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Chapter 62: A Symbol

Dohyuk had to ask.

"What are you thinking?"


He didn't know what happened exactly, but he had an educated guess. She was the Goddess of Fire. She tried to kill Dohyuk, but instead something went wrong and it ended up this way. This meant she was obviously hostile against Dohyuk, even if she had to follow what he said. However…



-I'm hungry! I want to eat something yummy. That's what I think now!

Dohyuk scratched his head. It didn't seem like it was lie. If her childish dialogue wasn't for show, she seemed to have lost her power and some of her intelligence.

"Any other thoughts than being hungry?"

-Pervert is scary! I don't wanna see that anymore!

"What do you mean, that…"

-Dangling thing!

Dohyuk became dizzy. He then changed the question.

"You want to kill me, right?"

-You, the Pervert? Why would I?


-I don't kill pervert. I don't want to see it, but I can't just kill it because I don't want to see it. It's a bad thing to do.

Dohyuk almost shouted angrily, but he stopped himself.

"What did you just say?"

Bad thing to do. That's what she said. He would've considered it a lie if it wasn't for the realization.

-Besides, I can't eat food if there's no Pervert.

He couldn't feel it. The uncomfortable sense of bloodthirst from all those who came back and gods alike - the Parasitic Spirit didn't have it.

Dohyuk rubbed his face and asked, "…Who are you?"


"Not Gahura?"

-What is that? I don't know that.

The name was different. Perhaps this spirit was different from Gahura, but Dohyuk had a different understanding of it.

"Tell me the last thing you remember. Anything before you were stuck with me."


Gahura, no, the self-claimed 'Kasha', began to think with her finger on her lips. Then-

-I d-don't know. I don't remember.

Before Dohyuk could say anything, she started tearing up.

-Why? Why don't I remember? Am I stupid? Does Pervert know why? Why?

Dohyuk waved his hand and Kasha stopped talking.

"Power… intelligence… and…'

Memory too? He then remembered when he first heard Kasha's voice. She still spoke like a child, but she sounded much more childish, and she only spoke a few words at most. She couldn't even make herself appear like this back then.

'If I feed her more faith…'

Would she gain back her memory? Or that was a separate matter and she could only gain power and intelligence? Dohyuk then decided to quit thinking about the complicated details. At least for now, he didn't need to worry about being stabbed in the back.

"If I give you 'yummy' food…"

What was important now was if she was going to be useful.

"What can you do for me?"

-Yummy? Will you give me yummy food?!

"If you can earn it."

-I … I can make fire… and make fire… and make fire!

Dohyuk knew that already, but it seemed like Kasha had more things to say.

-And… uh… I had much more things I can do… but I don't remember…

Dohyuk sighed as he saw her eyes welling up with tears again.

-I'm stupid… hungry… stupid… hungry…

Dohyuk then began wondering.

'If she gains intelligence from consuming faith…'

It seemed like amount of faith used to gain intelligence wasn't a lot. Most of his faith went towards using the Divine Power, 'Ever-burning Flame'. Then…

"You can eat it."


"You don't need to do anything for me. Eat as much as you want."

Kasha wasn't human. But Dohyuk saw the face of a human changing within seconds.

But even then - the speed wasn't what he expected at all.

-Faith: 113523


Not even a second had passed. It was so sudden that Dohyuk couldn't react.


He realized it would reach 0 before he could say the full word.


There was a gasp, and then it stopped.

-Faith: 70019

The rapid decrease stopped all of a sudden. Now, there was the figure of a normal-sized woman. However, she looked like a young teenage girl.


"W-what? Why are you crying?" Dohyuk asked.

-Scary lady… told me to stop eating… but I didn't… eat a lot…

Dohyuk then realized that something was vibrating in is pocket. He didn't want to take it out, but he couldn't ignore the violent vibrations. It vibrated once -

-I'm sorry!

Kasha flinched and crouched, scared that someone was going to hit her.

"…So." Dohyuk sighed and asked again, "Can you do something else now?"

-Uh… I can only make fire for now.

"Ugh… was it all a waste then?"


Kasha almost spoke, but she flinched again.

-B-but it's too little! Kasha can't return to normal with this little! I need more! Ten or twenty times more…

"Wait a minute." Dohyuk stopped her, "You need to eat more to return to normal? Did you know that before?"

Dohyuk fed her so he could check if her intelligence or power would grow. Kasha was now claiming it to be true, when she did not know it before.

-Uh… How did I know that?

"Tell me everything else you know."

Dohyuk shook his head. He realized he couldn't ask this spirit any vague questions. He thought for a while about question to ask and when he finally decided…

-Hah? What is that thing?

He heard Kasha's dumbfounded voice.

-That is a silly Godly Item.

About a day ago, before Dohyuk's island came to Busan, he asked Aruga.

-What do you need to do if you want to alter a city?

When he first got the city from Aruga, he was given Casita's power to restructure it. If that was possible for any god, and only difference between Dohyuk and Casita was 'faith', Dohyuk should've had the power to do so again when he received enough faith. When Dohyuk asked this question, he didn't expect to hear a decent answer from Aruga. His city was originally his. But…

-That's a bold question to ask.

Aruga scoffed.

-Say, do you have a Godly Item to serve as a symbol in your city?

At least one. It couldn't be anything. It had to be something that the god considered to be the most valuable treasure. That treasure would allow the god to gain access to control the city.

-How you make it? I am not sure. I changed it out, but my symbols were decided when I became a god automatically, especially with the stuff that I valued most in that region.

Aruga pondered about Dohyuk's situation.

-Maybe you weren't given a Godly Item because you aren't a fully-fledged god. Didn't you say you see 'faith' as a number? I don't see that. Maybe you are a fake god…

So, Dohyuk needed a Godly Item to control his city. Yet he didn't have one and he just thought it due to a lack of faith. That's what he concluded, at least.

"…Godly Item?"

"Huh?" Heeyun looked confused. She had just arrived to report to Dohyuk and ask him to eat something together. She arrived a while ago, but a weird figure was in front of Dohyuk, so she was just watching them instead of interrupting. "Godly Item? I… haven't said anything like that."

"N-no. I'm not talking to you." Dohyuk shook his head and turned to Kasha. Kasha was looking at Heeyun. It seemed like she was talking about Heeyun when she said the term, Godly Item.

-I wouldn't use that as a Godly Item. I need a prettier one…

She was then shocked by what she just said. Dohyuk realized her size had decreased by half. It seemed like she was using 'faith' to find the memory to answer to her own question.

"Can you make a human a Godly Item?"

-Why… not…? If… you… value… human… or an object… it's all…

"I was never told of th…"

-Of course you weren't told.

Dohyuk was shocked by the sudden voice change.

-That puny Aruga knows nothing.

Kasha's eyes glared and she smiled ominously. It was the exact same smile of the vicious Goddess of Fire who tried to kill Dohyuk. But it lasted only for a moment.

-Uh…. Eeeeeeeeeeeh

Kasha then returned to a doll-sized form.


The spirit that had nothing in her mind other than that, looked at Dohyuk.

-Hungry. Pervert, give me f….

Dohyuk made Kasha disappear and looked at Heeyun. He then realized something was wrong. "I never touched you before."


Heeyun was so shocked that she blurted and spitted it out. As she quickly wiped her mouth, Dohyuk quickly approached her and laid both his hands on her shoulders.

Heeyun then closed her eyes, ready for what was next. Unfortunately, Dohyuk wasn't interested in her face, nor her lips for that matter.

On top of her face, there was a message window.




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