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Knight’s & Magic Vol 6 Chapter 89 (55)

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Chapter 55/89 An encounter in the Demonic Forest

——Back to the three months ago. After the defeat of red demonic beast that commanding the bug-type demonic beast, and the time where Ikaruga has fall to the ground.

Ikaruga who was barely reached the ground safely from the fallen bug-type demonic beast which had been chasing him. When it was crushed after failing down, a liquid like fluid splashed to the surrounding on the impact. The magic that had been supporting the giant body was already lost in the same time after its life has ended. The corpse becomes brittle, and the contents were scattered all over the place, then began to evaporate at once.

It has formed an Acid Cloud in a tremendous momentum and swallowing Ikaruga as a whole. Now that the Magi Jet Thruster which known as the best propelling system has lost its function, and there’s no other ways for Ikaruga to escape the death cloud.

“This is the worst! If I don’t escape soon, I would be melted sooner or later”

Then, Ernesti is trying to make Ikaruga run but after a few steps, it got on its knees.

“What. This is bad, the Crystal Tissue is・・・・”

In order to protect himself, he shut off the external air intake and switch it to internal ones. However, its not like the whole Silhouette Knight’s body has completely sealed off. The Acid Cloud was easily invaded the inner part, and damaged the Crystal Tissue first.

Even though Ikaruga was called as the first generation of Eastern Mode’s Silhouette Knight, the durability of each one Crystal Tissue are still remain same despite being upgraded into the Strand Type which certainly improved the overall durability. And it can be said it was unexpected to be able to function in the middle of the corrosive atmosphere.

To make matters worse, it doesn’t mean the lost function of Crystal Tissue is only damaging the driving system. In short, the Crystal Tissue is responsible to store a mana in the Silhouette Knight.

When the huge partial of Crystal Tissue has been lost by the corrosive atmosphere, on the other hand the enormous mana that Ikaruga had been stored are being depleted at once. In this worst-case scenario, no one ever imagined the structural defects of the Silhouette Knight have been exposed.

While it can’t stand up, the itching-like Ikaruga’s exterior began to peeled off. In the same time, the Capacity Frame has lost functioning, and Ikaruga lost its little remaining mana again.

The situation will soon to be getting worse.

Losing a large amount of mana means that there is a problem on the enhanced magic which was used for strengthening Ikaruga’s body.

Unfortunately, the air intake to the heart furnace is closed to prevent the corrosive atmosphere. Even the overwhelming mana supply that known as Ikaruga has lost from now.

Without knowing when will Ikaruga began to collapse. Even the prideful strongest knight runner was no longer able to operate one finger. And just sit and wait until everything began to collapse.

“・・・・・I can’t move it. I wonder if it still has a proper shape left. Moreover, I can’t even get out from this”

The surrounding area is covered by the corrosive atmosphere. Although, Eru didn’t really know it was accompanied by a strong toxic, either way the result will be same if it exposed to an acid.

He even can’t escape from here. When the pilot’s seat began collapsing, that would be his last moment.

“・・・・・Haa. So, this is the end”

When Eru takes a long deep breath, he leisurely sinking himself into the seat. Now the cloud has completely covered him, while Ikaruga just waiting for its last moment, there’s no sign of resistance left on him.

“Oh, this is not good. At this rate, I can’t fulfill my promise to my mother. It seems I can’t show to her since I had already made the Wind Carrier”

He suddenly raised his eyebrows after remembering something. There’s a promise he hasn’t fulfilled yet. And he began to bet everything to find a way on this unexpected possibility.

However, the situation is still ruthless.

There is a loud noise coming from the machine. The strengthening magic finally getting weaker, and the corrosive atmosphere has reached the inner skeleton. Without any delay, it would eventually reach his last protection.

“At least, everything will be over. I’m sorry Ikaruga. I just still wanted to more, and always to run wild with you”

While patting the keypad, he muttered it by showing a small smile.

“At least, at least I was happy to be with you till the end. In the first place, I had already died once, and this time I’ll die while piloting a robot. I’m just glad”

Died while piloting a robot.

Eventually, the destination of this mecha otaku was always be here. It just this time has come by pure chance. It’s not like he was prepared for it, in a certain way he is always seeking this place.

Ernesti Echavalier has lived with the robot and died with the robot——.


For instance, when Eru already giving up on everything, there’s someone who absolutely will not tolerate it. Several lights of bullets come from the sky as if it was ready to break his sentimental feeling. An attack which come from Silhouette Arms. After the bullets touching the ground, by following the script, an explosion has occurred. The barrage equal to the OverdSpell that causing a tremendous blast along with hole that had been pierced on.

Not just only that. A long and continuous barrage still comes in a short moment. Although, it can be said if it goes bad, even Ikaruga would be blown away, though the ones who has released the barrage doesn’t seems to hold back at all.

Now the Acid Cloud covering Ikaruga has blown away, a cleared hole has opened. On the straight line, the shape of half-man and fish can be seen.

“Give!! Eru-kun!! Back!! To!! Meeee!!””

It is none other than Adeltrud who ride the Syrphirne.

By deploying the Magi Jet Thruster to the limit while releasing the ether on the etheric levitator, she has rapidly descended the altitude.

“I finndd you!! Heeree I coommee!!”

After discovering Ikaruga which had almost turn into a wreckage, this time she began to decelerate rapidly. While supplying ether on the etheric levitator, the fins stabilizer had been deployed widely to reduce the air resistance. Then adjusting the speed and return like she was ramming the Acid Cloud. On that moment, she ejected the equipped twin anchor.

While pulling the long silver light, the thread-like tow flying in the air. It has an iron-like shape on the tip and it can grab an object. With Addy operating technique, it can fly freely in the air and arrives at the damaged Ikaruga to bites strongly into the brittle body armor.

Syrphirne has begun to pull up the tow while ascending. Hence lifting Ikaruga’s body in the short moment and quickly escaped from the clouds.

Although she smiled in satisfaction, soon it turns into clouded state.

“Ah, aaahh!?・・・・・Noo!!”

Even though it looked like has worked well, but that just the end of it. The barrages were certainly blow off the surrounding Acid Cloud. However, it was not completely blowing them all, there’s a thin cloud still remained in there.

Yet, the thin Acid Cloud were plenty enough to melt the fragile Silver Nerve’s tow.

After seeing the damaged silver wire, Syrphirne began to turn around in a high speed. At the same time, the etheric levitator has released the ether to descend again. On that moment, the last towline has been disconnected, and Ikaruga’s body was thrown into the air.

“I won’t let you!!”

Syrphirne began to accelerate at full throttle and aiming to the Ikaruga’s body. Before it fell back again into the Acid Cloud, Syrphirne successfully catch Ikaruga’s body by rushing to the side. Addy somehow trying to rise the altitude, but・・・

“It won’t rise!? Why!? Shii-chan please! Just a little more!!”

It doesn’t stop descending, and Syrphirne was facing the ground while keep falling.

She might not know about this, but this was due to one of Undinestarle’s [1] flaw. Or rather, it can be said it was one of etheric levitator deficiency. The principle of this device is to create a floating force field by supplying an enough amount of high purity ether to make the machine able to float.

But when the supplying and discharging were repeated in an instant, the ether density inside the vessel will become unstable, as the result, it won’t able to create enough floating force field. And without floating force field assistance, the Undinestarle cannot soar high to the sky.

Fortunately, rather than rushing toward the Acid Cloud, Syrphirne was able to jump out from the cloud’s range because of the acceleration to catch up with Ikaruga. But the situation is quite different to relax yet. After all, the altitude still continues to fall and now the ground is already before the eyes. The Wind Knight won’t able to soar high by only using the propulsion system and Fins Stabilizer. While Addy looked at the approaching ground, she braces herself with determination.

She moves Syrphirne and hold Ikaruga tightly. From there she prepared to hold her breath.

“Shii-chan, please・・・・! Please protect Eru-kun!!”

By operating the rest of ether supplier, the large amount of ether floating force field is capable to climb them up. Afterward, twisting the body and let the Syrphirne fly in reverse state.

“I’m sorry!”

Before the impact, Addy has activated the Gear Ejector. The pilot’s seat that located on the back is separated in an instant, and the compressed gas had ejected her into the air.

Ejection is one of the hellish training before getting into the machine. She immediately spreads the Descend Rad’s arms and hold in the air. After stabilizing her posture, she was looking for Syrphirne first.

Just around that time, Syrphirne was already crashed down on the ground. Because of the reverse flying, Syrphirne was able to protect Ikaruga just before the impact to the ground. While tearing down the trees and scraping the ground under its own momentum, the dust cloud begins to smear out. The armor is blown away from the body, the crystal’s fragments are scattered all over place, and the unbearable sound can be heard on the surrounding.

It’s not strange if the machine was shattered into pieces if it crashed on that such momentum. However, beyond the dust cloud, Syrphirne managed to stop the momentum while holding Ikaruga’s body firmly.

Even though the floating force field was lost its function due to unstable ether, in the end, it has regained its little strength after the forced supply. In the aftermath of the effect, the floating force field was able to perform as the shock absorber, and reducing the damage of the frame.

However, because it was scrapping above the ground surface. The damage is so serious and almost same like it had being shoot down. Especially when the early rammed shoulder to the upper body damage is pretty serious, probably it was already distorted on the inner skeleton part.

Furthermore, the lower body was not left unscratched, there’s a rainbow-colored light spouted from place to place. With the impact, the etheric levitator is damaged, and the inner ether are leaking out. It seems, Syrphirne won’t able to dance in the sky again.

But, on its arm.

It was proudly holding the Ikaruga’s body, which had been protecting by sacrificing itself.

Addy flies in the sky using the Aero Thrust magic and arrived to the Syrphirne side. Without getting out from the Descend Rad armor, she ran to the Ikaruga that being held in the arms.

As she tries to climb up the body, she began to tremble after seeing Ikaruga’s grave damage. The exterior was next to nothing, above of all, the Crystal Tissue have been dissolved, and even the inner skeleton was already exposed. It’s reminded like a corpse that had been covered by the leaf, and surely in terrific state.

Nonetheless, she began to shook her head and leaving aside the bad precognition. Her objective is not Ikaruga itself. No matter how damaged the machine is. As long the chest part has still remained, there’s a possibility the ‘content’ was also safe.

When she runs upward the Ikaruga’s wreckage, she is trying to knock the distorted armor that had been dissolved by the acid.

“Eru-kun! Eru-kun! Are you okay!? Are you still alive!? Please, respond to my call!!・・・For crying of loud! Get out of my way!!”

Although she was calling him, soon it become too bothersome. Immediately, when she tried to pull the Gunn Staff, she shoots a magic without reserve. The fragile chest part has blown away by the fire ball in one hit, and leaving a deep black hole inside.

The light coming from the forest, illuminating the internal pilot’s seat. When Addy looked into it, there’s a figure of Eru with his eyes closed and in fetal position. At first glance, it doesn’t look like he is injured or anything. Addy leans out to him and make sure everything is fine.

“Eru-kun, please be safe・・・・uwa”

From the face, she hit something somewhat elastic and transparent while being held down near Eru side. Addy immediately notice the trick. That is mass of compressed air created by Air Suspension magic. And one of the magic that had been created by Eru which supporting the maneuverability. If something like this was here that means.

By the time Addy was watching over the mass of compressed air, it began to squeeze slowly. In front of her who sit closely to him, Eru has began to open his eyes and start to move.

“・・・・Umu, that was one of terrible tremor. Is that you Addy? I see, you come to save me. I narrowly become a mince meat back then・・・・here・・we go”

Before saying anything, Addy is gone hugging him like she was jumping away. When she was embracing him without holding anything back, a strange voice can be heard on Eru’s mouth.

“I’m glad・・・・・Eru-kun, is alive. Is still alive・・・・! Eru-kun, Eru-kun・・・・!”

“W-wait, I can’t breathe. It’s fine, I’m really okay. So please, hold back a little, or I die・・・・・”

While wiping her tears, there like a crushed frog-like sound every time Addy strongly hugs Eru. In the end, she needs a lot of time to settle down.

“Fuu, I thought I was gonna die ・・・・”

“Uuu, Eru-kun, Eru-kun. I thought it was over. I’m glad, I’m on time・・・・・uuu, this fluffy sensation, its feel good ehehe”

Although the power is loosening, it doesn’t seem she want to release Eru at the moment. She is busily poked his cheeks and patting him while cuddling. Sometimes, there’s liquid-like fluid that falls into Eru’s cheek. When Eru hugged Addy back, he strokes like he was caressing her hair.

“It’s okay. I’m still alive. Because the one who have saved me it’s you Addy”


“Listen Addy, have you forgotten that I asked you to protect the ship. In the end, you came along with me”

“Even so!”

When Addy tries to loosen the strength to embrace him, she sharply looks at Eru’s eyes.

“Even if I have protected the ship, Eru-kun will! Left alone・・・・! Ikaruga eventually will be crashed down too・・・・”

It seems she has remembered a lot of thing while saying all of that, when the tears began to flowing on her eyes, Eru somewhat lowered his eyebrow.

“Because of you, I’m saved. However, if something goes wrong, you might as well the one who in danger, Addy”

“It doesn’t matter! I’m fine die together with you rather than being left alone by Eru-kun!”

He finally let out a long sigh.

“It seems I can’t die carelessly too. I need to be careful from now on”

“That’s right! I will not forgive you!!”

At long last, in response to Addy who start crying again, he spoke in a gentle whisper to her ear.

“・・・・Thank you, Addy”

Then he softly kisses her cheek.

Although she stopped crying at once, there’s still some dissatisfied looks on her face.

She gave Eru a blank stare, and silently demand something.


“It not enough. I’ll forgive you if you kiss me a little longer”

When Eru gave a wry smile, he eventually brings his face closer.

And sealed off her lips.

Although, there are a lot of thing had happened, they went outside at least.

Once again, they are looked up the two machine that have become like a corpse, and just stand still out there without doing anything.

One of it was broken into pieces after crashing on the ground, while the other one was dissolved by an acid that can’t even keep its original form. It can be said those machines had been fulfilling its own life to protect their master.

Soon, Addy began to turn around and looked at the surrounding. In the middle of the forest where the grass and trees grow thickly, the traces of Syrphirne are remained on the dragged straight line. Other than that, there’re mountains and forests as far they could see. Also, any kind of human activity is nonexistent.

“What should we do from now on・・・・・”

After the fight has ended, the sky is returned to the tranquil state. Surely, their Knight Orders’ levitate ship were already leave this land. None of them would think to return here due to the dangerousness of bug-type demonic beast. In other word, those two were left alone in the Bocuse Sea of Tress.

After knowing all of it, a cold shiver ran down on Addy unconsciously. Looking back into account, they were always with the people in Laihala Kinght Runner Academy, or the later with the comrades in Silver Phoenix Knight on every battlefield situation. Unlike before, they never had been isolated like this.


In the same time, Eru was staring at the Ikaruga’s wreckage without saying anything.

Addy who stick close to him, try to speak but stopped halfway as if she was unsure. Reminding on how much effort Eru has spent when building Ikaruga, she got feeling that no matter how much she tried to console him, it would be in vain.

“Fufu. Fufufufu, ahaha, ahahahahahaha”

And then, some kind of laughter has reached to the girl who lost in thought. Addy is startled. As expected, Eru seems at lost after losing Ikaruga.

“Ahaha, haha! ・・・・・Okay then, let’s eradicate them”

However, his word is full of contradiction.

“That bug-type demonic beast・・・・they are able to evolve to have strong acid in their body, in order to dissolve other demonic beast’s shell, I suppose. They are literally natural enemy for Silhouette Knight. But I don’t need that kind of existence on the world where I live”

Depending on how someone listen at, it was such very arrogant line. However, as long they are not compatible to each other, there is no other way for one of them who will be destroyed. Then, he surely would do it.

“Although, we must somehow do our best to eradicate them・・・・・the most important is, Ikaruga and Syrphirne are in this state. Our lack of war potential also big, this is not good. First, we must repair them”

While mumbling something, he counts what should he do in the future with his finger.

“Well then, was it faster to go back to the country first and go back to recover, or aiming to be repaired in here with two of us. What do you think, Addy?”

“Hohe!? Er, hmm. I don’t know the answer in this kind of situation”

“That’s also right・・・・・we still have too little information about this place. Let’s start with reconnaissance, we should go with safety first. Addy, we will start to collect any kind of things we can bring”

“Ah, eeh? Y-yeah”

Even Addy was stunned after seeing Eru’s sharp movement which not too long ago make her feel sentimental. She was also worried about his positive way of thinking about confirming the current situation.

“Are you not afraid Eru-kun? We are in the middle of Bocuse, right? We also don’t know how many demonic beasts live in here”

“Yeah, I’m scared・・・・・I am really scared for two of us who have crashed in here along with Ikaruga and Syrphirne”

But it seems, Eru point of view about fear was somehow a little different. For a madman (mecha otaku) whose purpose will always lead to Silhouette Knight in the end, the condition itself are full of contradiction.

“Then, let’s remember what we’ve learned in the school. What should we do if we separated from the group? How to find a way to survive? Didn’t we already had done any various exercises before?”

“I think nobody would consider it if the situation was in the middle of Bocuse”

Stranded in the forest full of demonic beast, Silhouette Knights got ruined and there’s no possibility for their allies to rescue them. Normally, only death will wait them on this kind of situation. Either they will stop their advance in despair. Will they fall in distress. Or will they freeze in fear.

“Also, the problem from now on to repair Ikaruga is. There are many troublesome substantial difficulties even if I think for a moment. Among of it・・・・”

When he reaches out his arm to the waist and draw out the gunstaff. Eru has smiled upon staring at the blade that gave a faint radiance.

“A problem where ‘cut, shoot, and beat them out’ is nothing but trivial things to do. Don’t you think?”

“Eru-kun is way to positive・・・・”

Granted, Eru started to move again.

The burials for the robot are left for other occasion. Now is the time for them to move and do what they can for the rebirth of their beloved machine. Even if only suffering awaits them in the end of their way. There’s no way for Ernesti Echavalier who has set his goal, to stop his advance. After all, he is a madman (mecha otaku) who cannot be stopped even the death itself.

“Hence, we need basic necessity first. We need to find a place where we can rest”

On that moment, a lightning has struck Addy’s whole body.

“・・・A, are you mean・・・・! Eru-kun and I will have a sweet life for a while!? Somewhat I feel the urge to do our best!!”

For sure, Addy is like Addy who is same like Eru whose an oddball.

Then the two of them went through to find as much supplies they could carry in Ikaruga and Syrphirne.

As a customary, the Silhouette Knight is equipped with some supplies in the case of emergency. Fortunately, Ikaruga was no exception. In Syrphirne case, because it was equipped with Descend Rad as an escape mechanism, from the start it can be taken out safely. A variation of medicines, blankets even a simple cookware. And rations. For time being, there’s no need to worry about starvation.

What next to confirm is their war potential. Its hard to say, their Silhouette Knight are completely broken. Then, the biggest factor of their remaining strength will be Addy’s Descend Rad. Although Addy want to pass it to Eru who was enviously staring at her Descend Rad but.

“As for that armor, I would like Addy to use it. Either way, the size doesn’t fit me well so・・・”

Although Descend Rad is not exclusive, it was adapted to the user physique to some extent. Eru needs to make special order for his small build. He was even more sad than losing an Ikaruga back then.

And the weapon he held are two Winchester and several wire anchors that had been attached on his waist. Although he did think about the machine was not enough in a spur-of-the-moment, he immediately pushes out the worries.

“Let’s secure the water source for time being. I’m sure when I view from above, there should be a river in vicinity”

The bulky luggage is being carried together in the Descend Rad. Although if they are using Silhouette Gear, this kind of luggages would be an easy task. In the first place, it was a frame that would help them after being thrown like this situation. Unexpectedly, they themselves were able to complete their purpose.

Thus, after completing the preparation, the two of them start to walk to the center of the forest

On the shades of the leaves, and while jump over the rocks, Eru moves his nose. When he looks around the surrounding, there is something that move stealthily in the middle of his sight.

“・・・・There is. I won’t let you escape”

It was a beast similar like a rabbit which ran through the trees swiftly. Then he jumps out using the Aero Thrust magic, and accelerating like an arrow.

Although the rabbit was also fast, it cannot escape from the lost child’s high-speed movement. Eru cuts the neck after passing it. By using the Sonic Blade magic, the rabbit has struck in one blow and died after losing much blood.

As intended. After hunting the prey, he hangs it on the tree to bloodletting. With that kind of pace, he returns happily after collecting several of them.

While hanging the prey on his gunstaff, he lightly passes the forest. Leaving the place where the trees grow thickly, his destination is the place where a widely rocky terrain located.

“I’m home Addy. I got something for the dinner tonight”

“My. Welcome home, d-e-r”

After hearing his voice, Addy comes out from the tent. Somehow Addy is in a good mood.

“I’ll make it soon. Would Eru-kun prepare the fire for me?”

“Ah, yes・・・・speaking of which Addy-san? Why are you seem so happy about?”

“How can I not happy when waiting Eru-kun back in the house・・・・uehhehehe”

“Here is just temporary one for reconnaissance. I won’t settled in here you know”

Eru who doubting her misplaced one’s priorities, and somehow Addy nodded in affirmation, but no matter how it looks, she’s plenty happy about it. Although, it was better than feeling down, or so what Eru thought.

Upon passing over the prey, Eru began to gather the firewood. By igniting the basic foundation of explosive magic. Anyone could have an unlimited fire source if able to utilize the magic phenomenon. However, it’s often said too meaningless if everything left with magic alone. That’s why trees used as a fuel.

It has been one week since they are start crawling in the forest. As soon as they are leaving the Silhouette Knight, they found a river. From that point, they climb up and build a base, thus living in here by hunting modestly.

Their base is based on Addy’ Descend Rad. The tent is fixed with framework and the waterproof cloth. In the cases of emergency, they can fold the cloth and move away immediately.

“Although we had the Descend Rad, I couldn’t help myself to leave all the load on Addy”

“I’m fine! Isn’t this child somewhat looked like our house? Our house・・・・I will surely protect it!”

With that, Addy seems to be full of motivation for an unknown reason, while Eru gives up barging in any further. It is important to have a motivation after all.

Today dinner is a roaster meat, with smashed trees’ nuts and wild grass. Because food is always gathered from the forest, everyday somewhat it turns out like this.

“I’m glad there is a beast which can be turned into a meat in this area”

“Too bad we could have only made the seasoning with the baked herbs”

Although there are many inconvenient about the environment, but that was where Addy skill shine. Because her cooking skills are quite good. When she serving Eru, somewhat she looks at him while smiling, but Eru let her do as she please.

With that kind of unforeseen adventure continues. The only human being are themselves, everything beside that is the nature. Incredibly small and confined safe territory. And even if they are gonna laid back a little, they feel their mind will be swallowed among the trees.

The Knight inside Fremmevira Kingdom were taught how to survive in the forest. Even so, there’s many things where the situation that cannot be seen so far.

However, they were adapting on live on the forest. There’s no sadness on the two people that had been stranded on the forest. There is also no despair on them who live in a place full of danger either. If the mind already breaks on that kind of degree, Ernesti Echavalier won’t able to reach into this point. Because he always going for the next steps.

Furthermore, they are blessed with high fighting ability as individuals. They could even take the duel class demonic beast as long they are being cautious about it. As a result, they had lived in an audacious manner between the forest.

“・・・・Mu, it’s already morning”

As soon as opening the eyes, immediately jumps to the thin waterproof cloth while in sight. In a small tent utilizing the Descend Rad. A tent that enduring the rain and wind as much as possible, but there is the most important thing for them; a house.

The morning sun kindled their surroundings. And the new morning has greeted them. When Addy want to drove off her sleepiness, she embraces someone next to her tightly.

In the fearful Bocuse Sea of Trees, there’s no people beside her who live in the forest; it’s none other than Ernesti. Addy gave a delightful smile. In some condition, Eru is always morning person than Addy, but sometimes their position is reversed. On that such time, it was a chance where she could have fun.

Eru’s sleeping face can be seen in the dawn light. Although, from the start Eru have a baby-faced appearance, he becomes more purely and cute when sleeping. Even though they are in the same age, like always he still has a petite body, and she hugged on between his arms.

“Fufufu. Oh my, Eru-kun is cute after all・・・・”

She gently pokes his cheek with her finger. A smooth sensation and refreshing body texture transmitted to the fingertips. She drools over them on the mouth, but closed it soon.

“But after waking up, always do reckless things”

That fight which caused them to live in the forest. There’s a danger within his action. Although it is okay to seek something in straight way, in his case there are too many times he could engulfed in danger. What worse was the person itself know too much about his ability. Even though, some of it can be managed, the risk still exists if he even fails a little, and it would lead to dangerous. Granted, just like this time.

“As expected, I can’t leave him alone anymore”

She affirmed her determination while staring at the side of his face. Even she wasn’t thinking about how to stop Eru at all. Because mostly will become useless after all. And while looking at Eru face, an ‘etching to do something’ urge has risen inside her. By being careful to not wake him up, she closes her face. A small sleep breath is opened, and the sensation of the breath tickling her off. She seemed like wanted to laugh in any moment but she continues to approach him and kiss on his cheek.

“Yeah, Eru-kun is soft after all”

Of course, on that position she will wake him up. Thus, bring her face close to his unforgettable lips and——

After the distances between her cheeks are narrowed, she stopped her movement. When she looks closely at the opened thin eyes, she could see Eru who couldn’t hide his wit’s end expression and holding down her face.

“Good morning Addy. What are you up to do in the early morning?”

“Morning Eru-kun. You can still sleep you know, I’ll give you a wake up kiss”

“Haa. Good grief, what are you saying now, this child”

While groaning a sigh. Immediately Addy has launched her face, in response of that, Eru moves swiftly. On that short moment, their lips are connected to each other but soon separated.

“Now we have finished our morning greeting. Get up properly Addy”

In the same time Eru began to wakes up, Addy face melt down in a smile form and a deep blush spread on her. When she trying to get up, she hugs him in meantime.

“For crying out loud, I love you so much Eru-kun”

While hearing the ‘uhehehehe’ eerie laughter, once again Eru has groaned a sigh. Somewhat as if has been become troublesome, he leaves it as if while being hugged.

Around of their tent, a faint roar of a beast can be heard. The scenery was too calm that they couldn’t think it was a demonic beast territory.

“Eru-kun, we really can go back to home, right?”

By whispering on his ear, Eru has stood up slowly and embracing her back.

“We will return without a doubt. Of course, with Ikaruga and Syrphirne too”


Leaving a kiss on Addy’s cheek, Eru goes out from the tent.

“Let’s make out breakfast first. Then which direction we should go today”

Today as well, they are kept going on through the forest. Although the information is increasing on the self-made map, there’s still no clear destination.

And one day they finally meet ‘that’. It was an encounter that changing every future in the forest.

When traveling through the forest, Eru has suddenly stopped.

After listening to his surrounding and runs to the nearby trees. If he would stand still, a slight vibration was transmitted into his body.

“・・・・There’s something far away, and heavy. It is duel class demonic beast, I suppose”

“Shun it again?”

“Normally it is. However, I want to know the location, let’s search it from the top of the tree”

A duel Class demonic beast is supposed to be a deadly for a living human flesh who doesn’t have a Silhouette Knight.

Nevertheless, the fighting ability of those two are little off for a human. For them, there is no opponent they couldn’t beat. Still, they are always avoiding on the most time-consuming one.

Eru and Addy who wearing the Descend Rad, climbs the nearby tree quickly. After securing the position, they’d searched around carefully. Eventually, a something huge entering their vision.

Two giant creatures that walk through the forest while resonating a heavy footstep. As assumed, their size would be categorized as duel class. However, they gulped their breath and opened their eyes in surprise.

The shape of the giant creatures they could see between the trees. After all they are——a huge version of a ‘human’

“Are you kidding me, why there is a Silhouette Knight in here!?”

“・・・No. That not it, not at all. There’s something wrong with them. Don’t tell me, they are・・・・!”

And then, it was ‘wearing’ a ridiculously huge beast bone. From its size, they believe it was a bone equivalent or higher rank than duel class. Like before, it was ‘equipping’ an armor made by demonic beast. If only that, it can be said it was something like a Silhouette Knight.

However, there was the most important dissimilarities. It was looking around with its one-eyed lid, from its mouth is hot and exhaling a moist breath. The partially exposed limbs possess the freshness of a blood vessel and the texture of flesh.

Granted, this kind of titan is alive. Not a man-made titan, but a genuine ‘living titan’.

“・・・A giant. Not a Silhouette Knight・・・・but a duel class giant in flesh!!”

With that kind of cognition, a cold shiver ran down Eru back. Eighteen years have passed since he was born in this world. From the time he has spent, he was already used experiencing the existence of a monster that boast the huge body using magical power.

If he thinks it carefully, it’s not strange at all. Because if a mere beast was able to grows in size, there’re possibility that humanoid creature will also grow in size.

However, until this point, they have treated the man-made huge humanoid machine as a weapon. For them a titan is the best armed force of humanity, that is nothing other than a Silhouette Knight.

“For・・・・a living giant exist. I-I won’t allow that such thing・・・”

Addy who confused and shaking in uneasiness state, grabs Eru’s hand tightly. When he gave a smile, he points at the titan direction with his finger.

“If you look at the giant closely, aren’t they wearing an armor that has been made with demonic beast’s shell. That’s also mean there’s a crafting technology, and culture. Or even more, they have a language”

“・・・・Fue!? Eeh, is, is that so. Eh, eeeh!?”

Eru is staring down every titan moves. Due to the size, their body is heavy, and also, they have strong and robust muscle strength, probably using a strengthening magic. On their hand there’s something like a club which mainly for hitting. The hand’s finger is five, mostly same like a human do.

Probably the armor had been made from demonic beast corpse. Bone, hide, and shell as the main materials, while any metallic part hasn’t been seen yet. There are also decorative parts that had been made with fur and feathers, and it was clear they have a concept of a culture.

The longer he looks at them, the much firmer Eru’s face changes into a smile.

“Alright! Let’s follow the giant Addy”

“Ehh!? Are you serious Eru-kun”

Addy shook her head in side. Naturally, if the other party is a mere demonic beast, it would not brother her. But she didn’t even think to get close to a huge creature which could rivaling the Silhouette Knight.

“If we able to get that giant armor・・・we could do something with the outer skin. We can always use a bone. I guess it would be difficult to ‘take off’ their bone. What remaining is only Crystal Tissue, this is certainly difficult. However, this is much better than nothing at all!!”

“Are you jumping the conclusion too soon!? Say, it’s a living giant. Are you not surprised at all?”

Addy stunned while looking at Eru who confirming the reality in relaxed manner. Leaving aside the amazement and start looking for application first, certainly giving off a few screws already loose impression.

“How advanced do you think about their crafting skill? There’s possibility of blacksmithing too? If so, building mutual relationship might even help us in a certain way”

“I don’t think so!? Eru-kun, its reassuring to see you like that but calm down first”

Certainly, if the titan could have a blacksmith skill, it is likely to be more efficient than a normal human works. But it’s not like they have to ask the unknown huge humanoid creature (possibly) to do some blacksmithing works. It can be said that anything is possible for his purpose.

“I know the threat of living humanoid giant. But wasn’t more interesting than the two of us who wandering around the forest aimlessly. Well then let’s go!”

“It would not good at all if this kind Eru-kun state”

No matter how many unknown creatures, Eru will be Eru. And Eru who has found the purpose and a way to do it, is cannot be stopped. Addy eventually gave up and agreed to his proposal. Then the two of them start sneaking behind the titan.

A very small creature has been mixed in the vast forest.

In order to return what they have lost, a ship that flying in the sky once again advancing to the forest.

The unknown tribes that lives in the forest, the titan.

These encounters will later evoke an unprecedented tremor in the fearful Bocue Sea of Trees.

TL note:

[1] Terrestarle: Ground type Silhouette Knight. Undinestarle: Flying type Silhouette Knight.

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