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Chapter 6.7

Relying fully on the momentum of rushing in, Dimitar drove a flying kick into the soldier in front of him .



Pushing down five, six soldiers at the back all at once, Dimitar surveyed his surroundings . Whichever way he looked, there were only enemies and no figures of allies anywhere .

If one used flashy magic in this situation, they’d be dragged into it no matter what . In order to seal Lampito’s powerful magic, he had purposely rushed into the Yururogu’s soldiers .

However, Dimitar who had looked back to the rear realised that his expectation was naive .

「—Are you kidding me…!」

Lampito had already raised that knife overhead, and its tip contained a pale brilliance . No matter how one looked at it, there was no sign of her being concerned about the surrounding friendly troops .

「I’m going to throw」


Valeria frowned at Dimitar’s murmur, which had leaked out in a whisper .

「Throw, you say, t, throw what!?」

「Isn’t it obvious when I said that I’m going to throw?」

Flinging Valeria on his back to the sky, Dimitar lowered his posture and started running .

As was expected, Lampito’s gaze moved away from Dimitar and turned towards Valeria . Although it didn’t mean that her attention was distracted, it might be because her senses were too keen that this girl would react immediately to slight changes in her surroundings; as a result of that, she seemed to have the weakness of creating such unguarded moments .

「Don’t look away, Lampito!」

「—Ah, u, un」

At Cyril’s few words, the tip of Lampito’s knife, which was about to turn towards Valeria for a moment, immediately turned towards Dimitar again . However, hesitation could still be seen in that tip .


Cold air condensed at the knife edge, turned into ice bullets and flew .


Dimitar instantly grabbed a soldier there by the scruff of the neck and pulled him towards himself .


Innumerable icicles pierced the back of the thin metal armour that the soldier was wearing . Even if they didn’t penetrate, the armour that was showered with stones of ice in succession deformed horribly, and the soldier who had received that impact on his back lost consciousness in an instant .

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「Oi oi, isn’t he your ally?」

Casually throwing the soldier who had become limp at Lampito, Dimitar slashed at the girl .

「Lampito! This petty official will be this man’s opponent! You’ll protect the trebuchets! Go deal with Clotilde Diaghilev!」

「U, u…!」

When Lampito temporarily jumped backwards to maintain a distance from Dimitar, Cyril slid into that place without a moment’s delay . In his hand was, as expected, that magic motion swordEspada Marefika that Dante had possessed in large quantities .

「You—where did you obtain that!?」


「That sword!」


Raising his lips coldly, Cyril slashed at Dimitar . The moment when the tip of the sword, which ran from the right shoulder to the left flank, drawing a path that would cut him down, was repelled by Jagieruka, it ran horizontally this time, aiming for Dimitar’s throat . The surrounding Yururogu’s soldiers couldn’t interfere in the fight between Dimitar and Cyril and were just surrounding them at a distance .


Fast .

Dimitar, who had bent backwards slightly and dodged the sweeping-sideways blow, felt a chill on his back . During the time when Dimitar lunged his sword once, Cyril had lunged twice; rather than him simply moving his sword fast, it was the change during the process that was fast . Although exasperating, that could no longer be described as anything but a difference in technique .

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When Cyril tried to change the point of his sword and slashed at him again, Dimitar kicked Cyril’s stomach and leapt backwards .


Without missing a split second, Dimitar swung Jagieruka’s tip .

「—I’ll dampen your ardour」

A bluish-black brilliance meandered intricately and ran through from around his right elbow to the point of his sword, bringing about new vitality in Dimitar’s whole body . Furthermore, Dimitar drew different magic squares one after another and thrust them at Cyril .


Although he narrowed his eyes at the flames that had spouted out, Cyril quickly took a roundabout path from the side and thrust at Dimitar with his sword . A smile that made one feel that he still had room to spare appeared on his mouth .

「It seems to be a place called “Uruhaimato” or something?」


「The woman who brought this sword seemed to have said something like that . —Where that is, this petty official doesn’t know though!」


An intense pain sank into the solar plexus of Dimitar, who had dodged all three continuous thrusts . Cyril had thrown a knife that he had carried concealed at him during the fight where blades were flashing rapidly .

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The surrounding soldiers charged at Dimitar, who had staggered unintentionally, with their spears at the ready .


Dimitar endured not to fall face up in the nick of time and jumped upwards .

「—I won’t let you escape!」

A carefully-aimed flame arrow flew towards Dimitar who had slipped out from the middle of the circle of encirclement with an astounding jumping power . It was an attack from Cyril who had used the magic motion sword .

「…This is still easier than going against the tip of his sword, which is hard to pin down」

Suppressing the pain, which was throbbing to the throbbing pulsation of his heart, with a wry smile, Dimitar knocked down the flame arrow .

It might be because of the exaltation from the fight, the pain in his solar plexus was disappearing as if it had already become numb . From the viewpoint of wielding a sword, this was helpful, but it didn’t mean that the bleeding had stopped .


Dimitar stepped on the head of a solider who was just near the landing spot, glanced diagonally behind and jumped again .

Although the fog had faded, it was difficult to search for Valeria’s figure in this melee .

However, he’d probably meet her eventually if he moved towards the trebuchets, which could be confirmed even from here .

Dimitar pulled out the knife stuck in his stomach and grimaced at the new pain .

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