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In days long past, used his mighty powers to seal the .

The people revered and respected this mighty and great , even though he’d already fallen into a deep slumber.

Tasked with ensuring that the never broke its seal by the , humans have been guarding and patrolling the ancient grave that houses the sealed to this day.

Sadly, the name of that powerful had long been lost in the river of time.

Even if his holy name was still remembered by the people, no one would easily speak it because of their veneration towards him.

As people no longer knew the true name, they called him , which meant The Lord of Atonement.

Because of this, the worshippers and followers of this particular god were known collectively as the . And unsurprisingly, the was sealed within one of the Church’s ancient graves.

Located near the Yamoda Kingdom’s Capital City Ahmad, that unholy place was known as .

The so-called Domina’s were special magicians chosen to guard and to re-seal the if it were to ever awaken and break out in place of the Gods.

Everything was red.

Searing flames surrounded him in every direction, burning ever closer.

Whether it was his comfy bed, the sofa that he liked to bounced up and down on, or the table where he’d reluctantly do his homework, the young man could not remember them anymore. Those memories disappeared one by one in the fires that burned around him.

The young man gazed at his mum, the fires around them reflected within his eyes, blinking in and out creepily.

His mum had her hand around his neck, about to strangle him to death. The young man did not understand why his mum was doing this, so there was nothing he could do but gaze at her and silently wait for death.

What did he do wrong to deserve this? The young man did not know.

The only thing he could feel was his body temperature ebbing away…

In contrast to the blazing flames that roared around him, the young man silently, calmly headed towards death step by step.

At that moment, the young man’s eyes met with his mother’s. To his surprise, she was crying.

Why was she crying? The young man did not understand, like how he did not understand why she was trying to kill him in the first place.

Was it because she had no choice but to kill her own son with her own hands? Or was it because of something else? But no matter what, there should be not be a reason on earth for a parent to kill their own child.

— and it was as he was thinking about this that he suddenly realized.

This was not reality, but a dream.

Dimitar, covered in cold sweat, woke up with a gasp.

He looked out of the window at the star laden night sky; seems like it’s still a long time till daybreak.

After rubbing the back of his neck unconsciously, Dimitar patted his silver hair and got out of bed.

He took the sword and the scabbard lying by the wall, and walked out of his dorm into the garden.

A light night breeze tickled his body, making his sweat covered body feel incredibly comfortable.

It was hard to fall asleep again after dreaming such a nightmare, so Dimitar went out to do some exercise. The exhaustion that came after should make it easier to sleep.

And even if he could not sleep, practicing with his sword till daybreak wasn’t a bad thing.

Because his mum, who’d always tell him to sleep earlier, was no longer by his side.

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