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Smoky Thea Tower! This was the well-known nightlife entertainment place of Sky Bearing City. At this moment, it could finally show off its brilliance and grandeur, a place where thousands of gold coins were squandered daily. This is where beautiful women with makeup and suave and dignified gentlemen came, all revealing their own individual styles. The din that was created drowned out all surrounding sounds! The Smoky Thea Tower at night was the real Smoky Thea Tower!

At the entrance of Smoky Thea Tower, a slightly plump old man was wearing a humble smile on his face as he bowed in greeting to every guest that entered and exited the compound. His words were cordial and polite, and he seemed to know everyone that appeared, like a traveler who had gone far and wide. While his words seemed overly flattering, it made the hearts of anyone who heard it feel very comfortable.

For those who were aware of his real identity, no one would have believed that an elder from the ShangGuan aristocratic family, a well-known expert, would be actually serving as the head butler for a wine pavilion like Smoky Thea Tower! While the title of 'head butler' sounded good, in the end, it was just a better name for the head pimp of a brothel.

"Ah, hahah, Young Noble Tan, you’ve arrived. It’s only been a few days since I’ve seen you, but you seem to have gotten more imposing and handsome… this way please, don’t worry, ever since you gave the word, Little Jade has not been touched by anyone else. That lass gazes out of the window every day, pining for your presence!"

"Eh? Isn’t this Boss Lou? You’re such a rare visitor… remember those lasses the last time you came? Hahaha… every since you left, those lasses had little appetite for the next few days after. This time, Boss Lou really needs to help me comfort them later… Hahaha, not to worry, the basement of the pavilion has goods that can help you have the energy of a dragon and the fierceness of a tiger… hehehe, I’ll see you later then!"

"Oh my, Third Master Yang, you’re here, a private room has been prepared for you already. Ah? Is that so? No wonder Third Master Yang has been looking suaver as of late, this… bearing of yours, is just like a jade tree facing the wind, natural and unrestrained!"

"Aiya, Old Master Wu, I haven’t seen you for so long, your white hair seems to have lessened by a lot, could you teach me how you do that? Oh, this handsome gentleman at your side, is he your grandson? What?! Your son? My god, I… I… I am truly in awe of you…"

In the midst of sending and receiving guests, if one stayed back and paid more attention, they would have found out a very obvious action: Every time the crowds thinned, the plump old man would use a hand to massage his face, most likely, his facial muscles were cramping from smiling while receiving all the guests.

Suddenly, the head butler’s massaging hand froze, as did his eyes. His expression alternated between confused, to fear, to respect. He was so stunned that even ignored a few of the people who had greeted him as they walked past.

This was the difference between an ordinary person and a martial artist: A martial artist was able to sense the many things hidden away from the ordinary people.

Standing around ten feet away from his eyes, a masked man fully clothed in black stood there by himself. Although he was standing there quietly, the head butler’s senses actually couldn't detect the presence of this man. If not for his own eyes confirming the fact, he would have thought only air existed there. When he laid eyes on the man, his first thought was that this black dressed man had merged in with heaven and earth.

He immediately understood how frightening the skills were of this man, to have even his breath of life totally retracted into his own body, not even letting a bit of it leak out. The only reason why he was able to see him was because the black dressed man allowed it. As for the commoners, they would not find anything out of the ordinary. This was the fabled XianTian realm!

He had already identified this man as the black dressed man who had saved Xiao YanXue the other night. Recalling his cruel and vicious moves, his frightening strength that could rob everyone of their lives there, the head butler couldn't help but shudder, and prepared to approach and greet him.

The black dressed man however seemed to smile at him through his eyes, before disappearing in front of him. The head butler only felt a gust of wind blow past him. What in the world was that movement skill? Can such a thing even exist? The head butler was in shock, subconsciously raising his hand to wipe the cold sweat off. A breeze blew over, and he realized that his back was also full of cold sweat.

Gu XiYan was reclining in front of the dressing table, her emotional state fluctuating wildly. Thinking about how her family, from being imposing aristocrats, had dropped to such a state where they had to live their lives under the guise of another name. In her heart, she was already sick to the brim of this life where they had to lay low every day. However, the three elders seemed to be satisfied with the status quo. They seemingly had already planned to just die of old age, leaving her behind alone. By then, even with her overflowing hatred and lofty aspirations, what could she do?

She sadly sighed, and as she listened to the hubbub of gambling outside, as well as the crude laughter of men, Gu XiYan suddenly felt incomparably bleak. Was such a life what she really wanted?

The answer was obviously no, but she didn't even have the strength to reject it. Even if she wasn’t satisfied, what could she do?

A gentle breeze seemed to roll in, and Gu XiYan stood up to close the windows, looking as though she wanted to cast her worries outside. However, the moment she turned around, she jumped in shock, as there was a masked black dressed man sitting in the seat she had occupied mere moments ago. A pair of mischievous eyes stared at her as he spoke, "Pavilion Head Gu, how are you?"

"So it’s Senior that has graced us with your presence." Even in shock, Gu XiYan recovered very quickly. Judging by the senior’s cultivation, if he wanted to harm her it would have been an easy thing. Thinking up to here, she abandoned any thoughts of summoning reinforcements and instead asked, "Does Senior have any requests? We will carry them out to the best of our abilities!" Gu XiYan still remembered the sentence he spoke before he left that day, "From this day, for three months, the Smoky Thea Tower will heed my commands!"

In truth, inside Gu XiYan’s heart, she did not find his order contradicting, but rather regretted that it was only three months; it was too short! Given his strength, would he be willing to quietly remain unknown for life? So long as he was unwilling to be overlooked, then the ShangGuan Family would rise to fame together with him if they were to come under his wing! For someone who wanted to revive her family’s reputation, this was an exceptional chance, and definitely better than her current lifestyle.

Ling Tian was inwardly praising Gu XiYan for being calm and collected when handling matters and in addition, able to see the bigger picture. However, he was puzzled at how she kept calling him ‘senior’. Did he really look that old under his mask?

That aside, her reply left him immensely satisfied. The meaning of seeing the bigger picture was that — when one knows they couldn't reject it, chose to follow it to the end! That’s what a sensible act meant! For a sheltered noblewoman to make this sort of decision in a split second, it only spoke of her talent and decisiveness. A heroine!

Contrary to what Ling Tian had expected, Gu XiYan did not even try to haggle, instead agreeing without hesitation!

Since Gu XiYan had made up her mind to follow him, if she didn't showcase her strengths, then how would Ling Tian want to continue to allow her to rely on him?

Before he left, Ling Tian stared hard at Gu XiYan, but what he saw was the exact profound gaze reflected back at him! A trace of a smile appeared in his eyes; this woman was indeed not simple! He didn't turn back any longer, exiting from the window and disappearing into the shadows.

Gu XiYan suddenly felt as though a weight had been lifted from her heart.

Ling Tian soared under the starry night, his body feeling unspeakably comfortable. Breaking through to the ninth stage gave him the feeling of being reborn! This sort of feeling gave Ling Tian the urge to let out a primal roar!

His body skimmed like a swallow, with every step he took on the roof ridge disappearing fast behind him. Looking at the blurred forest line on his sides, Ling Tian felt as happy and carefree as he could be!

Suddenly, he felt a warning in his senses; someone was following him! Ling Tian laughed coldly as he thought, I was looking for an opponent, and you send yourself to my doorstep! In an instant, he made up his mind, twisting his body sideways and hiding behind a large tree.

A white shadow darted over, stopped on a roof and looked around, as though surprised at how he had suddenly lost his target.

"Who are you? Why are you tailing me?" All of a sudden, an icy cold voice sounded behind him!

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