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Chapter 513 – Bear-san, Goes To Cereille’s House.

Chapter 513Bear-san, Goes To Cereille’s House.

Well, what could I do? I couldn’t just say no.

I would have refused the offer if it were just me, but Noa, a noblewoman, was also present. I am sure that there was a relationship between nobles, and my status was not only Noa’s bodyguard but also a student.

And Cereille was talking to Noa, who was also a noblewoman. I don’t want to get into trouble by interrupting them.

“Noa can decide.” (Yuna)


I will leave this to the judgment of Noa, a noblewoman.

“……I understand. Then we will be in the care of Cereille-sama for a day. Is that okay with you, Yunsan?” (Noa)

“If that’s Noa’s decision, then I’m fine with it.” (Yuna)

“Noire, you don’t have to say for just a day. You can stay until you leave the city.” (Cereille)

“We cannot afford to bother you to that extent.” (Noa)

“Don’t worry. I’m not bothered.” (Cereille)

“I am sorry, but I cannot abuse Cereille-sama’s hospitality. So, I will only be in your care for one day. Besides, if I am indebted to you for a long time, I will be at a loss as to whom I should cheer for when you and Oneesama have a match.” (Noa)

Noa gently told her that she could not stay long.

Did she choose a single day by considering the feelings of Cereille and me? Was this the aristocratic response?

Even if she was small, Noa was still a noble.

“I understand. Then I shall entertain you for the rest of the day.” (Cereille)

Cereille also compromised and gave ground.

Well, even for me, I think it was a good compromise.

“Well, then, as an apology for the inconvenience I may have caused you while you were out exploring the city, I will show you around the city.” (Cereille)

We decided to explore the city with Cereille as our guide.

We strolled around the city, peered in stores, or nibbled at food stalls. Cereille paid for the food.

I wonder. I always pay the bill, so it’s refreshing to have someone else pay for me.

I informed the innkeeper that we would not return for the night. The innkeeper, in the presence of Cereille, agreed to return my money, but I told her that I would come back another day and did not accept the deposit back.

The bill was charged the next day after the social event was over. After the social event was over, we would have an extra day to relax and play.

Before the sunset, we went to Cereille’s house. As the lord’s mansion, Cereille’s house was pretty extensive.

“You must be tired from walking. I will have a bath prepared for you, so please rest in your room.” (Cereille)

Once inside the mansion, Cereille called one of the servants and asked her to show us to our room.

We parted ways with Cereille, and the maid showed us to our room.

“It’s huge.” (Yuna)

There are two large beds.

Noa and I are in the same room, partly because of Noa’s wish.

“I’m sorry, Yunsan.” (Noa)

“What’s up with you all of a sudden?” (Yuna)

“I know that Yunsan did not want to come to Cereille-sama’s mansion.” (Noa)

“I don’t mind. It’s just that I get tired of staying at the house of someone I’ve only known for a short time.” (Yuna)

I never stayed at a friend’s house since I don’t have one. The most comfortable place for me was my home. Now I feel most at home in the bear house.

“Yes, I am the same way. But I also understand how Cereille-sama feels, so I asked her to let us stay only for one day. If Cereille-sama came to Crimonia, I would not let her stay at the inn either, I would invite her to my house.” (Noa)

Well, I guess that would be normal. If you knew a nobleman in town, you would invite him to your house. I would leave the decision in that area to Noa, who was a noblewoman.

Noa looked around the room and opened the window.

“Is that Cereille-sama?” (Noa)

At Noa’s words, I went to the window and looked outside. There, Cereille, who had just left, was swinging her sword.

-Cereille’s POV-

I lost. I was beaten by a girl who was shorter and less powerful than me.

I swung the sword.

I haven’t practiced enough. I know I have no talent. But I believed that if I practiced, I could become stronger. Thanks to that, I became stronger.

……I thought so. But I lost.

At first, I thought that Noire, a noblewoman, was with a student from the royal capital and came here without an escort. However, I was told that a girl smaller than me was her escort.

It was too incredible to believe. I thought about it for a moment, and then I offered to give Noire an escort because something dangerous might happen in the near future.

But she says she’s okay with the girl in her uniform because she’s strong.

The girl then offered to have a match with me to prove Noire’s words.

I had no intention of losing either in magic or in swordplay. I had practiced that much.

But I lost the match.

It was not by a small margin. She was far ahead of me within that little frame.

I have to be strong.

There’s not much time.

That man would soon appear in front of me if that wasn’t a dream.

My mother died when I was five years old. To be exact, she was murdered by that man.

I was five years old at the time and don’t remember much about the event.

It was the man who killed my mother. The man appeared in front of me and my mother, he had a conversation with her, and then killed her. I do not remember what conversation the man had with my mother. I only remember that my mother was killed right in front of me.

My mother asked the man not to take her daughter’s life. Even to the point of death, she told me, “Run away”.

But I did not run away, I held on to Mother’s body. Then the man spoke to me.

“Cute, daughter. It looks like you’re going to be as beautiful as your mother.” (Man)

I had no idea what the man was talking about.

I just remember the mouth with a wide smile on it.

“It would be nice to trade revenge on that man for you. Well then, I will come for you when you turn 16. Until then, grow up beautifully for me.” (Man)

The man stroked my cheek with the bloody hand that had killed my mother. My body trembled.

“But I need insurance. You have a younger brother?” (Man)

I have a younger brother. My first younger brother. Whenever I smiled, my brother laughed.

“I would like to ask you to keep this conversation between you and me. If you tell others, your little brother might end up just like his mother.” (Man)

The man’s hand reaches out, and the slippery mother’s blood spreads on my cheek.

The feeling still haunts me in my dreams.

The man walked away, and I fell down unconscious.

The next time I woke up, I was in bed.

At the time, I was quite emotionally unstable. I had nightmares when I went to bed, was afraid of being alone, and trembled when I thought of the man.

Still, I told my father what I remembered. I remember that my father was crying at that time. My father tried to find the person who had killed my mother, but he could not.

But there was one thing I did not tell my father. That was when I turned 16. The man might appear before me. As a child, I could not speak of it because I thought that my brother might be killed and be covered in blood like my mother.

Ten years have passed since then.

Now I am not sure if it was a dream, a misremembering, or something that really happened, but after ten years, my memory has become fuzzy. The man has never appeared to me since then. He may never appear again. That’s how I feel.

However, now that I am 16 years old and the man who killed your mother might appear in front of me…

I gripped my sword tightly.

I have worked hard for it. I have wielded a sword. I have learned magic.

I believe that come my 16th birthday, I will be freed from this binding curse, for better or worse.

……Which would I prefer?

There’s no answer to that question.

But now I’m wielding a sword.

-Yuna’s POV-

Noa and I head outside after spotting Cereille outside the window.

In the garden, Cereille was swinging her sword mindlessly, unaware of our presence.

As we were wondering whether to call out to her, she stopped swinging her sword and locked eyes with us.

“What’s up with you two?” (Cereille)

“We could see you from the room. Are you practicing, Cereille-sama?” (Noa)

Noa explained why we came here.

“I’m sorry. I said I would entertain you, but then I felt like swinging my sword at my own inadequacy in the match against Yuna.” (Cereille)

“Did we interrupt you?” (Noa)

“No, don’t worry about it. It’s partly because I wanted to sweat a little before taking a bath.” (Cereille)

Cereille looked at me.

“Yuna, could we have a light spar? Of course, not a match. No thrusting, no irregular attacks. We will just strike each other in a normal way.” (Cereille)

Cereille asked with serious eyes.

“If it’s really just light sparring, then it’s fine. But If I think Cereille is getting serious, we’ll stop.” (Yuna)

“Thank you.” (Cereille)

Cereille handed me a practice sword. Unlike the wooden sword we used in the match, this sword was made of iron. It should be heavy, but the bear puppet made it light to hold.

“Well then, I look forward to sparring with you.” (Cereille)

Cereille readied her sword and struck lightly. I caught it. After two or three strikes, Cereille moved back a little.

“Your turn, Yuna.” (Cereille)

I did as I was told and swung down my sword as usual. The sound of iron swords hitting each other reverberated.

It was done alternately and silently. We were really just having a light spar.

Then, after several turns, Cereille lowered her sword.

“Thank you very much. By the way, you’re really amazing, Yuna. I was actually striking with all my strength. A normal girl would have dropped her sword a while ago.” (Cereille)

“Well, I do my training.” (Yuna)

“With those upper arms, no one would believe it even when you say that.” (Cereille)

Cereille approached me and squished my arms puyopuyo.

“Fufu, let’s take a bath together. Noire, I’ll wash your hair.” (Cereille)

“No, I could not make Cereille-sama do such a thing.” (Noa)

“I always wanted a little sister like Noire.” (Cereille)

“Cereille-sama, you have a younger brother.” (Noa)

“Of course, my little brother is cute, but a little sister would probably be even cuter. Lately, my brother has become more and more selfish, and it bothers me.” (Cereille)

“I’m selfish too, you know.” (Noa)

“If it were your selfishness, Noire, I would forgive you. Oh, don’t tell my little brother about this.” (Cereille)

Cereille smiled and put a finger to her lips.

Author’s Note:

The timing of writing is difficult.

I think about it all the time. I always wonder when to write the core of the story.

If I had finished writing the story, I could rewrite it to find the right timing, but that’s not possible with submissions, so it’s difficult.

That’s why I need a plot, but it doesn’t always work out the way I want it to.

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