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Published at 17th of September 2020 02:50:07 AM
Chapter 2178: 2178
Chapter 2178 Chaotic Divine Demon Although easily guessed, Emperor Bai and Jian Wushuang’s faces were still extremely dark . Blood Emperor, the Emperor of the Blood Clan .

His status alone was proof of his capabilities .

Although Jian Wushuang knew there was more than one Blood Emperor, and he may not have been the strongest back in the Ancient Era, but without a doubt, he was one of the top experts .

It could be easily identified by his consciousness embodiment .

If even his consciousness embodiment was so strong, one could only imagine his true capabilities .

“Blood Emperor, you sacrificed so many people for you to wake up?” Emperor Bai looked Blood Emperor dead in the eye .

“That’s right,” Blood Emperor smiled . “The battle back then was too intense, I was too weak to carry on . So I slept, and with everything I could I conjured a consciousness embodiment, for him to help me awaken once more!”

“For the people that I sacrificed? No more than a group of ants . Not just the normal Cultivators, even Lord Fen and Demon King Chen Yu are only ants . Their biggest accomplishment was dying for me . ”

“Ants?” Jian Wushuang’s face darkened .

“Do you think you are any better?” Emperor Bai said coldly . “Blood Emperor, so what if you have awakened? Do not forget, you are no longer in the Ancient Era, your powers are capped at Chaotic levels . ”

“Here, I am the ruler!” Emperor Bai’s voice was cold and with endless authority .

As he finished, Emperor Bai made his move .

Hong Long Long ~~ The shiny golden armour was still on him, and the golden shadow behind him seemed more aggressive .

As Emperor Bai took his first step, he appeared in front of Blood Emperor and clenched his fist .

The Void in his palm burst and spread at an alarming rate .

In an instant, the Void became a spider web spreading across miles, making space rifts everywhere .

The explosive power in Emperor Bai’s hand, with the help of the amour, burst immediately, like a volcano .

Emperor Bai, the strongest of the era!

He had demonstrated everything he could .

But the Blood Emperor simply smiled indifferently at the sight of Emperor Bai’s punch .

There was a hint of contempt .

He did not even move . He stretched out his right hand – no, it was just a finger .

The finger did not perform any secret skill – it just pointed forward casually .

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Under the gaze of countless experts around, the crimson finger collided with Emperor Bai’s fist .

Boom~ A low voice resonated, spreading divine power in all directions .

At the very core of the battlefield, under the gaze of countless experts, the finger and fist collided . Emperor Bai’s power was enough to turn any opponent to despair .

But the fist was casually blocked by the Blood Emperor’s single finger .

Despite having that much power, the Blood Emperor did not move at all . Not even his finger .

“How could that be?” the surrounding experts gasped in disbelief .

Even Emperor Bai himself was stunned .

The Blood Emperor laughed sinisterly . Amid the laughter, a large crimson fog charged towards Emperor Bai .

The mist covered everything, instantly surrounding Emperor Bai .

In the crimson fog, a crimson palm appeared .

The crimson palm seemed to have torn through the Void, arriving directly from the Ancient Era .

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The moment it appeared, the experts around glared at it in horror .

“That power…” even Jian Wushuang was surprised .

He could tell that the crimson palm had completely overpowered Great Emperors .

That level of power, no Great Emperor could ever possess it .


The crimson palm went head-on with Emperor Bai’s fist .

“Hngh!” Emperor Bai let out a hum . Blood was streaming from the corner of his lips, himself being forced to retreat .

After regaining his footing, Emperor Bai stood up once again, his aura returning to pinnacle levels .

“Interesting, I obviously did damage to you, but you managed to recover almost instantly . I’m getting more and more curious about your Inverse Cultivation,” Blood Emperor laughed casually .

Inverse Cultivation allowed one to reach perfect chaotic holy body once the seventh step had been achieved . As long as there was Divine Power, they could recover instantly using Divine Power, regardless of the severity of injury .

That was the power of Inverse Cultivation .

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“Your powers…” Emperor Bai started at the Blood Emperor .

Jian Wushuang and all the experts of the Eternal Chaotic World stared at the Blood Emperor .

“You must be confused, how do I perform powers beyond Chaotic Realm levels despite the restrictions on this grounds?” the Blood Emperor laughed sinisterly, looking at Emperor Bai, Jian Wushuang and the rest . It was like a cat playing with a mouse .

“Is it due to that Opposing Blood Formation?” Jian Wushuang said .

“Haha, smart,” Blood Emperor smiled . “You really thought the Opposing Blood Formation I spent so many years preparing for was only to wake me up?”

“You underestimate me . The true usefulness of the formation is for me to override the restrictions!”

“Even though the formation has only covered the Three Emperors World, and the Blood Qi only helps to control the restrictions by a bit, it already gives me that little bit of leverage I need against you . ”

“Now, I am not at peak Chaotic Realm levels . I am… the Chaotic Divine Demon!”

“Chaotic Divine Demon!”

Those simple words were enough to shock Emperor Bai, Jian Wushuang and others who realised what that meant .

In the Ancient Era, there were so many experts of Chaotic Realm levels, they were not really considered experts .

At the pinnacle Ancient Era, there were many experts beyond Chaotic Realm levels .

Above it, was the Chaotic Divine Demon!

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