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"Of the thirty three sky palaces, the palace of heartbreak is the highest; of the four hundred and forty four illnesses, lovesickness is the bitterest."

"I am not heartbroken."

"Oh? Then for whom did you engrave your mark for?"

"For the person I cannot lose in this life."

"Then is that not heartbreak?"

"No. A person's life is bitter and short, but heartbreak is slow and lasting. The mortal realm1 is where life or death are but a blink of an eye, who knows if what awaits me is a chance meeting or a missed encounter? How can I stand here and wait for time to be worn away, day after day?"

"Then what will you do?"

"She is in the mortal realm. I will go to the mortal realm."

"The world of mortals is turbulent."

"If the mortal realm is turbulent, I resist; if the underworld opens, I enter; if the four seas rage, I cross; if people oppose, I overturn."

"Why go so far?"

"For her sake, I will not fear ten zhang2 of red dust3, to reverse the bitter erosion of loneliness."

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