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Chapter 627

In the universe created for the war, Yale, Kroh, and Alrein started to give a speech .

Yale had changed his usual clothing, which usually was mostly based on some tone of blue, to black clothes that covered all his body except the head . Those were made with the True Dimensional Divinity in the process, so they were sturdier than a dimensional wall . His head was also protected by the True Dimensional Divinity, but it was an active use of the True Dimensional Divinity since he didn't wear anything to cover his head .

Alrein and Kroh didn't need to worry about defense at all, so they hadn't taken measures like Yale .

"Please, everyone, familiarize yourself with this universe as soon as possible . The time until the rebels came isn't a lot, even with we three working at it . "

Yale, Kroh, and Alrein were working in expanding the time they had, but the rebels already knew where they were since Yale never tried to hide it .

No one in the Time Faction thought of giving a huge terrain advantage to their allies . They were giving them just a little bit to save the appearances .

"After the battle started, I won't be able to move . I need to counter their permanent death so that at least it also affects them . Otherwise, we would be at a great disadvantage . Until the other party stops using it, I will be restrained, so please take it into consideration . "

There were a lot of people hearing Yale's words . The whole Council of Gods were there, but a lot of their allies and subordinated were also there .

However, no one found strange what Yale said . Given the terrifying capability that the rebels had to make any death permanent, unless they did the same to them, they would be in too much disadvantage .

Yale had already told them that the rebels managed to obtain someone With at least the Minor Resurrection Divinity, so preventing them from resurrecting their allies turned into a must .

Sadly, it meant that Yale's mobility would be severely limited, so unless an enemy was foolish enough to near the place where Yale was, the enemies wouldn't need to fear him .

Of course, they knew that someone among the rebels would need to take the same role, and that person shouldn't be weak .

What they didn't know was that Yale never planned to battle in the frontlines . The battle would be easier I that way, but that wasn't the real objective .

"I will remain working in altering the flow of time of all the universes where some rebels went . This will buy us a lot of time to finish here, so their attacks to other places will be less important . "

Kroh also declared that he didn't have any plan to battle against the rebels . Basically, he would be an unkillable enemy for the rebels due to already having surpassed True God, but again, that didn't fit their plans . Anyway, it was true that Kroh was going to alter the time flow of a lot of universes to help the battler happening in other places, and that was something that the others wanted .

The others didn't know the truth about Kroh's level, and although they believed that no one would be able to harm him, increasing the safety of the other universes felt more important for them since they believed that the rebels should have some means to restrain Kroh from acting . In fact, they didn't believe that there wasn't a specific plan for restraining all three members of the Time Faction .

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"I will battle, but only against the strongest ones . I plan to sneak out to battle important members of the rebels . The others are left to you all . "

Alrein didn't reject battling, but he also avoided dealing with most enemies . However, he was considered to be one of the three strongest of their side, so everyone felt that it was normal that he targeted people of equal standing instead of weaker ones .

"The rest of you spread for the universe . A frontal battle all versus all is stupid, so let's try to diversify in smaller battles . "

Although a frontal battle was the easiest way to have a lot of deaths on both sides, there was no way the others would agree to that . Especially given that they learned that the other part had at least someone with the Minor Dimensional Divinity, and that was just too good to kill masses grouped together .

After all, although Yale and his allies were appointed at the top of the hierarchy, no one would sacrifice their lives for them just for that reason .

There were some in the army that would accept facing a lot of danger to end in good terms with the Council of Gods after the war, but danger and killing themselves in a stupid frontal battle were different things .

Something similar was happening at the side of the rebels . They didn't plan to have a frontal battle .

"You can remain in a secure place while forcing our enemies to die permanently, but you must remember the conditions . You don't need to disclose how you do it, but other investigators will remain with you, and Devy will be in charge of my disciple . He will keep her safe while she resurrects others . "

In the case of the rebels, the one in charge of provoking the permanent death was Lesta, but he was also asked to create protection for a few members of the investigation team in exchange for not revealing the method to be selective with who would die permanently and who not .

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Thus, there would be several people with him, all protected by what the rebels thought to be the Minor Dimensional Divinity .

At the same time, Devy would be with the disciple of the Space God . Of course, since Devy was important for their plans, there was no plan to harm her, but it served to restrain Lesta's actions since he seemed to take good care of what everyone believed were the results of his experiments .

"Alright, but if a single hair of her is harmed, I will kill everyone related even the slightest . I don't care if they are in our group or in the other . The other investigator can also forget about protection . You know how much effort I put into this . I won't tolerate that you trash all my effort . "

Lesta's hostility was evident, but from the start, the rebels weren't as united as the Council of Gods, which wasn't too united .

"Threatening to kill our allies for a mere experiment . Are you really on our side?"

The Space God was slightly displeased by Lesta's words, but since he needed him, he didn't attack . They couldn't afford an internal battle at that moment .

"I am on my own side . I am only loyal to myself . I work with you because we share objectives . Don't be a hypocrite because everyone here is just working together for selfish reasons . It just happens that we all share a common objective that requires collaboration . Thus, if someone becomes a stone in my path, I will destroy it . That is all . "

Although the Space God liked to consider himself the big boss there, what Lesta said was the truth . No one was loyal to an organization made by them all . Some of them were loyal to some particular individuals, but the rebels were just formed by convenience .

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Everyone could imagine how a guy crazy for the experiments would value a successful experiment more than everyone else in the group .

The Space God was the founder, and he was respected, but that was under the premise that his actions didn't go against the objectives of the others .

The weak ones might endure some suffering to obtain benefits from others, so they didn't react at Lesta's words to not enrage the Space God, but the True Gods nodded at Lesta's words agreeing with them . They all had some red lines that, once crossed, would make them ignore any order made by the group .

"Don't worry, she won't be harmed . My disciple isn't as stupid as to make you enrage . "

Although the Space God said that, his disciple was also a True God, so he didn't fear Lesta too much . Of course, even he wouldn't want to face someone as crazy and versatile as Lesta, but he was ready to torture Devy if Lesta showed any sign of not obeying orders .

However, he didn't know that Devy wasn't a weakling like she seemed on the surface, but someone who wasn't weaker than him at all . Lesta knew the intentions of the Space God, but he wondered who was really at the mercy of who because that disciple was kind of person Devy disliked the most .

"Here is the passageway . Gleb and the others to be protected . Stay near me . I can't protect you efficiently if you are too far . "

Gleb and other investigators followed Lesta into the passageway once everyone else crossed it .

Of course, they sent some small groups to attack other universes, but they needed their main force to go that battlefield Yale prepared . It didn't matter that they knew that it was prepared by their enemies . If they feared to go into enemy territory, they wouldn't have planned a war .

However, the rebels underestimated Yale's trap . They always felt that they could leave at any moment, but all the connections with the outside were cut once they reached the universe created by Yale .

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