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Chapter 518: 518

Chapter 518 Be Mercy! My lord! (I)

Watery and big eyes like Bambi are the unique feature of the cyan little fox, aren’t they?

Lin Luoran feels familiar with him because the cyan little fox recreated some features of Lin Luodong’s face when it humanized . After all, the most pleasing man of the same sex for the little fox is probably Luodong whom Lin Luoran likes very much .

People always talk about the “fox lady” . Because of the influence of mythical novels such as “Investiture of the Gods” and “Ghost Stories”, they believe that the fox lady is a beautiful and enchanting woman who knocks on the door of a school student in the dim moonlight… Actually, before fox family members humanize, there is no gender distinction . However, once they choose to be a male or female, they can no longer change .

Before Hu Ji humanized, he has the voice of a young man . Therefore, he probably never wanted to humanize as an enchanting female fox lady . He also regards himself as the new king of the nine-tailed fox family so he doesn’t want others to pay too much attention to his beautiful face . Therefore, he only chooses to be a young boy with a handsome appearance . Members of the Fox family can’t hide the charm by nature, which makes Hu Ji’s clear big eyes look extremely gorgeous when he opens and closes them .

Lin Luoran sees Hu Ji, and then she can’t help but peek at Baojia . Few people know that Qin Baojia, who was a dominant woman in the past, loved to tease the weak and beautiful boy most .

Baojia looks a little sad, and she doesn’t even show any excitement about seeing a beautiful boy . Lin Luoran sighs . As expected, after Baojia’s rebirth, she has forgotten everything . Her personality, hobbies and aesthetics have totally changed .

Lin Luoran asks about what happened to Hu Ji while checking Liao’s injury .

Hu Ji only talks about the key points . Of course, the lark’s plot is so embarrassing for him that he will never talk in detail . Hu Ji focuses on discovering the Green-Wood crown and saving Liao .

Lin Luoran finally notices the low-key wooden crown tied on the teenager’s hair . It is a seemingly inconspicuous thing, but it actually made Hu Ji’s strength soars from two tails to six tails . He was then able to humanize . Men can’t be judged by their looks, not even a “crown” .

As for Liao–

“I have already treated him, but his injury is weird…”

Hu Ji is somewhat frustrated . When he only had two tails, he was so weak . Now his strength has broken through to six-tailed period in one fell swoop . After so much time, he still can’t even cure Liao . It is really shameful .

Lin Luoran carefully checks the condition of Liao’s body . Hu Ji has given him the proper treatment . He kept his heart and veins protected before other treatments can be applied . Hu Ji has been eating various spirit medicines since he was a child, so his inner bolus is really an amazing medigel . Liao’s situation is weird . It stands to reason that Liao should wake up after he accepted Hu Ji’s essence of the fox bolus—his heart channels were protected, and the vitality in his body reappeared… However, he shows no signs of waking up .

Lin Luoran repeatedly checks his physical functions and makes sure that everything is normal . She suddenly comes up with an idea . Lin Luoran gives up checking meridians and breath . Instead, she explores where the cultivator pubic region is .

There are extremely weak energy fluctuations which will be ignored if she is not careful enough . Could it be that this time it is a blessing in disguise for Liao? A ruthless blow of the fake saintess has destroyed the seal in his body? It seems that they can only know the answers after Liao wakes up .

Lin Luoran feels relieved . She raises her head and smiles, “Perhaps it is a good thing . We can wait until he wakes up and see . ”

Hu Ji nods . He used to think it was impossible for him to humanize in a short period of time . Therefore, he acted cute and acted up . Who knows that he can suddenly humanize! It’s so embarrassing for him now . The young’s charming eyes are covered with a layer of mist, and he is very distressed about how to face Lin Luoran, including how to face Ma Shuangshuang and others after returning to Dongting . God, he really wants a fox king to kill him with thunder now .

Lin Luoran is also not as calm as she looks .

Well, they met again three hundred years ago, and the cyan little fox could be able to speak . However, she was a little psychologically prepared at that time . Now he suddenly became a teenager as tall as her . Lin Luoran feels quite embarrassed . When Hu Ji was young, apart from pinching his face and lifting his neck, she should have done nothing more extreme, right?

After all, Lin Luoran is the cultivator of the Gathering Vitality period . Except for the man in a robe who appeared unexpectedly, few people can make her shocked .

After hearing Hu Ji’s story, Lin Luoran also explains how the fake saintess was killed, which makes this beautiful boy to sigh . As for whether he sighs about everything’s eventual, or the futility of his advance, only Hu Ji himself knows .

“Then what are you going to do next?”

A new fox king can’t just leave with her casually . Lin Luoran asks Hu Ji’s plan, but he is also very confused .

Following his temperament, all the responsibilities and burdens are bullshit . He wants to plant herb, eat for fun, quarrel with others, and be spoiled . Such kind of life is his lifelong pursuit . However, he just takes advantage of the Green-Wood crown . Even if Hu Ji wants to burn the bridge after crossing it, maybe the former Fox King will be back from another world just to kill him desperately… Quietly shuddering, Hu Ji feels that he has to handle the Green Mountains world matters first . It has been a long time since there was a ruler in the Green Mountains . After this, it will be more appropriate for him to sneak out to live a life with good food and gorgeous clothes .

With a plan in his mind, Hu Ji smiles at Lin Luoran .

“Tomorrow the Green Mountains world should be very busy . Do you want to stay to watch the ceremony, Linny?”

In the last light of the setting sun, the young man’s words sound enchanting . His long and dense eyelashes cast a little shadow on his face . This scene is enough to “kill” girls of his age and the “strange old women” who are greedy for beauty…

Lin Luoran desperately warns herself that “rolling eyes” is an extremely rude behavior that is incompatible with the identity of a Gathering Vitality cultivator . However, Hu Ji is really a bully . With a young face, he calls her “Linny”? Isn’t it too rude?

Anyway, she has raised him for a while…

Hu Ji looks at her with the look of “Linny gets it” . Whether it is from the physical or mental age, the young Hu Ji can call Lin Luoran “Linny” .

Lin Luoran sighs . Compared to witnessing the grand ceremony, she needs a lot of 1000-year Hollow Azurite . The fire phoenix and the silver dragon have been injured seriously . She has to solve the problems after the fierce battle as soon as possible .

It’s the coronation for the new king . The monsters of the Green Mountains come from afar one after another with big gifts chosen deliberately . For the elders, this is the tradition of the Green Mountains . For the new generation monsters, it is more about knowing the temperament and strength of the new king .

Is the new fox king very powerful?

Will the new fox king enslave monsters of the Green Mountains?

These are what they urgently need to know . Of course, there are some faultfinders . They are very dissatisfied with a damn fox that was not famous before but suddenly appeared and just wanted to take over the entire Green Mountains world… In short, Hu Ji thinks it is a grand and beautiful ceremony for all monsters to celebrate . In fact, undercurrents are surging .

The fox king is just appointed . The former nine-tailed fox family’s magnificent residence couldn’t be found a long time ago . Lin Luoran and these two worked hard for a whole night . They finally recover the most magnificent building remaining on the Green Mountains—the stone palace that once sealed Chiyou is transformed into Hu Ji’s new home .

Arrogant teenager Hu Ji feels a little unlucky . He is then defeated by Baojia’s cold expression of “we will leave immediately if you continue to be so troublesome” . He has to pinch his nose to accept his new residence .

In fact, Lin Luoran has put a lot of thought into it . Many years ago, she accidentally got the monster cores from Master Mu and Master Guo . She also planted some strange flowers and plants in her space, which are all moved here by her to decorate the stone palace .

Baojia, as a senior jewelry designer, is very proficient in the combination of color, texture, and line . As a consultant, she uses limited resources to make big changes in details . The gloomy feeling of the entire stone temple disappears and the ethereal feeling adds to solemnity, which is very suitable for Hu Ji’s young and innocent appearance .

Lin Luoran also wants to release the music puppets . Unfortunately, her ocean of consciousness is injured and she is unable to use the power of faith . Therefore, she has to give up .

The morning mist has not cleared yet . The newly appointed young fox king Hu Ji tries his best to stuff the last piece of fried egg into his mouth . Monsters coming to congratulate have already climbed up the Green Mountains .

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The monster that comes first is actually the lark who has a history with Hu Ji .

It is holding a colorful spirit fruit . Judging by Hu Ji’s eyes, it is really a good thing that is rare in the world of the Green Mountains . However, he is petty… the lark itself is a tweener . This kind of character is also useful if Hu Ji can control it well .

The lark is surprised that Hu Ji doesn’t get angry on the spot . Instead, he accepts its gift with a smile .

Lin Luoran nods secretly . No fox in the world is stupid . If Hu Ji really uses his brain, the monsters in the Green Mountains world can’t make any trouble . Maybe they will count the money for him after he sells them .

The appearance of this evil fox after humanizing really looks harmless .

Lin Luoran’s eyes twitch, watching young and old monsters who come in succession . When the sun rises to the highest, the stone palace is not only filled with all kinds of gifts, but also all kinds of strange bustling monsters crowded together . The solemn stone palace finally becomes a noisy “zoo” .

This is clearly a contempt for the new fox king . Even Lin Luoran can read those teasing eyes . Thinking of Hu Ji’s penny-pinching temperament, she can almost foresee their tragedies–

Hu Ji looks at everyone in the palace coldly . Some are respectful, and some have expectant expressions . However, there are more provocative, calculating, and contemptuous eyes . His eyes are big and misty, which make him look less prestigious . He has known that he can’t control everything . However, these monsters who come to worship are just here to see jokes . It is unacceptable for Hu Ji—whether he is a fox or a man, the thing that matters most for him is the “face” .

Hu Ji clears his throat, “Everyone has come from afar, and I have nothing to entertain . ”

“Well… well… you are welcome, fox king…”

“We should come to see the fox king…”

The chattering voices under the seat make the “zoo” more like a vegetable market now . Hu Ji smiles more amiably .

“You guys are really considerate . I will comply with the will of you and will not entertain everyone . ”

After a while of discussion, the monsters calm down instead . They stare at Hu Ji who looks young and weak with pairs of eyes .

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Well, he looks so soft, but his words are quite aggressive .

The water vapor in Hu Ji’s big eyes is about to overflow dimly, without a hint of shrewdness . His smile is so beautiful, looking extremely gentle .

“But since you are all here, I must take the opportunity to announce the new rules of the Green Mountains world . ”

“Fox King, please speak . ” This is from a monster who senses something wrong and has a clearer mind than others .

“Oh, what are the rules…” This is from a monster deceived by Hu Ji’s appearance and becomes more arrogant .

Hu Ji just ignores those arrogant words . He smiles and looks around the monsters in the field of view, and then puts up a slender finger .

“First, all treasures in the Green Mountains world belong to the state . Do you understand what ‘the state’ means? Since I am the only member left in the fox family, it means that treasures are all owned by me; second, what the king says is the new rule of the Green Mountains from now on; third, for all emergency handling guidelines, please refer to the first and second rule . ”

The monsters haven’t reacted yet . Lin Luoran is lowering her head to drink a sip of spirit wine . She can’t help but spit it out .

She has to say that the beautiful boy Hu Ji is very strong and violent!

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