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Amid her complicated thoughts, Ling Tian's shadow was unknowingly carved onto Xiao YanXue's heart. When she left Sky Bearing back then, it was truly a gut-wrenching feeling.

It was because of this hazy feeling of concern, a fairytale-like dream of hers, and intoxicated mood that made Xiao YanXue daydream about Ling Tian time and time again. After all, Ling Tian was supposed to be her prospective husband! Every time she thought about this, Xiao YanXue would feel a sourness in her heart and endless depression would surround her. It was also these complicated thoughts of hers that gave her the courage to escape from home after hearing her family's decision!

Xiao YanXue knew that she was the precious jewel of the Xiao Family and she had also made great contributions to the family. Furthermore, her marriage should be decided by her alone and she was extremely proud of this fact. She was certain of this because her grandfather, Xiao FengHan, had annulled the marriage with the Ling Family despite his decades of brotherhood with Ling Zhan after knowing that Ling Tian was a hopeless profligate son. This made Xiao YanXue feel that she was extremely special and her happiness was what mattered to her grandfather. All other things were of little significance as compared to that.

Xiao YanXue had never imagined that she would ever make a sacrifice for the family. Or more accurately, the family would sacrifice her in exchange for something else. However, she had personally heard her two grandfathers who doted on her the most decide to exchange her marriage for an alliance with Eastern Zhao. After hearing that, Xiao YanXue ran to her parents to make a complaint and she stubbornly felt that her parents would definitely stand up for her. In the end, her mother told her that she would not suffer if she were to be married over to Eastern Zhao and her father told her that she should be proud that she could make a sacrifice for the family!

She was devastated! She suddenly felt that she was helpless and alone in this familiar home which she had grown up in!

Am I no more than a tool? Was I a tool to help the family earn money in the past and a tool to help the family form an alliance now?!

Will my whole life be destroyed just like that?

What's my worth?!

If she did not see Ling Tian and did not discover the shocking talent beneath his profligate disguise, perhaps she wouldn't be so conflicted about her family's decision. However, after seeing the miraculous performance of Ling Tian, how would the prideful Xiao YanXue be willing to marry someone ordinary?

When her life was in the darkest period and she was unable to fall asleep, she felt the Blood Phoenix Jaspar Bracelet on her wrist. This was the family heirloom of the Ling Family and also the token which Old Madam Ling had given to her. Only the daughter-in-law of the Xiao Family would be worthy of this item! She felt the coolness from the Blood Phoenix Jaspar Bracelet, and it woke her up as Ling Tian's face became clearer and clearer in her mind. In this world, is he perhaps the only one capable of protecting me? I want to look for him! I want to see him!

Holding on to her desperation and a final trace of hope, Xiao YanXue left the Xiao Residence in the night and headed towards Sky Bearing in disguise. Before she could arrive at Sky Bearing, she heard news of Wei ChengPing inviting the Martial Order Medallion owner to kill Ling Tian! This made the little lass at a complete loss.

What was the use of her going to Sky Bearing if Ling Tian wasn't there? With the ties of Old Madam Ling and her grandfather, she would probably be sent back to the Xiao Family immediately after she set foot in the Ling Residence. Furthermore, what could she tell the members of the Ling Family? That she liked Ling Tian and wanted to marry him? Even if the marriage between both the families wasn't annulled, that wasn't an appropriate action!

In the whole Ling Family, Ling Tian was probably the only person who did not place her grandfather in his sights! In fact, in the whole world, there probably wasn't anyone who Ling Tian placed in his sight! He was the only one who was like a carefree eagle soaring through the skies, doing as he wished!

After patiently waiting for a few days, Xiao YanXue risked the exposure of her identity to find out that Ling Tian was heading to Bright Jade City from the Xiao Family's spies. While she did not know why Ling Tian was heading to such a dangerous place, Xiao YanXue had still traveled to Bright Jade City without hesitation!

Xiao YanXue had only entered the city a mere four hours earlier than Ling Tian. How would she be able to know that a storm had just descended onto Bright Jade City? The Yu Family was like a red-eyed gambler, locking down the city and killing the citizens like they were ants. After Xiao YanXue was discovered in the inn, she escaped all the way here, was captured and almost humiliated!

In her hopelessness and when she thought that she had no one to rely on, she was actually saved! Furthermore, the one who saved her was the very person who she was looking for!

He is safe and saved the helpless me! He saved me again!

She was brought from the pits of hell to the heavens and hopelessness to security. Xiao YanXue could no longer endure the intense fluctuations of her emotions and fell unconscious!

Even if she fainted, she felt at ease and blessed, because Xiao YanXue was clear that she had landed in his embrace…

Thank the heavens for their arrangements!

The fate between the two of them was just so mystical!

What a good sleep!

Xiao YanXue awoke up from her slumber and felt unusually refreshed. She immediately realized that she was lying in a comfortable bed with the sun shining in from the window and covering her with a layer of comfortable warmth. Looking down at her body, she realized that she was neatly dressed up with her torn collar being covered up properly. Looking at her clothes, Xiao YanXue's cheeks began to burn as she thought, He… did he see my body? Did he take advantage of me?

After such a frightening experience that concerned her chastity, Xiao YanXue's reaction was completely different from what an ordinary lady would have. There was not a single trace of fear in her eyes but she only let out a long sigh. After sitting up, she hugged her thighs and stroked the Blood Phoenix Jasper Bracelet on her wrist with deep thought. At times, she would be filled with joy. At other times, she would be filled with worry, sadness or shyness. Suddenly, her face turned bright red as she let out a squeal and hid under her blanket, hiding the Blood Phoenix Jasper Bracelet in her bosom.

With a creaking sound, the wooden door was open and someone walked in. Following which, Ling Tian's voice could be heard, "Awake? How are you feeling?"

Her head which was hidden in the blanket shook, but Xiao YanXue did not let make a sound. However, her other hand which was still outside of the blanket slowly began turning red.

Ling Tian let out a dry cough and said, "I know that Miss has suffered a great shock. However, it wouldn't be good for Miss Xiao to hide under the blanket on such a hot day. It wouldn't be good if you end up having heat rash or bedsore."

"I don't need you to care!" Under the blanket, Xiao YanXue's embarrassed voice sounded. Only then did she realize a problem: She had come all the way here from the Xiao Family in search for Ling Tian but did not have a proper status or reason. Just what kind of a status should she use to face Ling Tian? How would Ling Tian see her in the future? What should she do from now on?

Thinking about that, Xiao YanXue felt her body heat up from embarrassment. In a fit of rage, she had ran out of her family but did not consider the consequences. Just how should she face her family in the future? Before meeting Ling Tian, Xiao YanXue was only occupied with the thought of finding Ling Tian to confirm his safety. Now that her wish was fulfilled and she knew that he was safe, her heart could not help but sink as she thought of the future.

With a 'hu' sound, Ling Tian pulled away the blanket that was covering Xiao YanXue's face. She let out a shriek and held on tightly to the corner of the blanket only to hear Ling Tian say, "If Miss Xiao did not change your appearances, you would naturally be a world-class beauty. But now that your face is so dark, are you afraid of me looking at it?"

Xiao YanXue let out a grunt and rolled her eyes at Ling Tian, "Young noble Ling has many peerless beauties by your side to accompany you. YanXue's lowly appearance would naturally not catch young noble Ling's eyes."

Ling Tian was taken aback for a moment before breaking out into a chuckle, "Before coming here today, I thought that even if someone didn't kowtow in thanks for saving her life, she would at least treat me respectfully. I never imagined that she would actually face me with a spear and a pole. Miss Xiao's valor is truly out of my expectations. I am truly in admiration of the different upbringing of the Xiao Family."

Xiao YanXue's face turned pinkish. She knew that she was the one in the wrong but upon thinking about how she was so worried about this 'bad person', she could not help but act unreasonably, "What does the Xiao Family's upbringing method has got to do with you?" After saying that, she thought about how her family has treated her and could not help but tear.

Ling Tian could naturally read Xiao YanXue's thoughts and shook his head lightly. He then poured her a glass of water before asking gently, "Did something happen in the Xiao Family?"

With just a single question filled with concern and gentleness, Xiao YanXue's heart which was full of grievances finally found an outlet to vent. Her tears rolled down her eyes as she began choking on her tears first, before weeping silently and bawling her eyes out as she dived into Ling Tian's embrace.

As she cried, she began to explain the incident to Ling Tian. By the time she was done, Ling Tian's shirt was drenched to the point it had even wet his pants.

Ling Tian let out a sigh, Another big trouble! Even the Xiao Family's affair is my problem now!

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