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The dragon ship rocked under the weight of the torrential rain. It was as if it would turn over and sink into the river water at any time.

Those doing their best to fight on the ship deck could feel their legs losing strength and being increasingly uncooperative. Even so, their eyes and hearts were still burning with enthusiasm.

Ye Que was like a flame that would burn forever. As long as he was around, it was as if everyone had no need to worry. It was as if no one would die or there was no demonic beast capable of breaking into the hall.

"See? That's a member of my Qian household! With him around, you people can rest assured. We'll definitely hold out until the reinforcements arrive," Qian Shuxiao said proudly with his head raised. He looked incredibly haughty, but no one found it inappropriate. Right then, being friends with Ye Que was something worth being proud over.

"No, from now on, he's my brother. He's the closest brother of I, Qian Shuxiao." It was as if Qian Shuxiao was afraid that the others didn't grasp his meaning. He explained, "It's the kind of brother who will go to the ends of the world for you without a reason. I, Qian Shuxiao, can do it."

He didn't forget to raise three fingers. "If I break my vow, let my family line die with me. Make it so that I'll never die a peaceful death."


A bolt of lightning flashed across the horizon and a burst of thunder emerged from above the firmament. The rain became even heavier.

In the dense mist, a small black dot appeared in front of the dragon ship.

The black dot was both close and far. Very soon, it appeared one hundred meters away from the ship. Everyone finally got a clear look at what it was.

It was an enormous black whale. Even though Luo River was fairly large, it was nonetheless a river. How could there be a whale? Moreover, it was such an enormous whale! Thus, everyone was able to guess that this wasn't an ordinary marine creature and was likely a demonic beast.

Perhaps the whale was simply too large. It took them a while to notice the five youngsters on the back of the whale.

The youngsters were all dressed in black robes and clothing, with some sitting and some standing. None said a word but their aura was formidable and piercing. Even the torrential rain seemed to be avoiding them as if afraid of being sucked in.

Over on the boat a little farther away, where the three men were forgoing an umbrella in the rain, the one who stood at the forefront raised his paper umbrella ever so slightly. He looked over at the dragon ship and said quietly, "Old Tortoise, the youngsters from the Feng Division of the Demon Race ought to be retrieving their nets now. When should we make our move? We can't let that thing fall into their hands. Even though the Secret Key isn't a Divine Tool, we'll have the right to take initiative if we get it. I want to fight for it."

The hunchbacked old man standing at the end of the boat coughed. He opened his eyes ever so slightly and replied in a hoarse voice, "Your Highness, our Demon Race has wind speakers. My race has the Mirror of News-bearing Scales. Logically, the only ones who know of the birthplace of the Secret Key to the River Soldiers are them and us. However, the affairs of life are unpredictable. I keep feeling ill at ease. There are so many great powers and large sects in the Cultivation World. Who can guarantee that they don't possess some sort of method to secretly transmit messages?"

"But no one has yet to show up. The people aboard the dragon ship has fallen into an impasse. The humans of the Cultivation World are always boasting that they'd slay demons, rid of devils, and promote the correct path? The demons are right in front of them and they're close to being swallowed alive. Even if there are ambushes planted all around, can they truly to withstand the assault?" The one addressed as Your Highness sounded unsatisfied. There was also a hint of disbelief in his words too.

"No gentleman exists in the face of Divine Tools. This logic has never failed in the past hundreds of thousands of years." The hunchbacked old man stared languidly at his Highness. "The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind; yet the most terrifying one is still the hunter! Your Highness, you're our hope to revive our race. We can't make a mistake. Even if a Divine Tool is at stake, it's not as precious as you to me."

The hunchbacked old man made no movement after saying these words. The boat remained in place under the torrential rain, still half a mile away from the dragon ship without inching forward.

Meanwhile, the youngsters from the Feng Division of the Demon Race that the old man was talking about had finally stood up as a team. Their leader even adjusted the long saber tied to his waist to the angle at which it was most comfortable for him to unsheathe.

The youngster raised his head with his long brown hair dancing in the wind. His straight brows were like flames and his gaze like torches. He stared coolly at the people on the ship deck and said, emphasizing every word as he did, "I'm Feng Xingyu of the Demon Race."

"Those of you who put down your weapons."

"I won't kill!"

Three simple sentences, 18 words. Feng Xingyu articulated each word clearly and calmly. His tone wasn't vicious in the slightest yet his aura was so formidable that every word was like a sharp blade that sliced the listeners' throats.

Moreover, the arrival of the five youngsters caused the Devious Iguanas that had been causing havoc on the deck to become obedient. They stopped bellowing in rage. The Bloodied Zombie Birds that had been desperately attacking the hall entrance also hovered above the dragon ship, dithering nonstop. The Water Snakes were nowhere to be seen, having retreated into the waters in the blink of an eye.

It was as the presence of these youngsters was enough and the demonic beasts no longer needed to attack.

The ones standing at the forefront of the deck were no longer demonic beasts but the fearless executives of the Mortal World Pavilion and the enthusiastic guests.

"Who the heck are you?"

"Did you think you're impressive just because of a shabby little whale?"

"You're not going to kill those who put down their weapons? What a shameless boast! What will you do if I don't put down my weapon?" The one yelling was the imperial bodyguard of the Ancient Truth Hall in You Prefecture, Luo Sihai. He was a Pre-celestial Realm expert.

Over on the back of the whale, Feng Xingyu smirked and grazed his scabbard with the thumb on his left hand. His saber jumped out of its sheath.

There was no ground-shaking bellow or surging waves, only a burst of cold wind.

The passing of the wind ushered the death of Luo Sihai.

Ye Que, who was sitting upright in front of the hall entrance, frowned. "A Psychic Realm youngster from the Demon Race? Wolf cubs of the Feng Division? Are these five youngsters the masterminds?"

Ye Que didn't save Luo Sihai but it wasn't because he couldn't make it in time. After recovering for two hours, a sliver of Divine Energy had already converged inside him. It would be hard for him to repeat his performance with the 13 swords earlier but it wasn't a challenge to stop a Wind Incantation.

However, while he could stop one attack, he couldn't do it forever. He was merely in the Pre-celestial Realm, after all. He had no problem transcending a realm to kill a Post-celestial Realm expert but transcending two realms to kill a Psychic Realm expert was a stretch. Moreover, he had just entered the Pre-celestial Realm recently while Feng Xinyu was already a Psychic Realm expert for some time. The latter had at least a three-starred Psychic Realm expert.

"Those of you who put down your weapons, I won't kill!" Feng Xingyu repeated his words while staring at the dragon ship. Once again, he emphasized his every word calmly. Only this time, he added another line.

"You can live if you hand over the magic treasure!"

Feng Xingyu had just finished speaking when another youngster behind him began to yell, "Did you hear him? Our Young Master Feng has spoken! Hand over the magic treasures that you own!"

"Hand over your magic treasures obediently while we're asking nicely. Don't try to play tricks. I won't tolerate any nonsense. Anyone who refuses will suffer the same fate as that guy earlier!"

The loud youngster paused to think for a moment. He then pointed at Leng Wuxin and the rest. "And you people from Mortal something or other! Bring out all the magic treasures on your ship, regardless if you've already auctioned them off."

"I'll make this clear: If I find someone trying to hide his treasures, everyone will die with him!"

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