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"What did he say?" Chu Ting'er asked with a frown.

"Young noble said… he will be waiting in his courtyard and the NanGong Family head can find him there." after finishing that sentence, her back was full of perspiration and her head lowered. Her young noble was just far too rude.

"That vile beast!" Indeed, Chu Ting'er flew into a rage, "He actually dares to be so rude! I will go and…"

"Wait!" NanGong TianLong stood up, "Ah ah, don't be mad, madam. This old man was the one who is here to pay a visit to him and I should indeed go over to find him. I thank madam for informing him previously." NanGong TianLong knew that Ling Tian was flaunting his prestige in front of him. While he was extremely depressed in his heart, the present situation was much more critical. Thus, he still had a friendly smile on his face.

"Ah? Ah ah ah, Family Head NanGong is too polite. You are indeed magnanimous." Chu Ting'er's face changed almost immediately, "Chun Tao, what are you waiting for? Quickly lead the way for Family Head NanGong! Tell that darn brat that Family Head NanGong is the esteemed guest of our Ling residence and he mustn't mistreat Family Head NanGong."

Seeing NanGong TianLong walk out with the maid, Chu Ting'er let out a sigh of relief. Her face then broke out into a smile as she muttered, "You little b*st*rd, just see if I take care of you in the future! Hmph, you actually dared to keep me in the dark for so long! However, he is still much better than that wooden block father of his! This is what my son should be like!" She then returned to her room with satisfaction.

Ling Tian had an amiable smile on his face with his slightly rosy cheeks and suave appearance. He looked completely harmless with a harmonious smile in his eyes. He then calmly sat there as he sized up the Family Head of one of the Eight Great Families, NanGong TianLong.

NanGong TianLong had a squarish face, with a large nose and mouth and a face with a full beard. However, his eyes were brimming with energy with along with a well built and burly body. On the surface, he looked exactly like Yu ManTian, a straightforward and brash man who didn't know how to scheme. However, his calm-like-river eyes and profound gaze told Ling Tian that he would be a complete fool to treat NanGong TianLong like a brash individual!

While Ling Tian was sizing NanGong TianLong up, NanGong TianLong was also doing the same. Was this frail-looking teen who looked like he would shy away from a conversation the number one silkpants in Sky Bearing? Was this the young noble of the Ling Family who recently revealed his frightening might and cruel means?! Just how many other unknown sides does this teen have?

You really cannot judge a book by its cover! They both let out a sigh in their hearts.

"It must be tough for Family Head NanGong to come from afar. How can I trouble Family Head NanGong to visit me personally? Quick, be seated." Ling Tian stood up warmly and gave up his seat, "Chen'er, serve some tea to let Family Head NanGong wash away his fatigue."

In the room, Ling Chen acknowledged Ling Tian's words and walked out with a tea set.

"Family Head is probably here for brother NanGong Le's affairs, right?" Ling Tian took the initiative to start the conversation, letting out a long sigh as he continued with a solemn tone, "While Ling Tian didn't have much interaction with brother NanGong Le, I greatly admired that straightforward manly vibe of his. For brother NanGong Le to come to Sky Bearing, I originally wanted to build a good relationship with him. Who would have imagined that the nightmare would befall so suddenly, and my brother was actually so brutally killed? For such a talent to fall, it is really the tragedy of the century! It really makes me extremely sad to hear about that. Ling Tian should be the one to visit you but I never expected Family Head to place such great importance on me and pay a personal visit. Ling Tian is really overwhelmed by the favor you show me." Ling Tian's words were obviously no different from nonsense. For NanGong Le to have a 'straightforward manly vibe', he probably only displayed that in the brothel. As for when Ling Tian said 'for a talent to fall, it is really the tragedy of the century', it was no different from complete nonsense! NanGong Le couldn't even be compared to a coward, so how could he be considered a hero?

However, the effect of these words was still rather obvious, quickly closing the gap between the two. Especially after hearing someone mention the death of his son, NanGong TianLong revealed a painful expression, "That's right, Le'er's death must be avenged! Our NanGong Family will never coexist with the Yang Family!"

Ling Tian responded with an 'oh' before asking, "From what I have heard, the culprit who murdered brother NanGong Le had not been found up till today. How does Family Head NanGong know that the Yang Family was the culprit? Doesn't Family Head suspect that there is another party who is intentionally sowing discord between the two families to prevent your merger?"

"Young noble Ling is an intelligent man. Why do you have to test me like that?" NanGong TianLong let out a bitter laughter, "After this incident, the Yang Family tried various means to cover it up and mystify the whole incident. But no matter what, they were unable to conceal the fact that the Yang Family was the culprit of that incident!"

"Oh?" Ling Tian was truly puzzled. In truth, he also didn't know why NanGong TianLong was so certain that the Yang Family was the culprit. Was it just because of the statement from the guards? It can't be possible, right? How can a wily old fox like NanGong TianLong be duped so easily?

"This old man didn't believe that this was that old man Yang's plan," NanGong TianLong then said hatefully, "but he made one simple mistake. He shouldn't have tried to pull the Ling Family into the whole affair! Only after he tried to pull in the Ling Family was I certain that Yang KongQun was the one who killed my son! He tried to cover up too badly and revealed flaws on his own!"

"What do you mean by that?" Ling Tian's doubt was no longer faked. He was completely confused by everything NanGong TianLong said. Just how did this old brat make such a judgment? While this young noble is usually extremely witty, I am getting more and more confused!

"Young noble's Ling Family has been fighting the Yang Family for over ten years and it wouldn't be too much to call both of your families mortal enemies, right?" NanGong TianLong said while sipping his tea.

"Ah ah, I don't dare to call us mortal enemies. However, both our families serve the same imperial family and it is inevitable for us to have some conflicts." Ling Tian said calmly.

"Young noble's martial arts is at an extremely high level and your wisdom far exceeds your peers. While you have been facing the world with a different appearance," NanGong TianLong paused for a moment before continuing calmly, "it is completely acceptable for me to be unaware about your talents being thousands of miles away. However, this old man will never believe that Yang KongQun was completely unaware of this even after fighting your family for more than 10 years! Let me ask you a question: if the NanGong and Ling Family were to both be greatly injured from fighting each other, who would stand to gain the most from that?! It would definitely be the Yang Family!"

"Oh," Ling Tian let out a long breath and finally understood the matter. So that was the case! He couldn't help but let out a smile as he added oil to the fire, "that's right, this young noble has fought with the Yang Family many times before and I have never been on the losing end. While this young noble is never willing to be unduly humble, if you were to say that Family Head Yang is unaware of my abilities with his wisdom, not to mention Family Head NanGong, even I won't be able to believe that."

NanGong TianLong slapped his thighs in agreement, "That's right! Yang KongQun obviously knew that you were the disciple of Beyond Heavens and had to conceal your talents because of the rules of your sect. However, he still chose to push the blame for Le'er's death to the Ling Family! He obviously wants my NanGong Family to fight against your Ling Family and Beyond Heavens! He obviously wants to push my NanGong Family into complete destruction! Who wouldn't be able to see through the devious plans of his? To think that Yang KongQun still thought that his plan would succeed!" NanGong TianLong said with disdain.

*Cough cough cough* Ling Tian was drinking a mouth of his tea and couldn't help but choke on it. Disciple of Beyond Heavens? Just where did that come from?

NanGong TianLong was certain that his conjectures were all extremely logical without any flaws to be picked at. He was certain that he had revealed all of Yang KongQun's devious plans. However, NanGong TianLong didn't know that the Yang Family was completely unaware of Ling Tian's strength before this! As for Ye QingChen, who represented Beyond Heavens, he only arrived at the Ling Family after NanGong Le's death. It was only due to Yang KongQun's bad luck that he offended Ye QingChen.

As for Ling Tian being the disciple of Beyond Heavens, that was completely NanGong TianLong's imagination. In the whole continent, other than Beyond Heavens, who would be able to nurture someone like Ling Tian? Despite his young age, he was almost at the peak of martial arts! Thus, NanGong TianLong was not the only one with such thoughts. Many of the other powers also made such guesses!

Even if Ling Tian were to openly announce that he wasn't the disciple of Beyond Heavens, no one would believe him for sure!

When the NanGong Family came into Sky Bearing, they were completely overbearing in their actions and looked like their enmity with the Yang Family was completely irreconcilable! They didn't even give Yang KongQun a chance to give an explanation! Following that, all the other incidents happened one after another and Yu ManTian also coincidentally mixed into the mess. Through the many coincidences, the crime of NanGong Le's death was completely pinned onto the Yang Family!

Even if Ling Tian were to announce that he was the one to kill NanGong Le, none of the powers would believe him for sure!

"That's right," Ling Tian said with a sigh, "if not for Family Head NanGong being farsighted and wise, Ling Tian would definitely end up being a scapegoat." Ling Tian shook his head with a mellow sigh.

"The innocent will remain innocent," NanGong TianLong said righteously, "even if things weren't so obvious, my NanGong Family surely wouldn't have maligned an innocent party."

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