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Chapter 377
377 Bear-san Makes Pressed Flowers

We’re back in Crimonia .

The children sleeping in the bear bus returns while rubbing his eyes . An energetic child started running off to see the cluckers . Liz-san chases after that .

[Thank you, Yunsan . I think the children had a lot of fun . Since I met Yunsan, the children have more smiles on their faces . This is also thanks to Yunsan . ] Director

The director happily looks at the children who are running about .

The director bows a little then holds the small child’s hand and returns to the orphanage . Cliff is watching such a scene .

[I see . my failure to supervise was erasing the smiles of those kids . ] Cliff

Cliff murmured in a soft voice .  I’m not saying that Cliff, the highest authority in the city, isn’t responsible, but it was his subordinate who was doing the embezzlement . However, I just wished he noticed it early .

In every world, even if the top is solid, the bottom is not always excellent .  I often heard stories on TV about employees spending company money unauthorized . But it’s the job of the superiors to manage it .  It’s difficult to handle people .

With that in mind, if the kids working in the store do something wrong, will it be my supervisory responsibility? Well, I don’t think the kids will do such things for the sake of the director and Liz-san .

Though if they seem to bother others, the adults have no choice but to take responsibility . I’m an adult, or me . So I have to make sure it doesn’t happen .

Looking at the back of the director and the child, Nifu-san comes over .

[Thank you, Yunchan . When I went back to the town and met an acquaintance, I felt like I was able to take a step forward because I was able to get what I had in my heart . This is also thanks to Yunchan and the director . ] Nifu

Nifu-san thanked me . It was the director who told her to go see her acquaintance . I just took her to Mereera and nothing else .

Nifu-san bows and chases the children in a sprint-like manner .

Anzu and the former residents of Mereera are happy to see Nifu-san in her current state . Maybe they just don’t say that they want to go back to Mereera . But if they do say it, I can’t stop them .

[Then, shall we work hard from tomorrow onward?] Betoru

[The store operations will start the day after tomorrow . ] Anzu

[Yunsan, it was fun . Thank you . ] Forne

[Thank you, Yunchan . ] Seno

Anzu and her crew waved their hands and started walking towards their store .

After that, Morin-san, Karin-san, and Elensan also thanked me and left .

[Then we’ll go too . Yunchan, it was a lot of fun . ] Morin

[Thank you, Yunsan . ] Karin

[Thank you Yunoneechan . ] Children

[It was fun, but from tomorrow we’ll be working without a break for a while . ] Morin

Tiruminsan’s family is also returning . Gentz-san was on-leave from work, so it can’t be helped . Besides, Gentz-san is not the only one who will work from tomorrow onward . The children in the orphanage are taking care of the cluckers . Both Anzu and Morin-san are preparing for the opening of the store . They have to go and buy ingredients and clean the shop . There are many things to do .

Only me and Noa are free .

[Then, Yunsan . I’ll be waiting at home tomorrow . ] Noa

Oh, yea . I promised to make pressed flowers with Noa .

Misa asked Gran-san to stay in Crimonia for a few days . It would be nice if I can just send it . Gran-san says he will return with Misa after a few days . Gran-san seems to have no choice but to accept his cute granddaughter’s wish .

After Noa and the others gave their thanks to me, they returned to the mansion .

Lurinsan and Gill are going to eat with Masurika and Itia as fellow adventurers .

Everyone went in their respectful destinations, so I’m alone . I’m lonely being alone… No, I’ll go home with Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear that were currently in their bear cub form . I’m not lonely because they are my family . I’ll take a bath with Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear, sleep together with them, and get rid of the tiredness of traveling .

The next day, I wanted to relax on the following day after returning from the trip, but since I have promised to make pressed flowers, I also brought Fina and Shuri to Noa’s mansion .

When we arrived at the mansion, Lalsan greeted and guided us to Noa’s room . Noa, Misa, and Shia were waiting in the room .

[Yunsan, I’ve been waiting for you . Also, Fina and Shuri welcome . ] Noa

[Thank you for inviting me today . ] Fina

[Thank you . ] Shuri

When Fina greeted Noa, Shuri imitated Fina and did the same .

[That enough for greetings, so let’s make it right away . ] Noa

[Yes!] Fina

[Yup!] Shuri

Noa took the hands of Fina and Shuri .

I walked behind them and came to the table . On the table, tools and flowers necessary for pressed flowers were prepared .

[What’s with these flowers?] Yuna

[Oneesama and Fina have flowers, but Misa and I don’t have any, so I bought them . ] Noa

[I already said there are more flowers with me, so you didn’t have to prepare them separately . ] Yuna

[We’re going to make it with great effort . So I think it’s okay to have various flowers . Both Fina and Shuri can use their favorite flowers . Rather, why don’t you two just use the flowers you’ve picked up . ] Noa

[Yes!] Fina

[Yep, OK . ] Shuri

The two were willing to accept Noa’s proposal .

I put out the flowers that the three picked from Targui and placed them on the table . There are also colorful flowers here .

[It’s a flower I’ve never seen . ] Noa

[Is Noa familiar with flowers?] Yuna

[No, I don’t know much about flowers . Though I had never seen these ones because Lara was decorating our house with flowers every day . ] Noa

[I’ve never seen it in my house either, but every flower here is beautiful . ] Misa

Misa picked up a flower .

Haven’t these two aristocrats ever seen it? Well, the flowers that bloom differs depending on the area . Moreover, it is a flower that bloomed on the moving island called, Targui . If Targui travels around the world, it’s not surprising that there are flowers that they haven’t seen from around here .

Perhaps it would be a good business if I just do a flower shop, but it was troublesome just by thinking about it, so I immediately rejected it . Above all, just thinking about me having a flower shop makes me laugh . One of the dreams of elementary school students is often a flower shop, but I don’t like such a cute dream .

[What’s wrong, Yunoneesan?] Fina

[Hmm? Nothing . ] Yuna

I can’t say I laughed when I imagined myself selling flowers and being surrounded by flowers . If it’s Fina though, the flower shop may look good . I can imagine Fina taking care of the flowers . Fina, in a cute apron, taking care of the flowers . It looks dozens of times better than me in a bear costume .

When I stare at Fina, Fina tilts her head to the side .

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[Now then, let’s make pressed flowers . ] Yuna

[How do we make it, Yunoneechan?] Shuri

[It’s easy . Let’s give it a try . ] Yuna

I picked up a small white flower and put it on the cloth . Then I used the tweezers to arrange the petals . When I felt that it’s already good enough, I put a cloth on it .

[Shia, the clothe iron please . ] Yuna

[Yes . ] Shia

When I received the iron, I pressed it over the cloth for tens of seconds . Release the iron, wait for the flower to cool, and then iron it again . After doing this several times, the pressed flower’s color remains .

Upon seeing it, Shuri puts the flower on the palm of her small hand .

[The flowers have become flat . ] Shuri

[After that, if you put it in a picture frame and decorate it like this, you can always see beautiful flowers . ] Yuna

Well, I remember that there were some more steps, but it should be like this .

[Shioneechan . Is there only one iron?] Shuri

[There are three . One for two persons . ] Shia

And so, it’s divided into Noa and Misa, Fina and Shuri, then me and Shea .

We picked up the flowers we like and made them into pressed flowers . Next, we arranged the flowers to decorate the picture frame .

[Yunsan, how about doing it like this?] Shia

[Looks good . ] Yuna

Shia decorated her picture frame with yellow and red flowers . I made it back in the elementary school class, but still, I remember it . Well, it’s fine even if you make a slight mistake, just don’t make a big mess .

Everyone arranged the flowers as they wish .

I don’t know if I need a desiccant, but Shia has prepared it for me so I can put it in my picture frame .

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And so, everyone’s pressed flower is completed .

[Well, after all, the one Yunsan made is the best . ] Noa

[That’s not true . The one Noa made is also good . ] Yuna

Noa’s pressed flowers are mainly brightly colored ones, giving them a slightly flashy feel .  However, it is a pressed flower with energy .  Speaking of Noa, well it’s Noa .  Noa decorated her room .

On the other hand, the pressed flowers that Misa made are mainly made of thin flowers . She will give it to her grandfather who is still in the city .

I looked towards Fina and Shuri .

The pressed flowers of Shuri mainly consist of large flowers .

[Do you think mom would be happy?] Shuri

[Shuri made it with all her best, so she’ll be happy . The one Fina made was good too . ] Yuna

[Yes, I’m thinking of decorating our room with it along with Shuri’s flower . ] Fina

I won’t say it, so I think I’ll keep it at the back of my heart the fact that no one will give anything to Gentz-san .

[Shia, are you going to give yours to Eleanorsan?] Yuna

[Mother will be more than happy to receive Noa’s gift than me giving her pressed flower, so I’ll give this to Cattleya instead . ] Shia

[Am I giving a present to mother?] Noa

[She’ll be very happy with that . And there are still flowers, so you can still make one, so just give that one to mother . ] Noa

[Okay, then I’ll do that, but let’s make it together Oneesama . ] Noa

Noa and Shia started making pressed flowers to give to Eleanorsan .

The other three who saw it also created new pressed flowers .

Even if I make it, I have no one to give it as a gift .  I can decorate my room with it . Though I don’t think such a girlish thing suits me .  Well, it doesn’t look good as it’s more like at the stage of decorating a teddy bear .

If so, would it please her if I give it to Princess Flora? But it’s not a bear, so it’s subtle whether Princess Flora will be happy .  The castle also has beautiful flower beds, so you don’t have to decorate her room with pressed flowers .

Then shall I make a bear face with pressed flowers? I thought about it, but it seems impossible, so I’ll give up .  Well, I don’t know if she’ll be happy, but for the time being, I’ll make a pressed flower as a gift to Princess Flora .

Fina asked,  Certainly, it’s a good idea to display it in the store .  The pressed flowers I made would also have a more meaningful concept than decorating them in my room .

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