“With Emperor Bai and Sword Emperor’s abilities combined, taking care of the Black Water Dragon and its Ancient Era expert behind it should be easy, the problem is we don’t even know where they went,” Red Dragon King said .

“I rush over every time I catch news regarding a Black Water Dragon attack, but before I can arrive the dragon will have left a long time ago . I was lucky five years ago, being in a city near the one the dragon was attacking, but I was not enough to take it down . ” Jian Wushuang and Emperor Bai looked at each other .

Indeed, they do not know where the Black Water Dragon nor its Ancient Era expert were, and looking for them within the enormous Red Dragon Sanctuary would be like picking a needle from the haystack . The only thing they could do was to wait for the Black Water Dragon to make its next move and hope to get there on time .

“How about we get a few Great Emperors from the Sanctuary Alliance and spread them around, but keep them in contact with us? Regardless of which city or sect the dragon tries to attack, the nearby Great Emperor could at least try to buy us some time for us to go over,” Abysmal Saint Master said .

“Not possible,” Jian Wushuang shook his head . “The Black Water Dragon is powerful, even the Red Dragon was nearly killed by it . If an ordinary First Stage were to engage it, he’d definitely die,” Emperor Bai and Red Dragon King nodded in agreement .

If the Black Water Dragon could almost kill a Second Stage Great Emperor like Red Dragon King, getting a First Stage Great Emperor to engage it would be sending him to his death .

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“How about this? We won’t use the Sanctuary Alliance’s experts, just a few of us will do the job . We’ll split into three teams at most,” Jian Wushuang said . “Emperor Bai and I will be our own teams individually . From how the Black Water Dragon fought Red Dragon King in the projected image, the dragon is at Third Stage Great Emperor levels . It may be strong, but it may not be pinnacle Third Stage . Emperor Bai and I can handle him by ourselves . ”

“For the last team, Red Dragon King, Abysmal, Underworld God, along with my two Sword Servants . Five people should be enough to fight the dragon face-on . ”

“Two Sword Servants?” Abysmal looked towards Jian Wushuang in surprise, “Sword Emperor, I thought you only had Jian Yi?”

“When did you find another one?”

“Haha, a new one, and he’s pretty strong . ”

Jian Wushuang said as he released Jian Er from his Blood Mountain Sword .

As Jian Er appeared, a strong aura exuded from him .

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