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Hey sorry guys, school caught up to me this week, Organic Chemistry is not fun I tell you! I have another event this weekend too so might not have much time in the upcoming days either 😦 Next week shouldn’t be as busy though, we’ll see. Enjoy the chapter!

Book 2: The Infinite Heart

Chapter 2 – Who Will Discipline Who?

Right now, she already had no more time to retract her hand. Fuyao’s fingers curled, straightforwardly grabbing the whole mat and fiercely pulling. In a great backwards fall she forcefully seized the mat and tumbled onto the ground.

She hugged the mat in front of her, even using her cheek to rub it with a face full of bliss. Meng Fuyao’s legs leaned on the wall of the horse carriage, and with a flip of her body her two hands hugged her chest as she continued to “deeply sleep and snore”.

Vaguely she felt Zong Yue kneel down and take away the mat from under her body. When pulling the mat his hands suddenly paused, as if he had noticed something, after which came a moment of silence.

Meng Fuyao was closing her eyes, but her thoughts continued to spin quickly – what was he looking at? Ai ya not good, that waist strap was still in her robes, just then her movements were too large, did he see it when he was pulling out the mat?

Also just then under that seat board, just what was that thin strip? Stupid Zong Yue, returning so fast!

Taking advantage of the time when Zong Yue turned around, the corner of her eye peeked out, but didn’t see anything wrong. Meng Fuyao then settled her heart. A tipsy feeling came over her, drowsiness surged, and not long afterwards, she unexpectedly genuinely fell asleep.

It was a deep sleep. When she opened her eyes again, the day was already bright. Morning light shone in through the rosy embroidery of the window paper, landing on the face of the cross-legged sitting Zong Yue opposite. The illumination made his cherry blossom-colored lips seem even more vivid, and his skin seem translucent, like mutton jade.

Wearing a whole body of white clothing, he sat cross-legged on a stretch of pure white, unmottled fox pelt. Like a jade pond or snow drift, moonlight or floating cloud, he was pure like an unpicked snow lotus in the high mountains – a type of extreme purity and brilliance.

Yuan Zhaoxu was dignified and elegant, infinitely talented. Zhan Bei Ye was distinctively fierce, his aura rising to the clouds. Yun Hen was tall like a jade tree, his eyes filled with star fire. They were all outstandingly handsome men uncommonly seen in the world. Meng Fuyao thought that her luck was good, and that she had already seen the most beautiful kinds of men – in this life she would not be stunned by anyone else. Yet today the Zong Yue under the dawn light, and that type of crystalline flawlessness that exuded from his skin, still made her not help but sigh in amazement.

After finishing her sighing and admiring, Meng Fuyao shook her head. She lightly lifted her hands and feet to climb down the carriage, when suddenly behind her someone said, “Where are you going?”

“Brother Zong, this one still has urgent business, it will be inconvenient to travel together.” Meng Fuyao turned back, respectfully saying, “Many thanks for last night’s generous gift, farewell now.”

Zong Yue raised his eyes to look at her. He gave a leisurely smile.

“Since you realize it is a generous gift, then how could you only give a sentence of thanks and leave?”


“‘A Taste of Spring’ is very valuable.” Zong Yue suddenly said. “Most people don’t know that this wine also has medicinal usages. During winter, if it is buried underground for three months with the snow lotus, blood knotweed, and jade cicada, one can dig it up and drink it early spring of next year to cure withered and blocked meridians.”

“So what?” Meng Fuyao’s eyebrows lifted up as she stared at him, her heart vaguely feeling that something was not right.

“That jug of wine we drank last night, was entrusted to me by Prince De of Zhongzhou. When cultivating he suffered qigong deviation, with his qi and blood clogged up and unable to be cured despite many treatments. Helpless, he came to find me. Now I had just found the three things for him, and was preparing to send it back to Zhongzhou and nurse wine for him.” He extended out a slender long arm, pointing at that empty wine jug on the table. “Yet, just yesterday, I met a road-blocking robber. With no other choice, that well-known, rare wine that was supposed to be used to save a life was stolen.”


Meng Fuyao clenched and grinded her teeth as she glared at Zong Yue – just then who was the fool who thought he was “pure”, “crystalline”, and “flawless”?

Zong Yue’s expression didn’t change, calm and undisturbed.

After Fuyao thought for a bit, she suddenly smiled.

“The jug may be empty, but this one certainly didn’t see any ‘A Taste of Spring’, nor any robbers – this one was only a wandering guest you took in. Have you ever seen anyone invite bandits to enter their horse carriage and travel together?”

She crisply finished speaking, dusted off her hands, and turned back to get out of the carriage. “As for how your wine went missing … just go ask your stomach.” Laughing with a ha ha sound, Meng Fuyao reached out her hand to lift the curtains.

“Prince De’s character is ruthless and cruel. He is sure to pay back any grievances.” Behind her traveled over Zong Yue’s unhurried voice.

“So what?”

“If he discovers that his own life-saving divine alcohol was drunk by someone, he most certainly will fly into a great rage, en … I’ve heard his subordinate Tearing Wind Unit are masters of tracking and assassination …”

The hand Meng Fuyao was raising the coverings with paused in mid-air. After a long time she fiercely flung the curtains down, immediately turning around and loudly saying, “With all these tricks you are playing, isn’t it just because you want to leave this aunty here? Sure thing.”

With large strides she turned back, unrestrainedly sitting down, at the same time pulling open a hidden drawer on the small table. From within the drawer she pulled out pickled fish, ham, dried bamboo shoots, and lotus pastry, orderly piling them in front of her, then impolitely taking out jade cups and silver chopsticks. Her chopsticks flew as she dug into the huge pile of food, at the same time saying, “Leaving me, means you have to be able to support me. After today, every day I require at least the amount of food in this meal, also these jade cup and silver chopsticks. I’m not picky about if you have used them before, just give them to me. Also clothes, that silver mink cloak of yours is pretty good, but I don’t like that nauseating white color, give me a black one. Alright that’s it for now.”

Zong Yue played with that bowl of purple grass, lightly saying, “Sure thing, but you can’t just eat without working right? Look at you, so fat, do you even have a human shape anymore?”


Meng Fuyao gaped, her tongue twisted – I’m fat I’m fat I’m fat? My figure is perfectly delicate and curved with swells where appropriate and definitely no swells where there are supposed to be valleys, were those little eyes of yours installed correctly?

This person gave one the feeling of crystalline purity like snow, how come when he spoke his words were so vicious? A truly poison tongued man, did he not feel that he really dishonored that pure white outfit of his?

Meng Fuyao was stunned for a while. Turning her grief and indignation into appetite, several small dishes were cleared before she finally coldly laughed in reply. “Even if I eat myself to death it still has nothing to do with you.”

“It does have to do with me.” Zong Yue still had on that composed expression. “My page, cannot be too ugly, cannot be too fat, cannot be too dumb, and cannot be too pretty.”

“Your page? Who?” Meng Fuyao narrowed her eyes.

Zong Yue didn’t reply to her words, first inspecting her up and down once, then nodding without much satisfaction, saying, “Not too bad, you’re not pretty, not smart but not considered dumb, as for fat … that can be fixed.”


Fuyao’s teeth clenched with ge ge ge sounds for a time. She started smiling all of a sudden, saying, “Not too bad, you’re also not pretty, not smart, a little fat, clearly a wretchedly poisonous-tongued man who just has to pretend himself to be tall handsome and dignified. Thinks himself to be Ximen Chuixue[1], despite a vile character, a mouth full of lies, and taking advantage of others through framing and blackmailing … even though your problems are many, I believe, that can be fixed.”

Her smile was hair-raisingly horrifying. She slowly said, “I will spend a little effort, to discipline you.”

“Alright.” Zong Yue actually didn’t get angry at all, only nodding his head and saying:

“Then let us see, who will discipline who.”

Footnotes Ximen Chuixue (literally “West Gate Blowing Snow”) is a character that is unfeeling and cool in a popular wuxia novel called The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng. Link:

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