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The arrows condensed out of Spiritual Force were shot one by one out of the first floor, each piercing the throat of the Devious Iguanas and killing them.

Each sword met its target.


Yet another arrow caused the collapse of a Devious Iguana. Finally, there was a change in the expression of the guests inside the hall. The fierce arguments earlier dissolved into silence.

Before long, the sound of the arrows reverberated again. The arrow once again perforated the throat of a Devious Iguana. This time, everyone noticed that these seemingly invincible and endless monsters were also vulnerable. The throat between the head and shoulder of the giant iguana was the weakest and tenderest part of its body.

Leng Wuxin's eyes brightened as he stared at the Spirit Arrow coming from the first floor without blinking. "Executives of the Mortal World Pavilion! Those of you who aren't afraid to die, follow me to attack their throats. Let's cut these beasts to pieces to avenge our dead brothers!"

"Kill!" Leng Wuxin bellowed.

He unsheathed his sword and charged out of the hall.


They bellowed in unison.

They charged forward in unison.

"Have these people gone mad?" one of the guests asked in confusion.

"Did they think they'll win just because they discovered the monsters' weakness?" another said with a complicated expression.

"So what if he pierced the monsters' throat with a single arrow? There's no end to these monsters! How many arrows can he shoot? Does he think his True Energy is inexhaustible?"

"Is there any use grappling desperately with the monsters? Survival is the key here," someone said sourly with his head lowered. However, his voice was very quiet.

Despite all the comments, no one brought up running via the boats anymore at the moment. It wasn't that they didn't want to mention it. They simply were too ashamed to say so, for arrows flew continuously out of the first floor. The arrows came one after another as if they were endless.

The arrows killed the Devious Iguanas yet what they shot were human's hearts.

The arrows had clearly perforated the monsters' throat but the guests who couldn't move their feet felt as if they were shot through the throat as well. They wanted to talk or even shout out loud but they were unable to let out their voices. It was as if there was something in their Adam's apple inexplicably blocking their voices.

Dejected, depressed, dispirited, ashamed.

It was an asphyxiating sort of embarrassment!

Not far from the deck, the executives of the Mortal World Pavilion had fallen into a killing spree. Leng Wuxin's arrival happened to make up the flaw in their Barrier Combined Assault Formation. In an instant, the situation was reversed and they killed nearly all of the Devious Iguanas. The moment their heads emerged from the waters, their throats would be slashed.

A miracle seemed to have appeared.

However, everyone could tell that this was just a temporary energy surge before disaster truly struck. Though Leng Wuxin's realm several times higher than that of the Devious Iguanas, the nearly one hundred low-level executives could not make up for their inferior physical strength with fervor alone. The three Barrier Combined Assault Formations made out of nine executives wouldn't remain unbreakable forever.

"Now." The one who spoke was the fat and wealthy businessman again. "Now is our best chance."

"If you want to escape, go and find the boats now. There's only one chance. If you fail to grab it, you'll have to pay with your life."

Some people in the crowd were staying put out of fear being ridiculed while some were hesitating. Others were obviously looking at the situation, each with his or her own thoughts.

"You people are a bunch of hypocrites. You dare to think about it but not put it into action?"

"You'll die if you stay here!"

"Stay if you like. Either way, I'm leaving. I don't want to die."

While yelling in agitation, the fat and wealthy merchant shoved people aside to make a beeline for the storage room on the side of the dragon ship.


A crisp sound resounded. The merchant had run no more than three steps when he stopped in his tracks. Soon, a bloodied arrow wound appeared in his chest and an inch-long small arrow lingered behind his back for a brief moment.

An arrow straight through the heart!

The faint sound of footsteps coming from the wooden ladder leading to the first floor reverberated. Ye Que walked down step by step, with Ye Que not far behind him.

Ye Que didn't even spare the fat and wealthy merchant a glance. He said coolly, "Running before the demonic beasts are all dead? And you're even a master with one foot stepping into the Pre-celestial Realm. You said you want the ordinary folks to go first and the cultivators to stay behind, yet you put on such an act. Your martial arts is not bad but your skin is impressively thick! Since you don't even want your dignity anymore, why do you still need your life?"

The guests were stunned after hearing Ye Que's words. Only then did they realize that they were nearly fooled.

"To think that guy is an expert! I really couldn't tell!"

He must've learned some kind of Qi-concealing Taoist technique."

"No wonder he's making so much fuss about wanting to get on the boat. He has his strength to back him up."

"He wanted the men of the Mortal World Pavilion to stay behind as cannon folder. When we encounter monsters on the boat, he'd definitely use us a bait. How cruel!"

Ye Que ignored the crowd's comments and beratement. He took a spin around the group of guests, scanning each and every one of them. His expression soon became full of contempt, even somewhat mocking and teasing.

"People sure are interesting. However, people can't be compared. We're all cultivators and martial artists, but how could our disparity be so great?" Ye Que looked a little perplexed when he spoke, but everyone could tell that he was faking it.

"So you're fine with the men of the Mortal World Pavilion killing demonic beasts out there but not with yourselves doing the same? They're guarding their gold-lettered signboard, but you people are guarding your lives!" Ye Que smirked. "You wanted to escape the siege of demonic beasts alive without lifting a finger? Don't you think that's too naive of you?"

"Do you really treat everyone here as fools?"

Ye Que looked at the men who were doing everything they could to fight on the deck. "No one has the obligation to bleed for you for no reason. They're not your parents."

"Don't you think that you're the only clever ones here. The demonic beasts outside are called Devious Iguanas. How could these four-limbed creatures with robust bodies and lackluster brains besiege the dragon ship on their own? How could there not be a mastermind? Do you think it's possible for you to abandon this ship as bait and slip away on a boat? How could the beasts let a piece of meat placed next to their mouths to run?!"

After pausing for a brief moment, Ye Que said, "There's only one way if you want to live: kill all the creatures here or wait for reinforcements to come."

"You sure put it lightly. Do you know how many Devious Iguanas there are in the river?"

"Wait for reinforcements? Two hours? Four hours? What if everyone dies and no reinforcement comes?"

"Your plan is easier said than done. I think you're just trying to trick us into going out to fight with our lives," a guest retorted in a strange tone.

Ye Que walked close to the guest and asked curiously, "How did you cultivate your Pre-celestial Realm?"

The guest looked stunned. Then, he subconsciously blushed. "What does it have to do with you?"

"Since you're already in the Pre-celestial Realm, I suppose you won't die on this dragon ship even if the others do. Your cultivation realm is so high yet you're so afraid of dying. Aren't you embarrassed? Aren't you ashamed?" Ye Que looked disdainful.

He then pointed to someone in the crowd. "Young Manor Master of the Extinctive Sword Manor House, didn't you proclaim that you're an expert earlier? I heard your father's a great hero. If he finds out that you're just hiding in the crowd, will he die of anger?"

Lin Mei'er, whose name was pointed out, blushed but said nothing. She shuffled closer to the person beside her.

Ye Que snorted in contempt and turned his attention on Ye Yunhai. "Young Master of the General's Manor, I heard you're a mounted military officer of the capital. Are you planning to hide until the end now that demons have shown up in the river? Shouldn't you come out and guide us? Don't tell me that the legitimate child of the Ye Clan is this cowardly." "If you don't come out now, you'll be throwing all the face of the General's Manor!"

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