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In the corner of a dimly lit workroom, Dimitar was sat on a chair yawning ceaselessly.

“Young man, still haven’t slept enough?”

A man dressed in a labcoat eyed him, whilst banging on a broadsword on the worktable.

“Uoooh… yeah, that’s right.”

“You’re young. Young. Stop being such a lazybone.”

The labcoated man with a heavily stubbled chin laughed.

“Dimitar, you’re 16. It’s outrageous how you’re still drowsy so early in the morning.”

“It’s not my fault, Dolly made me like this!”

“Dolly? Who’s that?”

“She’s the boss of by the South Gate.”

“Hoho, it’s that widow, right? I’ve heard that she likes young men.”

The man nodded his head as if he understood the meaning behind Dimitar’s words, then said with a faint smile:

“Dimitar you playboy, tired because of spending too much time wooing women. Sigh, there’s no hope for you now, m’boy.”

“It’s not because of women; the wine there was just too pungent and powerful. Got absolutely wasted.”

“No matter what excuses you make, Dimitar, you’re still too slack and lax. Especially when you’re going to be taking on an incredibly important job today–”

“Argh, please, don’t teach me how to live my life right now so early in the morning”

Dimitar resisted the urge to yawn, and turned his head to look out the window.

The workshop was located behind the Royal Palace in an inconspicuous corner of the Army’s training area. Because it was quite off the beaten track, not many people went there, making it a very peaceful and tranquil place. Even when Dimitar had nothing important to do, he would rush over to the workshop to steal some sleep.
TL Note – I think it’s because Dimitar works at the workshop

“Adjustment has been completed!”

The man said, whilst taking off his monocle and stuffing it into the pocket of his labcoat.

“Even though it’s far from completed, you can use it now to help me collect some performance data.”

“As long as I can use it in battle, it’s no problem.”

Dimitar swung it through the air lightly a few times with one hand. At the same time, glowing blue lines formed on the back of his hands, spreading onto the swordhilt all the way to the swordtip.

“It seems to be a bit lighter than it was last night…”

“It’s not ‘seems’, I’ve actually made it slightly lighter to make it more effective in battle.”

“As expected from a crazy genius inventor.”

“Don’t insult me when you’re complimenting me, brat.”

After taking a puff from his lit dark-silver pipe, the man opened his mouth to release a cloud of smoke.

“… Don’t you have to meet with a Dominus today? Stop messing around here and get going.”

“It’s not an official meeting so it’s no big deal… and anyways, I just can’t find the motivation to protect a little girl.”

“Dimitar, aren’t you a little boy yourself? And no matter what, she’s still a Dominus. If you don’t want to do this job, why don’t you just decline?”

“… No, I’m doing it.”

Dimitar sheathed the sword into its scabbard.

“I don’t want to give Aunt and Lucius trouble again.”

“Then think before you speak, as the job you’re about to to take on is a job that many people would fight over for.”

“I know that.”

“That’s good… oh yeah, help me say hello to the Academy Headmaster.”

The labcoated man continued to puff his pipe, and reached his hand out for a bottle of wine.


Brilliant rays of sunlight hit Dimitar’s face the instant he walked out of the workroom.

Today, he was going to be appointed as a Hiera Glaphicos.

To this young man who wanted to become a member of the Seal Knight Corps, it was a road he didn’t want to walk, but had to walk after the shattering of his dream.

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