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Before nightfall, Ye Que and Qian Shuxiao returned to Luoyang City.

They did not stop for any rest and headed straight to the Qian Manor.

After causing such a huge commotion on the dragon ship, Qian Shuxiao felt a little nervous to return home.

"Brother Ye, go back to your room and rest first. I'll go see grandpa. I've to tell him about what happened today, otherwise I'll feel inhibited. Don't you worry, however. As long as I'm alive, no one will dare to look for trouble with you in the Qian Manor. Rest assured about that."

One would know who one's true friends are, in times of need. Qian Shuxiao had already begun to treat Ye Que as his own brother, and he would not be dissuaded.

"That's Shushan you're talking about. Think carefully," said Ye Que calmly. "Don't trouble the old master too much. Even though you're the only child of his eldest son, your family has many employees. Their livelihoods depend on your family's survival."

"I know what I'm doing. The Qian family would not have remained standing for so long without some real power," Qian Shuxiao said, lowering his voice before continuing, "To be honest, when I was young, I saw more than one Immortality Master appear in our manor. Yes, those practitioners that could fly and burrow into the ground."

"Think about it- the wealth of our family is one par with that of many nations. Wouldn't people eye our riches? If we didn't have some real skill, we would have been robbed long ago. In our day and age, would anyone be able to sustain a business without being able to satisfy both the law and the underground factions?"

"How about you?"

Ye Que wanted to speak, but he felt his heart quiver.

He looked up into the night sky subconsciously.

The original night sky.

Filled with stars.

At this moment.

A beam of golden light shot out at a spot in Luoyang City, rising all the way up into the skies until it was out of sight. The light illuminated the entire night sky, and an ancient power came toward it from afar, mixed with terrifying spiritual qi. The boundless qi blew across the land like a cool breeze, spreading for hundred of kilometers in an instant.

Almost at the same time.

On the skyscrapping 18th storey of Chang'an City, one could see the seven stars blinking from the roof of the castle. Totems began floating in the air of royal palaces, and the swords buried in tombs deep within the mountains began to resonate. A mystical light filled all of the 367 sects of the green plains, which stretched for thousands of kilometers.

"Seems that the Secret Key to the River Soldiers was still activated," Ye Que muttered to himself.

"Strange signs from heaven."

"All congregating on Luoyang."

This was the secret Ye Que had heard about the River Soldiers previously.

When a divine tool emerged, it would not allow itself to be easily obtained. The swordsmen of Shushan thought that they had got the Secret Key for themselves but they did not know that activating it would cause strange signs to appear in Heaven and Earth. The entire Cultivation World, even the three domains, would be alarmed.

Shoot the first bird!

The secret key of this river pawn is a hot potato. Zhuo Bufan still wants to find trouble with Ye Que? I'm afraid at this time even he has to find a way to hide.

Ye Que dared to bet that within three days, the entire clan of the Xiuzhen sect will send someone to Luoyang, and will the royal family of the prosperous Tang Dynasty watch the artifact be born under their noses? Is it really indifferent?

In charge of the whole central plains of gas and resources, behind the royal family, there is no doubt that there must be a very large power support, even if of shushan is known as the first sword, even to avoid three points.

Otherwise, where is it worthy for all nations to worship?

" Ye, Brother Ye, what is this? A light seems to reach the sky. " Qian Shuxiao looked at the night sky with his head held high in astonishment.

" Artifact River Death Coming Soon."

" This is a vision of heaven and earth triggered by the secret key of the river pawn, and it is regarded as a warning of heaven and earth to the world." Ye Que didn't hide Qian Shuxiao. People respect me for a foot and I respect people for a foot. Since Qian Shuxiao is sincere to himself, Ye Que has no reason to protect him. People live for a lifetime and love and righteousness are in my heart.

" If I didn't guess wrong, today on the dragon boat, whether the five demon youths or the disciples of Shushan, they all came for the secret key of the river pawn, but in the end Shushan was superior." Leaves short of thought for a moment and said.

" The river died? Artifact? Is it very powerful and valuable? " Qian Shuxiao asked doubtfully, the problem of merchant's birth will never be changed, with a mouthful of foul smell.

" There are tens of millions of magic weapons in the world. Since ancient times, rivers have ranked in the top nine. You said they were not strong enough." Ye Que said.

" I understand, I completely understand." Qian Shuxiao grabbed his hair hard. " It seems that this is a big event. Brother Ye, go back to your room and have a rest first. I have to find my grandfather now. We can't solve this situation by ourselves."

Qian Shu smile and disappeared into the large Qian manor after he finsihed speaking, without waiting for Ye Que's reply.

Shook his head, leaves lack helpless and the pie mouth, Qian Shu smile so nervous, it seems really unnecessary in leaves lack, " a small disciple of shushan, really don't need to worry too much. What's more, when the visions of heaven and earth come, Zhuo bufan, as a disciple of Shu shan, is probably too busy to take care of himself. where is there any leisure and interest to come to Qian fu to find trouble? "

" Shushan? Hum! Let's think of some way to meet the challenge from the whole truth-fixing," Ye Que whispered, as he turned back to the house.

On a trip to the Huakui cocktail party, Ye Que got Qian Shuxiao got a dry Kun bag, a Luan nest bow and 30 pieces of gas-gathering and quenching Dan. He got 13 swords from his mother and son in the Spring and Autumn Period. He has exchanged hands with cunning lizards, bloodied birds, water snakes, and outstanding men of Shu mountain. It was a little thrilling, but it was quite fruitful.

At the same time, this trip also made Ye Que find one of his weaknesses or defects.

No matter how seals or traps there were, or even how skilled the caster was, it was merely the work of someone at the bottom of the Cultivation World hierarchy. It didn't pose a challenge to Ye Que. Moreover, he had Divine Energy accumulating in his body. Whether it was in terms The state is slightly lower, the explosion is more than enough, and the endurance is insufficient. Although the Tian Yuan in his body is one hundred times stronger than the real Yuan in terms of strength and attack power, the quantity is too thin. of strength or destructive power, the difference between Divine Energy and True Energy was like heaven and earth.

On the dragon boat, only supporting Ye Que shot three times, once activating Luan Nest, once spring and autumn period, thirteen swords, and once rain and smoke. The effect is good, but the weakness is too obvious.

Now, the death of the river is imminent. Luoyang city will surely become the source of disaster and chaos. wind and rain are approaching. it is better to rely on others than on yourself.

Only one's own strength can guarantee a long life.

Ye Que practiced an esoteric method of the heavenly book. The snow mountain at the heart gate of the body is enormous. If others are like streams, Ye Que's body is a big river, which can absorb multiple of the spiritual force of the heaven and earth than others. And every time you absorb a little spirit, you will be purified.

This is also why Ye Que could only unleaseh his technique for three times on the dragon boat.

His body has been transformed into a bottomless pit by the heavenly book.

With a sigh, Ye Que sat cross legged on his bed and was ready to meditate. When his eyes glanced at the Spring and Autumn Sword Box, a flash of light flashed thlight flashed through his mind.

" The spring and autumn period and the child mother 13 sword between the second-order magic weapon and the third-order magic weapon, and is a combination of matrix magic weapon, stored in the sword box is able to raise the spirit of god, but if the 13 sword coagulation refined into the body, in the heart gate snow mountain position draw a poly spirit sword array. With spring and autumn as the focus, shock wave as the core, and sword as the focus, we can certainly absorb spiritual power faster. "

As he thought about it, Ye Que stood up directly, taking two steps to the spring and autumn sword box.

" Little babies, listen up - I'll change your home!"

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