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Chapter 112: Dispatch Work 1

Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl

A grey Ducati 1199 Panigale sped through the streets and used a ramp to get inside a parked truck. Once it got inside the five-tonne truck, the people waiting quickly closed the door.

It was dark inside, and someone turned on the lights. Two men walked over, and the person got off the motorcycle and took off the helmet. She had short hair, pale skin and long-lashed blue eyes. A man stepped forward.


The woman looked at him, and he lowered his gaze. She laughed at him.

"Did the money come in?"


She took her leather jacket off and ran her fingers through her hair. Another man walked over to her holding a chiffon blouse and jeans. The woman changed right there, not minding the men around her.

"You got a motorcycle?"

"Of course!"

The truck was already moving, and the woman was done changing when a man showed her a laptop and said, "You have a call from the prince."

The woman took the laptop and set it to the side. It was an online video call, and an Arabic-looking man appeared on the screen.

"You took care of business," the man said.

"I got paid well."

"I can trust you."

"If you have more work, just let me know."

"I'll be in touch."

The woman finished talking and felt the truck stop. She picked up a pink motorcycle helmet. Suddenly, the truck's rear door opened, and another woman wearing the same clothes as her walked in.

The first woman looked at the men, pointed to her motorcycle and said, "That's my favorite horse. Give it a good paint job."

"Don't worry."

The woman waved lightly at them and got off the truck. There was a blue scooter parked in front of her. She was humming as she got on the scooter and left.

The truck's door closed, and it drove off.

Junhyuk signed a nondisclosure agreement, and he and Somin were called by Eunseo to go back to ST Capsule. On the way, Somin didn't speak much. She was scared because someone had been killed, so Junhyuk spoke to her first.

"Don't worry. The temp work should be over."

"You think so?"

Somin was scared to go back to the W.A.N.C.S. lab. The people who were associated with Jisuk's death seemed to be highly organized. She had only seen people like that in movies, so she was naturally afraid.

"They dispatched us there to find out more information from Jisuk Dong when he woke up and not to look after the capsules."


They had been there for only a day. If they came back that soon, the other workers might look at her funny, but she didn't care.

"Don't worry."

Somin looked around and asked, "Why did they kill Jisuk?"

Junhyuk didn't have an answer. He could only guess, but he wanted her to know everything.

"There might be people who don't want others to know the cause of the abnormal narcolepsy."

"Why? There are two hundred thousand abnormal narcolepsy victims already. Finding the cause of it should be priority!"

"It has to do with money."


Junhyuk shrugged.

"Someone hired a professional killer to do the job. That person couldn't have done it if he didn't have money. Someone with money wanted more money."

"I'm scared."

Somin shivered, and Junhyuk nodded slowly. He also thought that whoever was behind what happened was really dangerous.

"Maybe the killings won't stop here."

"What? What do you mean?"

"There are multiple people who woke up from abnormal narcolepsy. Whoever it is, probably went after all of them."

Somin frowned, and Junhyuk didn't say anything else about that. She would probably pass out from his stories. Somin remained silent, and Junhyuk focused on driving. They arrived at ST Capsule and went straight to Eunseo's office.

It wasn't time to leave work yet, and Eunseo invited them in. She was frowning while looking at them both.

"Ms. Jeon, the temp work is cancelled. You must be worried about what happened today, so get some rest and report to work on Monday."

Somin was extremely relieved, and Eunseo continued, "You may leave now."

Somin nodded and left. Eunseo turned to Junhyuk.

"Chief Park told me everything. You saved the situation?"

"No, Jisuk is dead. I didn't do anything to help him out."

Eunseo shook her head.

"Chief Park officially requested your presence at the lab."

Junhyuk thought about the chief for a brief moment, and Eunseo stared at him.

"If you don't want to go, I will turn him down."

Junhyuk pondered about it. The W.A.N.C.S. lab posed him some complications. They didn't seem to be interested in finding the cause or the cure for abnormal narcolepsy, but they worked as if they were in the army.

Ordinarily, he would've refused since he didn't want to reveal things about himself. However, it was different now. The W.A.N.C.S. had benefactors, and among them was the Rockefeller family. The Rockefellers might be influencing the lab. In a way, he understood the place better now. It was like the enemy battlefield, but he didn't want to avoid it. He wanted to find out more about the assassination.

"I'll go. I have nothing to do here."

Eunseo fixed her glasses and looked at him intently.

"Then, you may go back. Report there tomorrow."

"May I go home today?"

"Yes, you may."

"Then, I'll take my leave."

Junhyuk said goodbye and went out. He took his bag and got in his car. They could call it temp work, but he would be in enemy territory, so he had to get ready.

Junhyuk looked at his cell phone and threw it on the passenger's seat. He couldn't use it because they might have tapped it.

"I should get a burner phone."

Burner phones were against the law in South Korea, but he still wanted one. He also needed to get in touch with Sarang.

He didn't know anybody who could get him a burner phone or who had a criminal record. He didn't know anybody in the criminal world and he thought he shouldn't try going against the law by himself.

Then, he thought of someone whose business card he had. The man who had helped him during the bus accident, Chulho Park.

He had his own money lending business called Chulho Capital, and he might be able to help Junhyuk, so Junhyuk drove to Chulho's business address.

Chulho Capital was located in the Sadang District. Junhyuk saw the sign that read Chulho Capital and went inside. He opened the door and saw a few men working at their desks. They looked very big. The men glanced at him and turned back to their work. Then, a woman walked over smiling.

"Hello! What do you need?"

"I'm here to see Chulho Park?"

The men working at their desks turned their attention back to Junhyuk, and he gave the woman the business card he was holding.

"He told me to visit him."

"And who would you be?"

"Junhyuk Lee."

"Wait here."

Junhyuk sat on a sofa, and a man went outside. Junhyuk sensed the man standing guard outside of the door and laughed. If anything happened, the man outside would block his path, but Junhyuk wasn't nervous. He could kill hundreds of them if he wanted to.

Chulho stepped out of his office. He looked very rough and laughed at Junhyuk.

"Hhha! You are famous!"

Junhyuk got up and bowed slightly.

"I meant to come sooner, but I had the chance to do it now."

"I see that you've been busy."

They shook hands, and Chulho led him by the hand to his office.

"Ms. Kim, two cups of coffee."

Chulho sat Junhyuk down on the sofa in his office.

"I saw your ads and the TV shows."

Junhyuk laughed awkwardly, and Chulho continued, "Since the newscast that day, my company's image has improved."

Chulho had also helped out in saving the people that day. It was only right for his image to have improved.

Knock, knock!

The woman walked in with two cups of coffee. Chulho sipped on his and asked Junhyuk, "So, do you need anything?"

Junhyuk hesitated for a moment.

"I need you to do me a favor."

"A favor? Do you need money? I thought you had made a lot from the ads!"

Junhyuk shook his head.

"I don't need money. I need a burner phone."

"A burner phone?" Chulho was interested now and leaned forward, asking, "What is going on?"

Junhyuk smiled bitterly.

"It's hard to explain. I just have a strange feeling."

"What feeling?"

"That someone is listening in on my phone."

"A wiretap?" Chulho said, laughing hard and waving his hands negatorily. "You've gotten funny since you became famous."

Junhyuk wasn't interested in Chulho's reaction.

"Can you help me?"

"Of course."

"Get me two of them."

Chulho's eyes widened slightly, and he stared at Junhyuk.

"You need two? It's a woman issue."

He knew it was for a woman. In fact, it was for Sarang, and Junhyuk laughed hard.

"Is it possible?"

"Wait here."

Chulho got to his seat and dialed a number on his phone.

"Tell Lee to bring me two burner phones."

He sat back on the sofa, and a man walked in. The man didn't speak and placed two cell phones on the table and left.

"In our line of work, we need to use burner phones. Understand that you can only use these phones for calls and text messages."

"That's enough."

He called a number with one of the cell phones, and the other phone rang. Chulho gave him both phones.

"You have the numbers. They are ready to use."

Junhyuk took the phones.

"How much?"

Chulho simply patted his shoulder and said, "We've been to hell and back together. I can't charge you. Think of them as gifts."

Junhyuk was sorry that he hadn't come sooner.

"Thank you."

"Right. Feel like a drink tonight?"

Junhyuk shook his head. He didn't have the time that night.

"No, I should get going."

Chulho shrugged.

"If you are too busy, maybe next time."

"Right. I will pay next time."

"That's right. Famous people are different. I'll drink the expensive stuff."

Junhyuk nodded.

"I'll call you."

"Sure. I'll wait for it."

Junhyuk walked out and sat in his car. No one was following him, but he was not happy. He looked at the burner phones.

"I should meet Sarang tonight."

He wanted to give her a phone and tell her to be more cautious. She had the Red Core Armor, but she should still be careful.

At the lab, the person's power looked extremely dangerous.

"Mind Control," he murmured, thinking back on the Paningale's license plate.

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