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Published at 31st of March 2020 07:37:15 AM
Chapter 244

Well, maybe ‘jumping’ back is too generous . As it was more like being blown away .

In order to maintain my posture, I had to fly backward and allow the impact to escape .

It had been a while since I fought someone this strong . I felt my blood growing hot .


At the same time that the man moved towards me, the other five moved as well .

Shia, Serulis, and Grulf rushed passed him .

And then the man moved so that Eric, Goran, Kathe and Shia’s attacks would not reach him .


He had likely decided that he would be at a great disadvantage if we all attacked him at once .

And so he flew back in order to create some distance between us .

At the same time, he swung his sword towards Shia and Serulis, who were also headed to the back .


Perhaps he was thinking about getting rid of the weaker ones first .

I had sent Shia, Serulis, and Grulf on ahead in order to save the humans .

And so I couldn’t allow the man to attack them .

I sent magic throughout my body, strengthening it as I rushed forward .


“It’s rude to get distracted during a fight, you bastard slug!”



My Devil King Sword struck at him three times, and he blocked each attack without breaking a sweat .

I had put so much power into each swing, and yet it wasn’t enough .


‘Leave him to us . Continue on with the mission!’

Goran shouted to Shia and Serulis through Telepathy .

Thanks to this, Serulis, who had frozen for a second, began to run again .

The man watched them run away and said,


“What are you planning? Foolish human…”

He was probably going to say such plans wouldn’t work on him . But he didn’t get to finish . This was because Goran had attacked .



“Didn’t Locke just tell you that it’s rude to look away?”

Goran’s attacks were sharp and strong . It quickly forced the enemy to fight defensively .

And Goran’s momentum did not end . Eventually, the man was not able to defend against every blow . His sword fell out of his hand and he broke his posture .


And then, at that moment where Goran was about to deal the final blow…

“You arrogant human!”

The man shouted . And then a poisonous mist flowed from his body .

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The poison mist seemed very strong . Perhaps it would kill you if you breathed it in even once .

But even if you held your breath, it would enter through your eyes or nose . With enough time, it would slow down your movements .


Goran detected this instinctively and quickly flew back .


“Damn, you stink . You should take a bath!”

“Silence! You scum!”

The man shouted as he tried to attack Goran . But…


Kathe roared and unleashed her wind breath, which slammed into the man .

He was blown all the way to the wall . And most of the poison escaped out of the room from the giant broken windows .


Eric spoke through Telepathy .

‘Poisonous mist, huh . Dangerous . ’

‘Yeah . But now we know he can do it . I’ll deal with it next time . ’

‘I see . Then we’ll let you take care of it, Locke . ’


I now understood what kind of magic he used to exude the poisonous mist from his body .

But this was only something you could do if you were a high-ranking vampire .

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‘I won’t be able to learn it . ’

That being said, I didn’t need to learn to do it in order to deal with it .


‘It looks disgusting, so it’s probably better if you can’t use it . ’


Eric said . Then he raised his holy sword and charged towards the man head-on .

He was moving like this in order to draw his attention .

As Goran understood this, he moved more subtly as he went around to the man’s side .


As the party Sorcerer, I had to support Eric and Goran .

And so I shot Magic Lances at the man .

One or two wouldn’t even register as a distraction . And so I created 70 Magic Lances and launched them all at once .  

I continued to make more after that, and shot them into the man .


It was clear by his expression that he had lost his cool . He started to frantically bring up magic barriers .

Then my Magic Lances hit them, and the man screamed .



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The magic barriers shattered, and he quickly put up more .

His speed was quite incredible .


The sounds of barriers shattering echoed in the room .


As the man continued to work desperately, Eric charged at him .

Eric paid my Magic Lances no mind . It was as if they weren’t even there .

This was because he was confident that they wouldn’t hit him .  

He believed that I would deal with it .

And so to meet his expectations, I adjusted their trajectory so they wouldn’t hit him .


“That’s it, Locke!”


Eric said happily as he closed in on the man and slashed with his sword .

Eric’s holy swords easily cut through the man’s barriers .



In order to protect himself, he made even more barriers . But these were thinner than before .

It was a great opportunity . And so I slammed another volley of Magic Lances at him .

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