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Ling Tian let out a cold smile as he replied, "Like I said, young noble Shui is really good at joking! If my grandparents were really being paid a visit by your elders of the Shui family, then now that you're in my hands, wouldn't that even out matters? We're at least considered of the same position, so if I just let you walk away like that, then wouldn't I be laughed at for not being able to even take care of a guest? However, I didn't think that the famed Water of Heavenly Wind would actually stoop so such a base method. This has really opened my eyes!

Shui QianHuan didn't expect that Ling Tian was actually not threatened by him, and couldn't help but feel a little frantic. He retreated two steps hastily, and tore off all sense of pretense, putting up a strong front as he harshly spoke, "I've heard that Ling Tian had the heart of an evil tyrant, and indeed the rumors were true! Since you don't even place the safety of your grandparents at heart, then I, Shui QianHuan will not have anything to say even if I die by your hand. Just do it!" He actually then closed his eyes, putting on an expression as though he viewed death as just another matter in his life!

Seeing the reaction of Shui QianHuan, Ling Tian also let out a cold smile. What kind of hero are you trying to be? Since you've already approached me, don't even talk about heroism. Even if you're a hero in reality, I'll make sure your name becomes synonymous with coward!

As he stepped forward, about to take Shui QianHuan into his hands, he suddenly developed a thought! Hmm, for Shui QianHuan to send himself up today, is this not a heaven-sent opportunity? He could definitely take advantage of this!

While Shui QianHuan spoke with a tone of finality, it was merely trying to prolong the inevitable. How could he not be able to feel the killing intent Ling Tian directed towards him? However, he could only scream internally in frustration. To think that this fellow was not affected by both hard and soft methods, disregarding any consequences that might happen! How could he solve this now? If he were to admit defeat, then he would lose all face, but if he were to continue, then chances are he would still end up being the unlucky one! Just as he was weighing his options, he suddenly felt the killing intent that was originally suffocating him disappear, and he opened his eyes in confusion.

In front of him was Ling Tian, who stared gravely at him for a while, before suddenly laughing out, "Good guts! You indeed live up to your name as the successor for Water of Heavenly Wind. Ling Tian today had his eyes opened up to the world, respect, much respect! Since young noble has other things to do, then it wouldn't do for me to continue keeping you. May we meet again then!"

Shui QianHuan opened his eyes and stared in confusion, with an expression of disbelief. He could no longer care about having the demeanor of a disciple of an aristocratic house and started to scratch his head in confusion. It took him awhile to stutter out, "Are you not afraid that I would send down the order…"

Ling Tian then quirked his mouth in disdain, "My dear young noble Shui, I've just praised you for being so open about death, but now you're already making me regret my words! You're truly too naive! If my grandparents were in your hands like you said, you would have definitely brought them in front of me before attempting to negotiate with me! Would there be a need for you to personally enter my Ling Residence? Shui QianHuan, with this pig-head of yours, just how did Wei ChengPing have the confidence to hand over his 400,000 soldiers? No wonder the 400,000 Northern Wei army suffered such a miserable defeat. How pathetic!" Ling Tian lamented as though he deeply regretted the loss of the Northern Wei army.

Shui QianHuan felt his face turn red, "Ling Tian, if not for Han TieXuan changing sides at the last minute to cause my army to suffer from a pincer attack, those 20,000 soldiers of yours would only be enough to tickle us! It would be a problem for you to even keep your lives, and it would be impossible for you to defeat my army! You would definitely be the final loser!"

Ling Tian looked at Shui QianHuan as though he was staring at an idiot and burst out into laughter. Pointing at Shui QianHuan with his finger, he laughed until his sides started to ache.

"What are you laughing about? Did I say anything wrong?!" Shui QianHuan felt uncomfortable from Ling Tian's laughter and couldn't help but ask.

"Hahahaha… Shui QianHuan, I finally know that your defeat is not unjustified! You are actually such a fool! Up until now, you still don't know just how you lost and who you lost to! Hahaha… what a joke, I can't believe that such an idiot can be the successor of the Water of Heavenly Wind! It would be a wonder if you didn't suffer a loss!" Shui QianHuan's face turned completely pale from Ling Tian's mockery, and he couldn't help but want to strangle Ling Tian to death!

"What do you mean by that? Don't try to fool me with words! If you cannot make yourself clear, I will fight you to the death!" Shui QianHuan began gasping for air. Ever since he was born, he had never been looked down upon by others. Now that Ling Tian treated him like dirt, he felt his chest tighten and his heart exploding. However, hearing that there seemed to be a hidden meaning behind Ling Tian's words, he still suppressed his anger and questioned Ling Tian.

"Your defeat was determined from the time you sent out your army!" Ling Tian finally managed to stop himself from laughing, "However, why should I be the one to teach you about your loss? Shouldn't that be the job of your elders? Or perhaps, what can you give me in exchange for my teachings? Right, I forgot that you are completely penniless now. Since this young noble has already benevolently let you off, you are better off running away with your tails between your legs. You still dare to try and fish for information from me? Do you really think that this young noble is a fool?"

"Ling Tian! You…" Shui QianHuan almost went crazy from his anger. However, this was a matter that had troubled him over the past few days. He had always been proud of his military strategies and was certain that he was a top-notch military commander! Ever since he had arrived in the Heavenly Star Continent, he was able to control the winds and storm with just a flip of his hands and had easily pieced together an alliance of the three empires. Just when he was feeling extremely proud of himself, the tides of the battle changed completely and he suffered such a miserable defeat before he even had the chance to consider his next move! In just a mere few hours, the battle was lost, and the elites that he had brought with him were almost wiped out! Such a disastrous blow was something that was unbearable to the proud Shui QianHuan! He had been frustrated to the point he wanted to commit suicide!

For him to personally enter the Ling residence to ask Ling Tian about his sister's whereabouts was a subconscious suicidal move of his! Hearing what Ling Tian had just said, he suddenly realized that there must have been an inside story to his defeat and couldn't help but be energized! This information was far too important to him! Thus, he clenched his teeth and said, "What are the conditions that young noble Ling requires for you to enlighten me on this matter? I really want to know the reason for my defeat!"

Ling Tian twiddled with the teacup in his hand and said with a calm tone, "The Water of Heavenly Wind is naturally extremely powerful and not an existence that I can afford to provoke. I hope that young noble Shui can ensure that your Shui Family will not deal with the Ling Family when they are here in the Heavenly Star Continent in future. Ah ah, that should be a simple condition, right?"

"This is impossible!" Shui QianHuan rejected without hesitation, "You first harmed my sister and killed a dozen of my Shui Family experts! Our enmity is already irreconcilable!"

Ling Tian responded with a sigh, "Shui QianHuan, you have to be clear. I didn't harm your sister! The harm your sister suffered has nothing to do with me! You had better not attempt to frame me for this matter and I will only explain myself once. If your Water of Heavenly Wind chooses to be unreasonable, then I am not one to be afraid of trouble! Since I am able to create trouble, I would naturally be unafraid of trouble. However, I will never become the scapegoat of others!" As he said that, Ling Tian added on in his own heart, I really didn't harm your sister. I only captured her after she had been harmed by someone else. That is really the truth!

Hearing what Ling Tian had said, Shui QianHuan couldn't help but calm down a little. He could tell that Ling Tian wasn't lying. Furthermore, since he was now in the Ling Residence, if Ling Tian was the true culprit, Ling Tian could just capture him as well! There was no need for Ling Tian to lie to him at all! It seems that my sister's disappearance really wasn't because of him.

But if it wasn't because of him, in the whole Heavenly Star Continent, who would have the courage and strength? It seemed as though there could only be one answer…

Seeing the changes on Shui QianHuan's face, Ling Tian couldn't help but snicker in his heart. "As for the deaths of your Shui Family experts, the battlefield is a place where it is either your death or mine. Why are you complaining about their deaths now? Their deaths can only be attributed to their lack of strength. Don't tell me that only you guys are allowed to kill and everyone else must stretch out their necks for you to slaughter them? Ridiculous! Forming an enmity because of this? Don't you think your unreasonable attitude is a joke? Who was the one who started the war in the first place? To think you still have the cheek to talk about revenge!"

Shui QianHuan's face turned bright red and he knew that he was in the wrong. Thus, he quickly turned his head around and said with a chilly tone, "Even if that's the case, I can only promise you that our family will not purposefully seek trouble with your Ling Family when they are in the Heavenly Star Continent. But if they were to meet you on the battlefield, then life and death shall be determined by the heavens."

Ling Tian rolled his eyes. "More rubbish! No matter what, I will definitely not say that I am the only one allowed to kill others, and they can only stretch out their necks for me to slaughter. I will also not expect your Shui Family members to turn tail and run the moment they see my Ling Family, although that is indeed your Shui Family's outstanding tradition." Ling Tian was obviously ridiculing Shui QianHuan for escaping after his defeat.

Shui QianHuan's face slowly turned purple as he glared at Ling Tian, "Can young noble Ling spill the beans now? If not, I don't have the time to waste with you!" The more he interacted with Ling Tian, the more he felt helpless. Especially the fact that Ling Tian's sarcastic remarks made him feel as though he had a foot in the grave. Even when being reprimanded by the elders of his family, Shui QianHuan never felt this pathetic before! Shui QianHuan really didn't want to stay for a moment longer!

Ling Tian burst out into laughter and suddenly lowered his voice and whispered into Shui QianHuan's ears. As Shui QianHuan saw how serious Ling Tian was, he couldn't help but turn serious as well. "Han TieXuan from Western Han is a member of the Yu Family! As for your sister… ah ah, I cannot tell any lies, I cannot tell any lies!"

Siiiiii…. Shui QianHuan took in a breath of cold air as his eyes widened! No wonder Ling Tian said that my defeat was determined the moment I sent out my army! No wonder why Han TieXuan would change sides without any warning! No wonder why my sister would go missing in Sky Bearing!

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