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Isaac was currently pruning the roses above his head, so when he received an urgentmemorial from the south of Yamoda, he frowned in displeasure:

“… Why are you giving this to me? Do you not have to show it to my father first?”

“Because his Majesty had to leave for an inspection of Taloma straight after the Dominus coronation ceremony…”

“Inspection? Don’t kid me, Minister. Taloma is his 3rd mistress’ land. You know, the really sexy widow. I think her name was Pruna?”

“Your Highness, I’m not so sure either…”

The Internal Affairs Minister lay prostrate before Isaac, chattering away whilst rubbing the sweat off his neck. It was not so much the hotness of the room, but rather the nervousness and anxiety that he felt that caused him to sweat like a pig.

Isaac rolled the memorial back into its original cylindrical form and tossed it to the minister, before taking up his pair of scissors to continue pruning his roses.

“– then? What do you want me to do after reading this memorial?”

“Before his Majesty returns, Prince Isaac has the most authority within the Kingdom. If possible, I’d like Your Highness to make a decision regarding this matter as soon as possible–”

“Then do nothing about it.”


“When I say do nothing about it, I mean do not act rashly. Do you understand?”

“B-but! If this piece of information is correct and true, we have to come up with a countermeasure before it’s too late!”

“If that’s what you believe to be the best possible course of action, why consult with me? Is it because you want me to become your scapegoat, to take responsibility if your countermeasure fails or if my father gets angry, Minister?”

“Your Highness, that definitely was not what I meant!”

“Would you be willing to assume responsibility if I give you the go ahead, but get reproached by my father?”

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“Hmmm? So you aren’t willing, huh? Then wait for my father’s instructions like a good boy.”

Isaac shrugged his shoulders, then got back to pruning his roses.

Jeffren, the King of Yamoda, was known for his combat prowess and was honoured as the continent’s greatest hero. However, his son was his complete opposite, a gentle, refined bishounen, known throughout the continent for his love of growing roses. And because of this, people wouldn’t be surprised at all if he put his love for roses in front of his love for the kingdom.

Camunas wiped the sweat off the back of his hands, then walked towards Isaac and said:

“M-m-minister understands now! Your Highness, if you have any thoughts or ideas on how to proceed with this matter, please tell this Minister, and this Minister will use it as a reference to come to a decision–”

“Hmm? You’re sure about that? I’m so sorry to trouble you.”

Isaac replied with a fake smile. After some deliberation, he nodded his head with a pleased expression and said:

“You’re right… there’s no way we can hastily send troops to that place, and moreover, we don’t have the power to mobilise such a huge army in the first place.”

“T-t-then, what do we do?”

“Assemble the army and gather food rations first. Since we have to ensure that the troops get to that place as soon as possible, we can only assemble an army consisting of only elite soldiers. In short, do as much as you can to prepare the troops for departure before my father sends word.”

“Is that all…?”

“Of course not! We still have to send someone over to gather intel. Even though we cannot move the troops as of yet, sending someone over to gather intel is not a problem.”

“I understand! Minister will discuss this with Karide-dono and will send somebody to gather intel at once!”

“Oh yeah, nearly forgot. Don’t send soldiers.”

“Sorry your Highness. What did you say?”

“Don’t send soldiers. It’s because the lowest order of soldiers are not given the ability to make decisions; we need to send somebody who has freedom to make their own decisions, and can adapt to the mission as need be… they must have a certain degree of authority, must be absolutely loyal to the kingdom, and must be able to fight well… who do you think, Minister, is a suitable choice of personnel for this mission?”

“Your Highness, if you ask me so suddenly…”

Isaac sighed a long sigh and returned to his roses, bringing them together to form a bouquet upon noticing Camunas’ confused expression.

“It’s fine. I know of who to send already.”


“Why would I lie to you about this? I’m planning on borrowing the Magic Academy’s power.”

“Magic Academy? But normal magicians don’t have the power or ability to conduct this mission–”

“That’s why we’ll not be sending “normal” magicians… moreover, isn’t it because we need personnel like them for missions of this sort that my kingdom invested a fortune into the Academy, and a lot of effort into training their magicians? The Magic Academy is not some sort of charitable organisation, after all.”

Taking off his gloves and apron, Isaac put on his velvety cloak and walked out the greenhouse with the bouquet in his hands.

“Your Highness, may I ask where you are going?”

“Did I not imply it in my previous sentences? I’m going to the Magic Academy.”

“If that’s the case, Minister will send a messenger immediately to the Magic Academy to summon Headmaster Orvieto to the Palace…”

“Then it’d take at least an hour or two for us to actually meet… a goddamn waste of time. Going to the Academy myself would save a lot of hassle, and that way, no matter how unreasonable or unjustifiable my request is, Orvieto won’t be able to refuse it, right?”

“O-o-oh… so that’s why…”

Camunas nodded his head in agreement with Isaac’s words.

The neighbouring kingdoms believed Isaac only to be a rose lover and an incompetent, ignorant dandy, but that was not true in the very slightest. Under that seemingly ignorant expression of his was a strategist clever and cunning enough to rival his father. It was an open secret within the Royal Palace, otherwise Camunas would not especially request an audience with Isaac for advice.


Isaac shook his bouquet of roses, then turned his head back to look at Camunas.

“I’ll ensure that the person entrusted with this mission will investigate properly…”

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