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Published at 16th of September 2020 06:55:06 PM
Chapter 2177: 2177
Chapter 2177 Blood Emperor

Leng Ruxue stood silently at the edge of the battlefield .

She had yet to make her move since the battle had begun .

After Kaiser Blood slayed Lord Fen, Demon King Chen Yu and Ba Su, he was heading for her . Leng Ruxue’s face darkened but showed no sign of retreat .


Kaiser Blood appeared in front of Leng Ruxue, his crimson eyes staring straight through her .

“You intend to take me as well, Lord Kaiser Blood?” Leng Ruxue’s voice was indifferent as she raised her head .

As she raised her head, a special mark appeared between her brows . Her pupils turned white, with no trace of blood . Her long black hair turned white in an instant, swaying with the wind .

She gave off an unprecedentedly destructive aura .

The aura was so strong even Jian Wushuang and Emperor Bai from afar could not help but be startled by it .

“This is…?” Jian Wushuang frowned .

It was the first time he had seen Leng Ruxue in that form .

White-haired, grey-eyed, the power to destroy heavens!

The unique situation was scarier than when Leng Rushuang took over that body and released the sins of its past life .

Kaiser Blood twitched at the sight of Leng Ruxue’s grey pupils . Fear could be seen in Kaiser Blood for the first time .

“The Heavenly Body is indeed a quality worthy of both envy and detest . Rest assured, I will not attack you for the sake of your backing . I do not have a death wish, and I have enough Opposing Blood Qi for my Opposing Blood Formation anyway,” Kaiser Blood smiled lightly . One could not tell if he was telling the truth or not .

Leng Ruxue gave a cold glance to Kaiser Blood and said nothing .

“Girl, step aside . I am unable to guarantee your safety if you happen to be within my area of attack,” Kaiser Blood .

Leng Ruxue waved her robe, and just like that her devastating aura was nowhre to be sensed . She was now in a further Void, with no intention of meddling in the upcoming formation .

Kaiser Blood turned around and looked towards Emperor Bai and Jian Wushuang .

“After years of thoughtful planning, have I finally reached the last step?” Kaiser Blood murmured, but did not conceal his thoughts .

Hearing that, Emperor Bai and Jian Wushuang’s faces darkened .

They knew that the Three Emperors World had spent years preparing . The war had been ignited upon discovery of it by the Eternal Chaotic World .

The battle had already sacrificed all the experts under him, even killing his own comrades . He had to have a motive .

Was the motive finally about to be revealed?

“My body no longer serves its purpose at this stage . Let me show you the real me,” Kaiser Blood chuckled as his body turned increasingly transparent, turning into nothingness .

The Eternal Chaotic World experts were all shocked .


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“Kaiser Blood’s gone?”

“What’s happening?”

Everyone was confused .

Yet at that moment, boom!

The earth trembled fiercely, leading to a huge fissure in the already horrendous ground .

The fissure seemed to be ripped open by hand and widened at an alarming rate .

Instantly, it became a huge gully .

Below the gully, a terrifying aura was gradually awakening .

“This is?” Jian Wushuang and Emperor Bai’s faces changed .

Even they could feel how terrifying the aura was .

Soon, a figure stepped out of the gully and emerged above the Void .

“I am restored!”

“After so many years, finally!”

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His frenzied laughter was like rolling thunder .

The laughter contained an endless violent aura . That alone made countless Eternal Chaotic World experts tremble from within .

Jian Wushuang and Emperor Bai had their eyes dead on Lord Fen .

He was three metres long and had scarlet skin all over like a human-shaped blood figure .

The blood-human had well-defined muscles and was exuding endless violent aura .

He had a human skull, but with unique black tattoos all over him .

He looked extremely terrifying .

“The tattoos, the figure… it’s a Blood Clan expert!” Emperor Bai’s pupils narrowed .

“Blood Clan?” Jian Wushuang asked .

By that moment, Jian Wushuang had already learnt quite a bit regarding the Ancient events .

The Ancient Era had countless experts .

Like Seven Star Black Sect . He was a superpower of his time .

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Seven Star Black Sect’s status in the Ancient Era is equivalent to Ancient God Clan amongst the special tribes .

But there were many other forces to be reckoned with other than Seven Star Black Sect .

For example, the Three Big Holy Lands, Four Big Holy Tribes and Eight Big Holy Sects that collaborated to attack Seven Star Black Sect were impressive forces as well .

Jian Wushuang had heard of the Blood Clan from Jian Yi .

It was part of the Four Big Holy Tribes, alongside the Ancient Clan .

They had crowned the Four Big Holy Tribes for their unique and horrifying Bloodline Power .

Jian Wushuang himself understood how strong Bloodline Power could be, but he had only inherited the bloodline – there were many skills he could not perform .

But even relying solely on the power generated by the Bloodline Power, he had seen a great improvement in his powers .

In front of Jian Wushuang was the real deal – a Blood Clan expert!

“You are Kaiser Blood?” Emperor Bai stared at the Blood Clan expert .

The Blood Clan expert calmed himself down and glared at Emperor Bai . “Kaiser Blood? No . I am the Blood Emperor, ruler of the Blood Clan . Kaiser Blood was simply a figment of my consciousness . ”

“Consciousness embodiment?”

“Indeed it is,” Emperor Bai mumbled, but he was not surprised .

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