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Could a Wolf Cub in the Psychic Realm and his four Post-celestial Realm helpers swallow the dragon ship whole?

The answer would've been uncertain two hours ago because Ye Que was around.

However, Ye Que now possessed only enough strength for a single attack and the remaining fighters were all exhausted. They were a spent force. To be frank, they were no match for Feng Xingyu and his group without the presence of any untoward incident. To be precise, the moment their group made a move, it would just be a slaughter.

Would there be any untoward incident?

Ye Que believed there would be. Even so, not even he knew when it would happen. Perhaps it would occur in the next second or at the moment when everyone was massacred.

"10 seconds!"

"You only have 10 seconds."

The loud youngster from the Demon Race began to yell, "We didn't ask you to take out the treasures yourselves because we're afraid of you. We're just saving ourselves the trouble!"

"You can take it as buying your lives with magic treasures. Magic treasures are just objects, but you people are living, breathing creatures. If a person dies, even the greatest magic treasure is useless."

It was completely silent on the dragon ship. It was true that some of them were still high on adrenaline but a Pre-celestial Realm expert had just died in front of their eyes in a flash. They were still shocked. Just what realm was the youngster called Feng Xingyu in for him to be that powerful?

Even though the group didn't spell it out, any perceptive person could tell that they were likely the masterminds of the besieging of the dragon ship.

Should they hand over their magic treasures?

Everyone began to ponder over this question, with a majority turning to look at Ye Que.

A frowning Ye Que rose to his feet and scanned his surroundings. He lhen looked at the faraway Whale Beast and sighed. "Listen to them. Take out all your magic treasures. Our lives are more important."

He kicked the sword case containing the Spring and Autumn Swords. Simultaneously, he looked at Feng Xingyu and his group. As expected, the five youngsters riding the back of the Whale Beast didn't even bother to spare him a glance.

"They're really here for the Secret Key to the River Soldiers. I knew it. This thing can't be touched. Who touches it, who'll meet misfortune," Ye Que muttered with his head lowered. To be frank, he wasn't concerned about obtaining the Secret Key. It wasn't much of a pity to abandon tasteless food, after all. Either way, he didn't have the power to fight them over it. Perhaps, if this had happened three years from now, things might be different.

Leng Wuxin reached Ye Que's side in a few steps. He asked quietly, "Mr. Ye, are we really handing them the treasures just like that? Or do you have other preparations?"

Even a great Grade 2 executive of the Mortal World Pavilion was inquiring Ye Que's opinion at such a crucial moment. This was proof of Ye Que's importance to everyone right now. If even he gave up resisting, who would dare to fight?

"I think they're here for something else, not our lives. Even they're from one of the Five Main Tribes of the Demon Race, they'd have to pay a significant price to blockade the Luo River for several hours."

Ye Que looked into the distance. "I believe these people will leave quickly if we follow their orders."

"But they're demons," Leng Wuxin said, sounding conflicted. "We can't give in to demons just like this; at least, I can't represent the Mortal World Pavilion in making this decision."

Then, he began storing power in the hands that he placed behind his back. Even though he knew he might be attempting the impossible, he had no other choice.

Without any apparent outward motion, Ye Que pressed his hand on Leng Wuxin's shoulder. "It's not wrong to slay demons and rid of devils, but it doesn't mean throwing your life at any time."

"If everyone thinks like you, wouldn't everyone be trying their utmost to attack the Demon World?"

"Just what kind of spectacle would that be!"

"But the fact is that we've never seen people lining up at the Immemorial Copper Gates!"

After patting Leng Wuxin on the shoulder, Ye Que said calmly, "As long as the green mountains are there, one need not worry about firewood. The humiliation you suffer today, you can repay tomorrow."

Ten seconds passed in the blink of an eye.

More than a hundred magic treasures piled up on the ship deck. Those included the items the Mortal World Pavilion had yet to auction off. There was nothing to hide; everyone here was perspicacious.

Even if they hadn't witnessed the brutality of the Demon Race, they had at least heard of it. More than 10 corpses were lying on the deck, their bodies had yet to go completely cold. Everyone had desperately fought the Devious Iguanas earlier just for a chance of survival.

To those aboard the ship, it was a godsend solution to remedy their predicament with magic treasures. They weren't some impoverished folks. Rather, they were so wealthy that they wouldn't miss the money at all.

The Secret Key to the River Soldiers was none other than that droplet. It was now on the ship deck. However, the crystal ball that it was contained in was locked. From afar, it didn't look mystical in the slightest. However, the moment it was carried out, the eyes of the youngsters on the back of the Whale Beast brightened. Even Feng Xingyu's hand on his saber seemed to be trembling out of excitement.

"Young Master Feng, that ought to be the Secret Key." The loud youngster that had been yelling behind Feng Xingyu was now speaking as quietly as he could. It looked like his yelling earlier had been a pretense.

Feng Xingyu nodded.

"I'll go and get it?" The loud youngster rubbed his hands in excitement.

"I'll go." Without waiting for him to move forward, a sword-carrying youngster who had been keeping quiet all this while finally spoke.

The sword-carrying youngster was similar to his manner of speech: simple, direct, and emotionless. With a turn of his body, he flew into the sky and landed on the ship deck. Then, he walked step by step toward the pile of magic treasures.

No one stopped him.

Everyone had consciously gathered at a spot. If the other side made good on their promise, everyone would've solved their predicament with riches and could leave immediately after handing over the treasures. That would be the win-win outcome for everyone.

Otherwise, in the event of a life-or-death battle, it was likely that most of the people present would perish.

However, seeing the current situation, it seemed that this scenario was unlikely to happen. The attention of these five youngsters was never on them. They seemed only concerned about the pile of magic treasures.

"Is the Demon Race very poor?" Qian Shuxiao, who stood inside the hall, muttered after seeing what had happened. "Considering their attitudes earlier, their cultivation must be pretty high. Why are they acting as if they've never seen magic treasures? They're staring so much until their eyes are round."

"Could it be?"

Qian Shuxiao, whose body was flowing with the blood of a merchant, suddenly turned to look at the pile of magic treasures. He finally realized that this group's target might not be them after all, but the magic treasures in front of them!

The rain was still pouring down in torrents, almost forming a pillar of raindrops.

The moment the sword-carrying youngster reached out to grab the Secret Key to the River Soldiers.

Out of the blue.

The torrential rain stagnated in the air and stopped falling. Light cut through the chink between the raindrops, followed by a second light, and then a third...

In the blink of an eye, all of the raindrops above the sword-carrying youngster turned into saber radiance out of nowhere.

Perhaps it wasn't quite right to call them saber radiance. That was because it was a sword skill. The only difference was that its speed had reached an extreme.

"Immobilizing wind and rain with a single sword strike!"

Feng Xingyu's heart throbbed furiously after seeing this sword skill and the sword in his hand subconsciously flew out of its scabbard.

Amid the lightning-infested clouds, a group of white-clothed youngsters treaded on the wind and weaved through the rain.

Before they had shown up.

Their swords had already arrived.

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