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Qian Shuxiao's eyes lit up after getting Ye Que's verification. "Does this mean that you think there's a Yin-and-Yang inside the spice bag? And there might even be other treasures hidden inside?"

"I'm not sure. It might just be clothes, but it could also be priceless secret treasures. That will have to depend on your luck and whether you're fated," Ye Que said placidly.

"Then how much do you think it's worth?" Qian Shuxiao was already mulling over how much money he should spend to win the bid. Out of so many items up for auction, Ye Que had only selected a single one. No matter what, he must win the bid. Of course, it would be better if he could save money where he could. Who knew if there would be even better things later on?

"I don't have an exact idea how much money it's worth but in the Cultivation World, it's worth at least 100 Spirit Stones."

Even though the Yin-and-Yang Pouch didn't have much offensive or defensive ability to speak of, it wasn't something that ordinary cultivators can produce. Only cultivators specializing in Mount Meru Law would be able to refine it. Moreover, the demand for such things was great because nearly everyone needed it. Thus, the supply of the Yin-and-Yang Pouches was unable to meet the demand at any given time in the Cultivation World.

The rarer something was, the greater its value. Naturally, its price would also be higher.

"6,000 taels." Inspiration struck Qian Shuxiao. He took one glance around him before raising his bid card. However, he didn't name too high a price.

All the spice bag was good for was its unique fragrance and ability to harmonize Yin and Yang. In the presence of other treasures in the world, it wasn't something eye-catching. There weren't too many guests who fought Qian Shuxiao for it.

The eager-looking Qian Shuxiao even muttered, "Harmonizing Yin and Yang, harmonizing Yin and Yang. How wonderful! Wonderful indeed."

Realization suddenly dawned on those who overheard him. One woman who sat closest to him frowned and said, "Pervert."

Ye Yunhai, who had secretly suffered quite a few rounds of humiliation, couldn't resist when he saw Qian Shuxiao taking the initiative to raise his bid card. Without even taking a careful look at the spice bag, he raised his hand to inflate the price. "7,000 taels."

"7,001 taels." When he saw that it was Ye Yunhai who made the bid, he said nothing and leaned on the back of his chair unconcernedly. He lazily made another bid but added only one tael.

"8,000 taels."

"8,001 taels."

"10,000 taels."

"10,001 taels."

In the blink of an eye, the price of the spice bag rose to 15,001 taels. While Qian Shuxiao kept his expression fairly neutral, it was Ye Yunhai who was beginning to frown. More than once, his gaze flitted to the item on the stage. He was no longer as swift in raising the price. It was just that he simply couldn't swallow this humiliation. He made a quick calculation earlier and realized he had lost a few tens of thousands of taels thanks to Qian Shuxiao's disturbance earlier.

"Elder Brother Yunhai, don't fall for that hooligan's trick. I think the Exquisite Afterglow Spice Bag on the stage looks ordinary. It's just that it has an impressive name. Its function is simple and its appearance is plain. Moreover, I don't like overly feminine ornaments. I might as well have a sword; that's more practical."

Lin Mei'er tugged at Ye Yunhai's hand. "I think he's trying to trick you and deliberately angering you, so you'll buy this useless item."

From afar, Qian Shuxiao noticed Ye Yunhai and Lin Mei'er conversing in whispers and deliberately slapped on a cunning smile on his face. Then, he gestured at Ye Yunhai before pointing to the spice bag on the stage. He made himself clear without needing to speak: "Keep going if you have the capability to do so. Whoever gives up first is the loser."

Ye Yunhai patted Lin Mei'er hand, his expression swiftly relaxing. He seemed to have thought it through. "You're so clever, Mei'er. I nearly fell for this guy's trap. Trying to trick me into spending more money than necessary again? Dream on! 15,000 taels for a shabby spice bag? Let him have the spice bag to play with the girls!"

"Is there anyone else who wants to raise the price?" Seeing that Ye Yunhai had given up, Bai Yu knew the auction for the spice bag was basically concluded without anyone bidding again. "If no one is going to raise the price, then I'll congratulate, Mr. Qian. For 15,001 taels, this Exquisite Afterglow Spice Bag is yours. Please keep it properly."

After receiving the spice bag, Qian Shuxiao handed it to Ye Que without a second thought. Qian Shuxiao then gestured at the guests around him and nodded at Bai Yu, indicating that there was nothing to see here and that they could continue.

First, Ye Que turned the spice bag around in his hands and took a careful look at it from left to right. Then, he closed his eyes and moved the Divine Energy inside his body toward the spice bag to probe it. "Let me check what kind of seal is placed on this. It's cast quite covertly. Not bad, not bad."

"There are two layers of seal here. The first layer is the Moon in the Water Incantation; the second is the Bewitching Miasma Incantation. There was even a trap of Samadhi True Fire attached in the middle. Interesting. The cultivation of the one who cast the seals might not be skilled but he's very skilled."

No matter how seals or traps there were, or even how skilled the caster was, it was merely the work of someone at the bottom of the Cultivation World hierarchy. It didn't pose a challenge to Ye Que. Moreover, he had Divine Energy accumulating in his body. Whether it was in terms of strength or destructive power, the difference between Divine Energy and True Energy was like heaven and earth.

After swiftly and decisively breaking the two layers of seals as well as breaking apart the trap of Samadhi True Fire, the somewhat different-looking Yin-and-Yang Pouch appeared in front of Ye Que.

"Let me see what is hidden inside. To think that this pouch will be layered with so many seals."

Hearing Ye Que muttering to himself in a quiet voice, Qian Shuxiao immediately shuffled closer to him. "Sir, what is inside? Let me see. Let me see!"

Ye Que looked disdainful at first but suddenly, surprise took over his expression. Then, as if he had seen something good, the unexpressive Ye Que looked rather delighted at the moment.

"Hurry up and let me take a look too. There must be something good inside, right? You must have seen something good inside." Qian Shuxiao tugged at Ye Que with force.

He saw Ye Que nodding. "We've found a treasure, indeed."

"We hit a jackpot by paying only 15,000 taels. Even if it costs 1,500,000 taels, we'd still be making a profit."

"We made a hundredfold profit?" Qian Shuxiao asked in surprise after calculating with his fingers.

"To be precise, it's a three hundredfold profit. I don't think you can buy even one-third of this item with 1,500,000 taels."

Ye Que took out a small porcelain bottle as he spoke. "30 Qi-gathering Body-tempering Pills. If an ordinary person consumes a pill every day, he'll be able to complete the Qi-gathering and body-tempering process in thirty days. After fully absorbing the pills, he'll be able to enter the Pre-celestial Realm."

"These pills are typically only found in the Inner part of large sects. It's meant to help those extraordinarily talented children enter the Pre-celestial Realm. Ordinary sects will be hard-pressed to see even one pill, let alone 30 of them. It's just right for you. After fully absorbing the pills and casually learning one or two martial arts techniques, even ten of Lin Mei'er couldn't come near you."

After his explanation, Ye Que placed the porcelain bottle in Qian Shuxiao's hands. "Keep these pills. I think it's enough to recover your previous losses."

"I, I can't." Qian Shuxiao might be verbally rejecting the offer, but his expression betrayed his joy as he held the porcelain bottle. How could a frivolous Young Master like him not be envious of those skilled warriors? He said, "Y-You should have it, Sir. It'll be a waste to use on a weakling like me."

Ye Que rolled his eyes at Qian Shuxiao. "Hypocrite!"

"Since I've given it to you, just hold tight. I don't have any use for it since I'm already in the Pre-celestial Realm. Moreover, that's not the only thing inside the Yin-and-Yang Pouch. There's still something else. It's enough for us two."

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