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Chapter 477: 477
Chapter 477 Handling Trouble

It’s the most annoying to be an innocent bystander who gets into trouble in a disturbance .

And it’s the most immoral to kill some strangers .

It’s said that it rains a lot in the Shijia Rift Valley in summer . If Lin’s single tent is destroyed, doesn’t she have to sleep in the open grassland the next day? Lin Luoran thinks about it and feels that the man is really annoying but she doesn’t want to take a musket to kill a butterfly . Lin pinches lychee shells in her hand and then flips one of them out . The small fire bomb approaching the tent is hit by the lychee shell and it goes out of direction .

The fire bomb is shot back into the water and explodes . The special fire does not extinguish in the water . Floating ad burning on the surface of the water, it actually illuminates everything for sneak attacks and self-rescue activity on the other side of the river .

This is not a normal practice in the school . If you lose, you will die . The blood of their companions has already reminded these young people of this cruel fact . Although they are not powerful, they are still fighting .

Gary is overjoyed when he sees that the fireball aiming at the tent is knocked out in the air . The woman has the nerve to go deep into the Shijia Rift Valley alone . As he expects, she is no ordinary person!

They might still have a chance to be rescued . Gary is distracted and he is stabbed by a sword . The wound is more than two inches deep in his shoulder .

His opponent takes out an alloy sword and bloody arrows splatter . Gary takes a step back . His arm is almost cut off by the other .

He always felt that Nami Star’s prohibition of the private starship from entering was too harsh . However, now he feels it is really a good rule . If people of Nami Star had not been so bossy, they might have to face many weapons not only cold ones at this time .

A few of the most common ancient bullets can easily kill them!

Lin Luoran gets out of the tent . The intelligent life of interstellar civilization has learned some strange self-cultivation methods . The martial artists learned “martial art”, which is similar to close combat . Like yoga on the earth, by a set of specific actions, people can absorb the free Reiki on the surface of the planet to nourish their meridian and strengthen their body . Of course, aliens don’t have the Taoist root, so they can never practice martial arts .

Bookmen cultivate spirit power . It is said that people with better spirit power have an excellent brain . They are not only some academic and scientific talents . These people also have unique advantages in manipulating the latest starship and mecha embedded in the nervous system . These people really get their unique advantages . More importantly, it is said that spiritual masters have met the threshold of using Reiki of Heaven and Earth . They use spirit power as an introduction and can even trigger special power such as firelight, water mist, and ice wall . The limitation is that they don’t have the Taoist root so that they can’t store Reiki in their own pubic regions to form a self-circulation . Spirit power masters cannot understand Tao with their spirit power and then become cultivators .

That’s all Lin Luoran knows and she suspects that the so-called “Taoist root” is actually a bridge between Reiki and the spiritual mind inside the human body . Physical exercises, breakthroughs in spiritual mind, and storage of Reiki may all be very essential for personal ability enhancement .

The air pressure in Interstellar travel ship is so high that common human cannot live on the ship . Practicing martial art has become the most basic condition for interstellar travel . Seeing that the arrogant girl is protected inside, Lin Luoran witnesses a wonderful martial art battle . In the meantime, she doesn’t want to believe that the arrogant girl is a person with spirit power… please, she doesn’t seem to be smart at all!

Those who practice martial art have a soft and light body full of explosive power .

It is also the first time that Lin Luoran witnesses martial art confrontation . The young leader jumps high and kicks on the chin of a man in black . He lands with beautiful and effective movements .

It’s a pity that they don’t get some good weapon in hand and their enemies’ alloy swords are not kidding .

Seeing that the young leader of the team is cut twice, Lin Luoran feels a little sorry . She still wants to figure out the difference between martial art and Huaxia ancient martial arts but the fighting seems to be over .

“Lady, please help us . Canberra family from Tuta Planet will definitely reward your kindness!”

Aristocrats’ pride and self-esteem really matter . However, what can aristocrats do if they lose their lives? Gary asks for help but his opponent only attacks him in a fiercer way .

“The explorer on the opposite side, this is none of your business . Go away!”

A man in black roars in a low voice . Lin Luoran feels very helpless . Do they really treat her as a fool? The man has told her where he is from . The next thing the man in black wants to do must be killing her .

“Do I look like a fool?” Lin Luoran murmurs . The team leader is cut all over and covered in blood . He will be dead if she does nothing .

It’s really troublesome—

“Pooh! Pooh! Pooh! ”

Before throwing away the lychee shell, Lin Luoran locks these people with her spiritual mind . Several people in black who wanted to burn her tent are hit at certain acupoints and they fall down stiffly .

Gary kneels on one knee . He tries his best to support himself only with an alloy sword . He only has four team members left . When he looks at Lin Luoran, he seems to be more terrified than he was when facing the men in black .

Please, I am not a ferocious ghost . Lin Luoran has to care about her own image so she doesn’t roll her eyes . She ate the lychees so her palms are sticky now . Therefore, she squats down and washes her hands in the stream . Seeing that they are still staring at her in horror, she says helplessly, “They won’t move in about seven or eight hours . Are you sure you don’t want to run now?”

The five men in black fall on the ground . They can see with their eyes and hear with their ears, but they can not move or speak . Unprecedented fear and despair haunt them . They think their entire lives are over . Hearing that it’s only seven or eight hours, they actually feel relieved .

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Can’t move in seven or eight hours?

Gary feels relieved and shows a bitter smile . He faints .



Lin Luoran’s brows throb and she feels that trouble may be coming for her again .

Well, the cultivator of the later Bearing Essence period really has the potential to be a prophet . Her hunch becomes true in less than half an hour .

“You…your honor, I beg you to save Gary . He has lost too much blood . If he is not well treated, he will die . ”

The arrogant girls are not totally useless . They tear their own clothes into cloth strips and simply bandage the seriously injured young man . Unfortunately, there is no medicine or equipment . It still takes them one day to go out of the canyon . Without treatment, it’s impossible for the young man to survive .

“Why should I save him?”

This group of people stays by the stream rascally . Are they forcing her to move? It’s the middle of the night . Lin Luoran really wants to be a ruthless guy and drives them away . Her spiritual mind scans the young man . He is really going to die .

Lin is definitely not a yesman . However, she wants the girls to stop crying in front of her—tears are really a woman’s best weapon . Lin Luoran feels annoying about the previously arrogant but now panicked crying girl from Tuta Planet . She crosses the river .

The young man called “Gary” by his companion now has pale lips and soft tentacles on his head .

Lin Luoran looks at the bandage . It’s totally a disaster . She wonders whether these worthless young masters came to Shijia Rift Valley with their family’s permission .

She pulls out a few hard stalks in the grass and uses grass as needles to seal a few big acupoints on Gary’s body… Except for the Sea of Reiki in the pubic region, meridians of aliens are similar to earthlings’ . Lin Luoran thinks about it in her heart . Is it the inevitable result of intelligent creatures’ evolution? Or maybe, the “people” of interstellar civilization all belong to the same origin? Both their meridian and appearance are too similar .

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After the bleeding stopped, Lin Luoran searches around the nearby grassland . Within ten meters, she finds a few “pseudo-ginseng” and dandelions . She has no medicine on her hand so she looks for some medicinal materials . In this case, others will not know the exist of space .

She mashes the tubers of pseudo-ginseng and applies it to Gary’s wound . This thing is good at stopping bleeding . The wound will also not suddenly be ruptured .

“Well, the tubers of this plant are hemostasis while the root system of that plant is anti-inflammatory which has to be boiled in water . Just get some of them . These two kinds of herbs can be seen everywhere in the wilderness . The trouble is that you have no utensils . I have a bowl . You can take it . ”

Udora holds the two herbs tightly in her hands . Plants can be used to refine medicine and it is not news at all . She doesn’t doubt the efficacy of the medicine .

Lin Luoran hands a bowl which she used to drink fish soup to an ailing expedition team member and asks them to go quickly . When the men in black can move, they will not be able to leave the valley .

A young man backs up to Gary . Udora thanks Lin Luoran and says goodbye to her . She asks about Lin’s name a few times . Lin Luoran doesn’t want to deal with such troublesome people but Udora is outspoken, “We found they…”

“Stop it!”

Lin Luoran looks at Udora who is really puzzled . She points at these people and sighs, “They are still here and listening . If you tell me the secret, aren’t you forcing me to kill them? Otherwise, I will be killed by them . ”

Udora blushes and says sorry . The four of them carry Gary and go out of the valley .

The black-clothed people can’t speak and can’t move . They can only roll their eyes desperately . It amuses Lin Luoran, “I didn’t hear your secrets . Relax, I won’t kill you . Of course, if you have to disturb my journey, well…”

It’s seven hours . Even if the expedition of young masters crawls to leave here, they may still leave these people behind . Leaving the valley without interference, they can communicate with the outside world normally .

Lin Luoran pats a man in black on the shoulder . It scares him so much that he holds his breath . However, she only turns around and clears the tent for leaving .

After the fighting, there is a strong smell of blood . How can she rest and have a nice sleep here?

She seems to subconsciously forget how delicious these immobile assassins are for the wild dogs lurking around .

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Lin Luoran carries a hiking bag and disappears in the night .

A passenger starship lands on the outskirts of Maple Leaf City . A group of passengers goes down . An old man with a pug nose is one of the passengers .

His old eyes are muddy and he looks like a poor man from a backward planet . It’s natural that no one wants to take care of him .

But the old man with a pug nose seems to lack of self-knowledge . He enters the city and catches every beautiful woman . The old man plagues them in the name of inquiring about his distant relative .

When Lady Susan goes back from her visit to her friends, she also encounters such kind of harassment .

“This lady looks very familiar…”

The old man with a pug nose smiles flatteringly, “This is my distant niece . I am expecting her to support me in old age . ”

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