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Chapter 326
Legend Chapter 326

「Rei-san, good morning . 」

「Kikyi, kyi-」

By the time the 9am bell rang, Rei had met up with Hendeka as the guild reached its peak hour .


As Shen, the Icebird, jumped onto Set’s back, Set turned around to give a cry in gretting .

「Ah, I’ll be relying on you again today……is what I’d like to say, but I need to talk with you about something . 」


Hendeka held his breath at the words he hadn’t expected .

As a low ranking adventurer, working together with Rei was nothing short of lucrative . After being told that Rei needed to talk with him only on their second day working together, it wasn’t a surprise that he would be tense .

「So, what did you want to talk about? Could it be that you don’t want to work with me anymore?」

Rei shook his head with a wry smile at Hendeka’s fearful question .

「No . In the first place, I haven’t received any requests to attract the Lemrace’s attention today . Well, if I went to the port, someone might ask me on the spot . But actually……」

Rei stopped speaking when he sensed several adventurers, who had been about to enter the guild, start to pay attention to them .

Rei was now quite famous for many things in Emoshion . There were also quite a few people looking for information about him to make some money .

After all, he had a Griffon, an item box and a title . Furthermore, in the case of the Lemrace, the biggest problem for Emoshion right now, the Lemrace seemed to pay a lot of attention to him . Ships would pay him a lot of money to attract the Lemrace’s attention while they left the port, so there was no reason he wouldn’t become well known .

Despite some danger remaining, Rei was the reason that ships docked at port could still leave and the initial sharp gazes from the guards had already calmed down somewhat .

「Well, you can be assured that I’m not planning to stop working with you . I’ll tell you the details as we at a stall somewhere after the people I’m waiting for arrive . 」

「……It hasn’t been that long since I had breakfast, so I’m not that hungry . 」

「Breakfast was more than an hour ago though? You have quite the small appetite Hendeka . 」

「That’s just compared to Rei-san! The amount I eat is normal for ordinary people . 」

「Is that so?」

「……That’s right . We can’t just eat more food just an hour after breakfast . You and Egret and the only ones who could do that . 」

It was Miroir who interrupted the conversation between Rei and Hendeka . Behind her, Egret could be seen bringing a fish skewer to his mouth as he enjoyed the delicious taste .

「Hmm, I feel Rei is right . Adventurers should eat when they need to eat . Isn’t that right?」

「Well, I agree with that opinion . 」

Rei nodded back at Egret’s words while Miroir and Hendeka both looked each other in the eye in mutal understanding .

「At any rate, all the people we need are here now . Let’s move somewhere to finish the story . Do you know anywhere good? Somewhere with simple food and tea where not too many people will hear us . 」

「Ah, then I know a place I guess . It’s a short walk from here, but it’s a shop that sells delicious snacks, tea and rare fruits . It’s in an obscure part of the city though, so it’s not that popular . 」

「I see, then I’ll leave that to you . Are you two fine with that?」

Egret and Miroir nodded silently at Rei’s question .

Egret was more interested in the delicious snacks that were mentioned while Miroir was more interested in the fruit . With their agreement, Rei followed Hendeka down the road .



「Heh, this is definitely not an easy place to find . 」

「I mean, it’s only natural that it won’t be popular in a place like this . Does the owner not want to do business?」

「That’s right . From what the owner told me, he seems to be doing this as his hobby, so as long as he wasn’t making a loss he was fine with it . 」

Hendeka replied to Rei and Egret’s murmurs .

Looking at the three of them……or rather three people and two monsters, Miroir entered the shop .

It was located on a back street and there were no signs . If you didn’t know this shop existed, you would never notice it .

「Then, Set . Please wait here a moment . 」

「Shen, wait with Set . 」



The two of them responded, as if asking for their owners to bring something back for them when they were done . Rei and Hendeka looked at each other with wry smiles before entering the shop as well .

「Oh, over here . 」

The shop was only large enough for 10 visitors and definitely looked like a shop that the owner was only running as a hobby .

Taking a seat next to Egret and Miroir, they ordered some desserts, tea, sanwhiches and fruit as they faced each other .

Miroir had only just been saying that they had already eaten earlier, but seeing her order dessert firmly, sweet things might not have counted .

As each order arrived, Rei was the first to speak out .

「Hendeka, these two are Miroir and Egret . Both of them are B rank adventurer . This is Hendeka, the person I was talking about yesterday . 」

「B rank!? Ah, pardon me . Pleased to meet you! I’m Hendeka, a D rank adventurer . 」

「Oh, nice to meet you . I’m Egret . As you can see, I’m a warrior . 」

「I’m Miroir . I’m also a warrior, like Egret . 」

A whip wielding warrior? Although Hendeka looked a bit confused for a moment, he didn’t question Miroir, who was a much higher ranked adventurer than himself .

Seeing the three of them like that, Rei felt that the introductions had been good enough . Taking a sip of chilled mixed fruit juice, he started to explain .

「So, that’s it . As for why I asked you to meet with these two, it’s to defeat the Lemrace of course . 」

「……But, the only ones who can fly in the sky are just Rei-san on Set and Shen? Will Miroir-san and Egret-san take a ship?」

「No, I managed to get a powerful magic item with a bit of help . It can forcibly transfer the Lemrace onto land when I use it . 」


Hendeka couldn’t understand what Rei had just said . He turned to Rei, expecting more information .

Probably because he was looking at Rei with his mouth wide open, the tea he had drank just a few second ago started dripping from the corners of his mouth .

It seemed that she felt sorry for Hendeka, so Miroir interjected from the side .

「Hendeka, was it? Well, I know you’re shocked as well . But, Rei doesn’t have any reason to trick us, does he? That’s the way it is . So, what do you plan to do? Join us? Quit? I don’t mind either way . After this, we are going to look for a place to move the Lemrace to, so you need to make up your mind quickly . 」

「Eh? No, I’m not……well, what do you want me to do? I’m just an ordinary D rank adventurer . I can’t fight a Lemrace like you B rank adventurers . 」

Confused by the sudden turn of events, Hendeka looked at the three of them with his mouth shut .

It the end, it was Egret, who was called a muscle brain by Miroir, that got annoyed with Hendeka’s attitude .

「What, don’t bother me about that . Anyhow, just decide whether you’re going to do it or not . The only thing I’m expecting you to do is for your Icebird to provide support from above . All you need to do is to shoot arrows from a bow and you’re good to go . 」

「Eh? A bow?」

At Egret’s words, Hendeka gave a happy smile for some reason .

However, it was true that it was much easier to shoot arrows from the rear than to be told to fight a monster like a Lemrace, which no one had even seen yet at this point .

(He probably came here for the bounty after all……)

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As Rei thought to himself, he seasoned a steamed scallop and prawn sandwich before bringing it to his mouth .

Enjoying it’s taste and texture, he swallowed it before speaking again .

「Honestly speaking, what I’m expecting from you is not your own strength, but Shen’s strength, since he can attack enemies from the air . As the Lemrace is a sea monster, it definitely shouldn’t be able to fly in the sky . If it could, it wouldn’t be at the bottom of the sea . If we can attack it from the sky, it won’t be able to fight back……probably . 」

「……I see . 」

Rei’s explanation seemed to be enough to convince him . Nodding at Rei’s explanation without saying anything further about his own ability, he thought for a few seconds before asking .

「In that case, what about the rewards?」

「Since I’m using my magic item to forcibly transfer it, I will take the monster’s magic stone . 」

「That’s not a problem for me . I want materials . If there’s anything that can be used to make a powerful weapon, I want that . 」

「I’d like the money after all . 」

Rei, Egret and Miroir said what they each wanted in turn before turning to look at Hendeka .

「Ehm, I would like the money . If I could get a share of that . 」

「It would be best to share out the bounty . Of course, since Miroir and Hendeka would rather have the money than anything else, they’ll get a bigger share . ……What does everyone think?」

Every just replied silently after Rei asked them for final confirmation .

「Alright, that’s all then . Let’s go find somewhere to transfer the Lemrace . Fortunately, it’s still morning, so we have plenty of time left . 」

Thus, the unique party set out from the city of Emoshion .



「……Somebody is following us . 」

About 30 minutes out from Emoshion, Rei suddenly spoke up .

「Who is it?」

「Well, I don’t know, but it’s not just one or two people . At least 10 or 20 . 」

「What do we do? Do we wait for them? I don’t know what their goal is, but if we stay here, it will definitely be trouble . 」

Egret asked Rei as he reached for the poleaxe on his back . However, he was hit in the head by Miroir, who was walking behind him .

「Don’t be stupid . If we attack them, we’ll be the bad guys . I am absolutely sure they would report to the guild and we’d end with the highest bounty instead of the Lemrace . 」

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「No, but what do we do then? Are we still going to look for a place to transfer the Lemrace to while they are following us? In that situation, we might be interrupted while fighting the Lemrace . And after the fight is over, they might try to take it away from us . 」

「……That’s true . That is definitely possible . 」

Hendeka nodded in agreement with Egret’s opinion .

「What do we do then? This time, Rei is leading us, so let him decide . 」

「Yes, it’s not going to be great if they get in our way……hm?」

As Rei muttered, he looked back again as if noticing something . Eventually, a smile came to his face .

「Rei? What’s wrong?」

Thinking that he must have noticed somehting, Egret asked Rei . However, Rei just shook his head with a smile .

「No, we don’t need to worry about it anymore . Well, I guess it makes sense if they just walked around in a large group like that?」


Following after Egret, Miroir also asked him the same question . Rei just shrugged his shoulders as he replied .

「You know, I don’t think those guys will be able to continue following us any more . 」

Saying that, they continued moving along to find a place where they could fight the Lemrace .



「Hah-, shit, these Goblins just keep coming at us!」

A long way behind Rei and the others, about 20 people were fighting a group of Goblins .

However, most of them were only D rank adventurers with some C ranks among them . There were more Goblins than there were adventurers, but in terms of pure strength, the adventurers should have won . In fact, as their leader saw, they were able to kill most of the Goblins with barely any injuries .

If things continued the way there were, they would win without taking any real losses . That was what the leader thought……


The leader shouted at the cries of the merchants who had hired them .

「You lot shut up and stay out of the way!」

The men, who had received a secret request to steal Rei’s item box, had no choice but to give up on their attempt, at least for today .

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