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"Third-generation disciple of Inked Sleeve Pavilion of Luoyang City, Yun Feihe, is willing to follow you to slay demons and rid of devils, Sir!"

"Bladesmith of the Cloud-reaching Manor House of the Qingzhou Prefecture, Shi Lei, is willing to follow you to slay demons and rid of devils, Sir!"

"Fourth Young Master of the Zhao Manor of the Vermilion Bird Street of Luoyang City, Zhao Ting, is willing to follow you to slay demons and rid of devils, Sir!"

"Imperial bodyguard of the front Ancient Truth Hall of You Prefecture, Luo Sihai, is willing to follow you to slay demons and rid of devils, Sir!"

A single spark could start a prairie fire. Ye Que's words and actions finally ignited the blood of these people. Within seconds, more than ten voices resounded inside the hall. Moreover, their voices were increasing loud as if anyone who was quiet was someone without the guts to go into battle.

"Qian Shuxiao of the Qian Manor of Luoyang City is willing to follow you to slay demons and rid of devils, Sir!" Even Qian Shuxiao, who was standing on the sidelines, became affected by the mood and followed suit in yelling. However, Ye Que resolutely glared at him. "Stop causing trouble. You need to think of your capabilities when trying to slay demons and rid of devils. Those beneath Rank 3 martial artists, don't leave the hall."

Meanwhile, Lin Mei'er and Ye Yunhai who stood amidst the crowd felt so incredibly awkward that they wanted nothing more than to bury their heads in a hole somewhere. "These people must be mad! They must be! Aren't they afraid of f*cking dying? Fighting demonic beasts? Even the slightest error will kill them! Not even their corpses would be intact!"

In the blink of an eye, demonic beasts swiftly began climbing onto the deck that had just been cleared up. It was as if the scene was corresponding to Ye Yunhai's thoughts. This time, Devious Iguanas and Bloodied Zombie Birds weren't the only ones to appear. There was also more than a hundred cyan-colored Water Snakes.

"Everyone, follow my lead. Don't kill the demons recklessly. Brothers from the Mortal World Pavilion, please return to the hall to rest. The guests will get on the deck, with the Pre-celestial experts in front and martial artists behind. Mainly aim for the throats of the Devious Iguanas and mainly aim for the wings of the Bloodied Zombie Birds. Make a seven-inch cut on the Water Snakes to kill them."

There were 67 people in total who took the initiative to step up and willingly follow Ye Que, with 12 of them being Pre-celestial Realm experts. They were influential officials of Luoyang City, indeed. All of them were concealed talents. Ye Que gave them a quick scan and instantly made up his mind.

Right now, he wasn't sure just how many demonic beasts had surrounded the dragon ship. It wasn't realistic to kill all of them. The only solution was to await the arrival of the reinforcements. He understood the Demon Clan very well. Once the demons had their eyes on someone, the person would have to fight to live. Otherwise, the demons wouldn't let their prey escape.

The more time passed, the more one persevered, the higher the chance of surviving.

Ye Que was already seated on the floor, with the 13 Mother and Children of Spring and Autumn Swords placed beside him. However, the sword case was long closed shut. Like what some guests thought, the formidable 13 swords that were able to awe everyone earlier logically shouldn't exist.

However, what Ye Que used wasn't his True Energy as they had imagined but his Divine Energy. On the other hand, the 13 Mother and Children of Spring and Autumn Swords were Level 2 high-grade magic treasure that had stored up their Sword Qi inside the sword base for many years. Once their Sword Qi was fully unleashed, their might doubled and was as good as a Level 3 magic treasure.

Killing some demonic beasts was as easy as chopping vegetables. All it took him was a turn of his hands.

Even though the effect was great, Ye Que ended up not having Divine Energy left in his body. He was completely drained. Never mind the 13 swords, he couldn't even use the Firebird's Nest now. The only things he could do now were to recover his Divine Energy as soon as possible and to direct everyone to stop the assault of the demonic beasts.

The lightning-infested clouds hanging over Luo River had already descended incredibly close to the surface. They gathered into a mass and continuously emitted the sound of thunder.

Gradually, rain began to fall on the deck of the dragon ship. It didn't take more than five seconds before the raindrops turned into a drizzle and the drizzle into heavy rain. It rained so heavily that it was as if the skies were crying and threatening to drown the world. Rain poured down in torrents from the lightning-infested clouds and called forth a sudden gale.

The gale, coupled with the torrential rain, was like countless whips that fiercely attacked the ship deck.

The furious waves rose and crashed as lightning thundered in the background. The shower of rain fell and splashed, making the entire place a hazy mess.

"Don't harbor a competitive desire when it comes to killing the Devious Iguanas. The best thing to do is to slice their throats from the side. These creatures have gigantic bodies that slow their speed when it comes to turning around."

"It's best not to pierce the Bloodied Zombie Birds. Taoist techniques similar to Rain of Swords work best against them. Don't let them injure you; their becks are venomous."

"You must make a seven-inch cut on the Water Snakes. Don't use Palm Styles and throw the snakes on someone else lest you accidentally hurt your comrades."

"We'll switch formations every 15 minutes. Us guests will retreat and the Mortal World Pavilion men will take our places."

For a whole hour, Ye Que sat on the ship deck without moving. He never stopped directing the counterattack throughout. Even when the downpour obscured his vision, he never made a mistake.

With his guidance, it seemed as if the assault of the demonic beasts was useless no matter how many of them showed up on the deck.

He was always able to make the wisest choice at the most crucial point. The blood of the demonic beasts stained the ship deck. There were no casualties among the guests and executives of the Mortal World Pavilion, only superficial wounds. Moreover, most of them incurred those injuries because they didn't properly follow Ye Que's orders.

Throughout two hours, Ye Que showed everyone what it meant to be omniscient and what it meant to have a precise, calculated plan.

Had it been Ye Yunhai taking the lead, perhaps he wouldn't even measure up to Ye Que by one-tenth. A mounted military officer from the General's Manor? He was worse than a dog!

There was no longer anyone calling Ye Que an illegitimate child or country bumpkin. The people doing their best to put up a fight on the ship deck, be it the influential officials or the executives of the Mortal World Pavilion, had gained the utmost respect for him.

"It turns out that demonic beasts aren't as scary as we thought."

"It turns out that we can fight in this manner."

"It turns out that I've been using the wrong sword skills all along."

Ye Que was rather emotionless. To him, this outcome was well within expectations. Should there be no unexpected incidents, this was the right and logical outcome. His experience and judgment told him that as long as everyone listened to his orders, they would have no problem fending off a small group of demonic beasts.

However, Ye Que didn't feel happy in the slightest throughout the battle. Neither did he lowered his guard. That was because up until now, he hadn't seen anyone from the Demon Race other than demonic beasts. Where was the person directing the assault of the demonic beasts? Was his target the Secret Key to the River Soldiers?

Meanwhile, the two people treading through the mass of reed earlier was currently on a small boat a mile away from the dragon ship. It so happened that the boat was flowing down the river toward the dragon ship. There was also another person aside from the two people on the boat. Upon closer look, one would discover that it was unexpectedly Dao Shisi, who had climbed ashore alone after jumping into the river. However, his face was currently deathly pale. His head was lowered and his shoulders were drooping. He emitted no vigor at all.

No one rowed the boat that was traveling under the rain. Neither did any of the three people hold up an umbrella.

Half a mile away from the dragon ship, five black-clothed and black-robed youngsters rode on the back of an enormous Whale Beast.

One of them was holding a skeleton of a lizard-shaped head. Another had a three-colored Bloodied Zombie Bird that emitted red radiance perched on his shoulders. A third one had a seven-colored viper curled around his arm.

The other two was holding a sword and a saber respectively.

"No news yet. This people on this dragon ship is tenacious, indeed. It's been so long yet they're still not done in by the Devious Iguanas. Interesting. Looks like there's an expert aboard!"

"How good can the expert be? The tribe's information can't be wrong. We got a head start because the large sects of the Cultivation World aren't aware of the birthplace of the Secret Key. Otherwise, they wouldn't have allowed us to come and get the treasure. The moment someone on the rank of Elder makes a move, it'd definitely alert everyone."

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