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Answering Such A Thing Depends On Yourself After All Part 2

At that moment, Kagami stomped on the ground and jumped into the air as he tried to eliminate the dangerous enemies flying in the sky. His reasoning was that, if the attacking Monsters were limited to the ground, the number of inevitable attacks would decrease, increasing the possibility of everyone’s survival.

“I’ll make it so that they will be unwilling to fly any more!”

After he vigorously jumped up, he slammed some of the flying Monsters down to the ground with an ankle sweep. Then he jumped back up into the sky, aiming at the remaining Monsters in the sky. He unleashed a kick towards them and they were forcibly blown back, as if they were bullets shot out of a musket. They crashed into Monsters that were standing on the ground, changing them all into gold. Kagami did this repeatedly.


However, he wasn’t able to continue. The Monsters standing on the ground read Kagami’s trajectory, predicted where he would fall along the way, and threw giant boulders at him, striking him down.

As expected, Kagami could not repel or completely block the attacks. He was blown back by the giant boulders and his body slammed into the stone wall that presided over this deserted area.

“Kagami-san, are you alright?”

Krul’s group, who had been fighting on the ground, saw what happened to him. They moved towards the wall that Kagami had collided with while warding off the nearby Monsters. The giant boulders that had collided with him looked as though they were embedded into the stone wall. When Krul saw this hopeless sight, she could imagine the result and unintentionally yelled out as she headed towards the stone wall.

Her needless worries soon dissipated. The giant boulders that had been buried in the stone wall suddenly broke apart and a worn-out Kagami appeared.

“No, I’m not alright at all. It feels like I will die soon.”

Kagami heaved himself out of the stone wall and blood flowed out of his face, like a fountain. Although it looked like he was in bad shape, he still had energy left to fight.

“It’s not just feeling like you will die soon! Why are you assuming that you are still in any condition to fight?! Please fight more carefully, since we will end up dying if you die!”

When she saw Kagami sending her a puzzling “good sign” despite the situation, Tina immediately rushed forward and began to heal his wounds with Healing Magic while becoming furious.

“Isn’t living important!? What about the battle plan!? It’s a surprise that you’re even alive right now!”

“This is the result of letting life be important to you. Getting beaten up.”

“Please don’t assume that you can still fight with injuries as large as these!”

“You should have more confidence in your abilities.”

She looked at Kagami, who was smiling despite his great injuries, and even though she didn’t understand it well, she felt annoyed and embarrassed. She then continued to silently heal Kagami’s wounds.

“…My name is Tina. What would you end up doing if a Monk left the vanguard? Please don’t push yourself too hard.”

Tina said in embarrassment as she continued to heal him with Healing Magic without looking at him. These lines made Kagami’s eyes spin, and he reflected on himself as he smiled, remembering the words Krul had spoken previously; “I also can’t say that I’m a human.”

“Besides Takako-chan, battling as a party wasn’t really needed. Sorry, I’ll be more careful.”

“Muu…I’m begging you.”

As Kagami had his wounds healed by Tina’s Healing Magic, he once again got fired up, and with a “Iyoshaa!”, rushed towards Rex, who had continued to endure the Monsters’ attacks at the vanguard until Kagami’s wounds were healed. He sent the Cyclops that was trying to smash Rex flying.

“Yosh, party play! Let’s cooperate and fight together!”

When Kagami said that, everyone there similarly thought that the one who hadn’t cooperated while they fought was just him. However, without any of them retorting that he was easygoing, they all turned to face the Monsters, which had immediately started to pursue them from all directions.

“Princess-sama and that voluptuous magician! Can’t you use Wide Area Annihilation Magic?”

“It’s Palna! Can’t you please stop calling me that way? Both of us can use it!”

“Yosh! Palna and Princess-sama! I leave the spell casting up to the two of you!”

“What are you planning on doing!?”

“First, I’ll clean up the flying Monsters that are indiscriminately attacking the ground!”

When she heard this, Palna became aware of the reason Kagami had attacked the Monsters that were flying in the air earlier. Since it was normal for airborne Monsters to be attacked by archers and magicians that specialized in long range attacks, when she saw that he was challenging them barehanded, she truly understood that he had been fighting alone until now.

“The chants have finished! I’m able to cast it at any time!”

“Me too! What should we do? Even if we fire it towards the sky from here, won’t we only hit two to three at most? Most of the magic will fly away into the sky if we do that.”

After Palna and Krul finished their chants and yelled out to Kagami, he immediately moved over to them and tightly grabbed onto their bodies, as if he was reversing their positions.

“H-hey, what are you doing at such a time…wh-where the hell are you touching!?”

“This is sexual harassment!”

Kagami ignored the two of them as they cried into his ears. Kagami muttered “Fire yourselves up”, before kicking the ground, just as he had done earlier, and jumping into the sky. Krul and Palna closed their eyes and, without letting their voices out, endured the impact that was released from the sudden kick.

“Yosha, cast your magic from here! Rather than casting it from below, isn’t it easier to hit a lot of Monsters if you’re at the same height?”

As they listened to Kagami raise his voice, the two of them understood his intentions and released the Wide Area Annihilation Magic towards every Monster in front of them. What Palna and Krul casted was a Blazing Flame Wave and a Surging Lightning Wave respectively, which both traveled in a horizontal direction.

Since the two’s levels were low, they couldn’t annihilate all of them, but the attacks did deliver great damage to the flying Monsters and turned nearby Monsters into gold. After the magic finished casting, the two of them, who were being held by Kagami, landed on the ground, and Palna let out a “Guu!” from the impact.

“You…though it’s fine, since there was a result, properly warn us the next time you do this…ok?”

After saying this, Palna, who was a magician with a weak endurance, headed towards Tina and requested her to cast Healing Magic, despite the low amount of damage she had taken. Although Krul had also taken a little damage, she healed herself with Healing Magic and dashed at Kagami, causing him to immediately stiffen up.

“Kagami-san! Exactly who do you think this princess is!?”

“Ueh…I was thinking that she felt like a companion who was cooperating with me. I thought that it was a good attack.”

Kagami thought that it was strange for Krul to be angry if they wanted to survive. After he said that, Krul muttered “…Companion,” happily, and immediately put on a serious face once more as she faced the Monsters. Then, as she readied her weapon, she said, “I’ll forgive you, since it can’t be helped.”

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