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Chapter 640: 640

The Space God screamed suddenly while battling against Kanai .

"No! My disciple is dead! Why is there a space that I can't inspect at all? What is this? Who did it? First, that disciple of Lesta betray us and then my disciple dies, why is everything going so wrong?"

He had felt secretly happy that Pavel was a traitor because it would affect Lesta's reputation, but Pavel knew a lot of secrets, which meant that their enemies knew too much before the war started . He even blamed the failure of his previous plan on Pavel giving the information to Yale .

However, he didn't expect that soon after that, someone would kill his disciple . Moreover, since Ange separated the dimension, the Space God couldn't investigate what happened there .

At least he was hoping that whoever killed his disciple also killed Devy since it would also hurt Lesta .

"It seems that this is coming to an end . Haven't you noticed yet?"

Kanai spoke with a smile on her face . She wasn't like the Space God because she knew what happened in the dimension created by Ange and the overall state of the universe .

When the Space God heard those words, he tried to inspect his surroundings and finally noticed that the universe had shrunk a lot and that the remaining number of people was extremely limited .

There were a couple of areas he couldn't investigate due to the dimensional barriers of Lesta and Ange . However, looking at the rest was enough to know that the situation was worse than the worst he imagined at the beginning .

Although he didn't notice big groups of members of the Council of Gods, he noticed that outside those remaining with Lesta, and the possibility of someone being in the other isolated dimension, he was the only one of the rebels .

Alrein had been doing his job and annihilated all the remaining ones while Shiba took out those on their side .

However, the remaining ones in the side of the Council of Gods were still dangerous if they all grouped together . Just Tofesh's group proved how powerful it was, and after joining with Firene's group, they improved even more . Moreover, the group of Shiba, Lina, and Eini was considered a dangerous one from the beginning .

Of course, he knew that his opponent was also incredibly strong, and whoever killed his disciple wasn't a weakling either . The situation was desperate .

"Why? What happened?"

He couldn't believe that situation, and if he knew that a lot of those of the side of the Council of God that wasn't there had just been teleported somewhere else instead of being killed like the thought, he would feel even worse .

"If you really want a reason, you can blame your lack of brain . You are too stupid and have an exaggerated ego . I feel pity for you, you always thought that you controlled your own destiny, but you are nothing more than a disposable pawn . "

At that moment, the Space God noticed that Yale had appeared there to give that insulting reply . He thought that Yale speaking like that was saying that he was just a pawn on Lesta's hands, so he couldn't contain his anger .

"I am not worse than Lesta!"

He shouted with all his strength . He could admit that the rebels lost as a group due to Pavel's treason, but he wouldn't admit being worse than Lesta or anyone else .

However, at that moment, he heard another voice, and he knew it very well .

"You are worse than me, even a kid would be able to say it . Look at how pathetic you are with your actions and words . Please, comparing us is just outright insulting me . "

The size of the universe, which was already too small to be called like that, was so small that they could already see the place where Lesta was with the other investigators . Lesta was isolating the area from external attacks, but he let those inside and outside interact with each other, so everyone inside the dimension was conscious of the situation .

No one beside Lesta had any respect left for the Space God after seeing the scene .


The Space God was angry, but at that moment, he couldn't afford to turn Lesta into his enemy because he noticed that the remaining ones of the Council of Gods were nearing him very quickly .

It may be shameful, but if he didn't collaborate with Lesta, he didn't believe that he could flee alive from that place . The rebels weren't in a situation to have internal strife .

Tofesh's group, Firene's Group, Alrein, Astel, and Kroh, reached that place one after another in a short span .

The dimension trembled as Ange and Devy appeared when breaking the barrier separating them from the rest of the universe, but based on what the Space God knew, Devy was useless for battle, and since she was hiding behind Ange, he didn't count her as part of any of the sides .

Anyway, he was conscious of how his disciple treated Devy, so there was no way she would do something to help him . It would be already good if she didn't tell Lesta about how she had been treated .

However, Lesta already knew about it, he wasn't a fool .

Lina, Eini, Pavel, and the fake Shiba also reached the area after a while .

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The area had reduced so much that everyone remaining there could already see each other .

"It seems that everyone is here . What about starting the last act of this Second Calamity?"

Yale spoke suddenly once he confirmed that everyone was already there .

"Cowards! Using numbers to fight us!"

Although the Space God said that, the rebels were the ones wanting to use numbers from the beginning .

"Space God, shut up . You are a shame for us . "

Gleb, who was sat beside Lesta, spoke with disdain .

"Aren't you all my allies? You are also in a dire situation . "

The Space God expected that Lesta could say something, but he didn't expect one of the others to do the same .

"Technically, yes, we are allies, but your leadership has been so bad that everyone in your charge died, so we aren't trying to follow your orders . As long as Lesta protects us, we are safe . We may lose, but we won't die . "

Gleb was selfish, and the same went for the other investigators protected by Lesta .

They knew that they couldn't win, so they were just planning to retreat . As for the Space God, they would gift him to the Council of Gods . There weren't plans to save him .

"You, bastards . "

The Space God could guess that he wouldn't receive any help from those protected by Lesta .

"Don't think that I will die without fighting!"

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The Space God shouted as he started to fight until the end . At least, he hoped to kill someone before dying .

"Wait, where are they?"

He was planning to attack those in Tofesh's group and Firene's group, but he noticed that only Tofesh was left .

Without him noticing it, the others disappeared .

Of course, that was something done by Shiba .

Tofesh was alright, but the others weren't allowed to see the true end of the Second Calamity . Eini and Lina were saved because Eini discovered the fake Shiba, but if not, Shiba would have done the same to them .

There wasn't that much numerical advantage with the remaining ones compared to before, but they were still more than enough to make the Space God feel fear .

The Space God counted eleven opponents, including three that he couldn't dream to kill . Devy was excluded since she was considered harmless .

He would have attacked her in another situation since she was the weakest, but that would just anger Lesta, and he didn't feel that would harm his enemies anyway .

As for allies, he didn't have a single one . Lesta and the others with him weren't planning to help at all .

They were all smart and knew that the Space God wouldn't hesitate in using them as human shields if needed . They didn't even discard that the Space God could kill them all personally before dying . Thus, there was no way one of them would help him .

"Come! I will show you why I am the strongest of the multiverse! You may kill me with numbers, but alone I am the strongest!"

The Space God didn't let the situation affect his ego . He still believed that no one could kill him in a one versus one . He blamed all having bad teammates while his enemies had great ones .

"Are you dreaming? You already had an opponent; we are just observing . Mother, you can kill him now . "

Once Yale spoke, Kanai went all out for the first time since she started fighting .

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She wasn't as strong as Yale and Ange, but by just a bit, her aura was still enough to freeze the Space God in fear .

The result was just a pathetic death . Considering it as an execution would be more exact . The Space God was unable to do anything before being killed .

Kanai had been letting him alive, he wasn't strong enough to battle against her .

"Now that he is dead, we are leaving . We lost this time, but we will come back someday . Farewell . "

Gleb spoke, thinking that Lesta's preparations to leave were ready .

"Why are we still here?"

He asked in confusion .

"We aren't leaving . The Second Calamity hasn't ended yet . Some more sacrifices are needed . "

Lesta spoke with a calm voice, but the others were shocked . That wasn't their plan .

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