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After the second day of school, Yuu was using the guide the teacher gave him to improve on the things he was lacking in. The two thing Yuu had to practise it was the use of Yin and how to use his power at his max. Having an overall score of 5/10, he barely passed the first test.

On the way to school, Yuu bumped into Koneko. Yuu giving Koneko a hand to pick her up, he asked what her score was. Koneko telling Yuu it was 6 out of ten, Yuu was surprised due to how quickly she got knocked out during their first match against the teacher. From reading the review she had, the only thing the teacher write for her on to improve on was more focus. Yuu taking some time to realise that she was the first and only one to damage the teacher, he wondered if she could be the strongest in the class.

Walking to school with Koneko, Yuu asked Koneko why she decided to come to this school. Koneko telling Yuu that she came to this school for one goal and that was to become a magic knight so that she can earn a lot of money to help her orphan. In the way to school, Yuu and Koneko got stopped by two strangers. The two strangers staring at Koneko's great body, Koneko tries to ignore them and walk past them, but one of them decided to grab her arm and pulled her towards them, asking her "where are you going?" Yuu grabbing Koneko and pulling her towards him, he said that she doesn't belong to them. One of the strangers getting mad, he attempted to punch Yuu, but before he could, Yuu quickly dodges and summon a weapon out of his shadow that he called "Bloody Mary". Yuu knowing the rules of being a student, that he can't use his magic out in public without permission from the teachers, he would be expelled.

Yuu making his weapon vanish, the strangers didn't want to play fairly, so decided to attack Yuu with there magic. Magic knights spectating the fight without getting involved, Koneko had no choice, but to use her magic. Using a spell called "Sleepy dream".

Sleepy dream is a move to send a person to sleep and can only be used on a person that is much weaker than the person using the magic.

The strangers fall uncurious, but as soon as Koneko used her magic, the magic knights decided to get involved and ask her if she was a student. Koneko lying and saying she wasn't, she still isn't allowed to use magic in public unless she is a magic knight. The magic knights using their ability called "chain lock". This is what all magic knight learns, so they can capture their target, this move disables a person's magic and can only be used in a range of 5meteres away, but it can only be used on humans.

Yuu trying his best to explain to the magic knights, that they assaulted them for no reasons, while we were heading to school, the magic knight only paying attention when Yuu said: "while we were heading to school". They added that as another reason to punish Koneko for lying. Yuu having enough of their unfairness that they are treating Koneko, he decided to get involve and grab Koneko's hand and said "Dark matter." Transforming into his form that he mastered while unlocking Yin, he quickly used the chance to escape while the magic knights write down notes about Koneko so that they can put it on her record.

Yuu thinking he has escaped from them after running 10km away, he tries his best to break the chains off Koneko's hands. Koneko thanking Yuu for protecting her, she gave Yuu a kissed on the cheek. Yuu realising he isn't strong enough to break the chain, he tries to make his way to school to see if the teachers could help solve their situation. But while Yuu was 5km away from school, a magic knight suddenly appeared and kick Yuu right in the face, sending him flying back against the wall of a building. Hitting the rock hard in the back, Yuu broke back and was paralysed on the ground. Getting pinned into the corner, Yuu spits out blood from his mouth. The dark matter form, regenerating Yuu's wound and trying to lessen the pain from the impact, the magic knight using "Chain lock" against Yuu, Yuu instantly disappeared out of his form. The magic knight laughing at Yuu, they said "You really think it will be that easy for a low-level class such as yourself to beat us? Don't make me laugh. We're one of the lowest ranks of being a magic knight, but we're still stronger than you, that says a lot about your skills right there".

Yuu taking that message as a wake-up call knowing that this is completely different from the sparring match against the teacher, Yuu didn't want to risk it and use 100% of his power to somehow break out of the magic. But knowing the situation he is in now, he doesn't have much choice to decide. Yuu about to go full out and try and escape from the chains. Everything turned pitch dark around him. Hearing crows on the background making noise, it was as if he was teleported into a haunted house. Thinking that it was him that caused this, he turned around and looked at Koneko, seeing that she broke out of her chains and he hasn't. Koneko staring at the two magic knights. They both stand still ass if they were frozen in place. Unable to move or speak. She made them go on their knees, with one flick of a finger, forcing them to apologize. The magic knights being out the class by one student, they couldn't stand being defeated from a low-level class like them, so decided to go full out against two students, which they were not allowed to do unless it is for a serious matter.

Koneko using her move called "nightmare". The move summoned all her scariest dream to life. The magic knights having to use their special magic called "Lawbreaker." It's a move to increase a person's power that calls out the magic dramatically while decreasing the other person's magic. Breaking out of Koneko's magic, they were too strong for the two students to handle. Pushing them back against the wall with their magic without touching them, it felt like it was the end of them. Until a teacher came in and said: "You're late to school." The two magic knights turning around, they starred at what looks like the devil itself on their on...two...eyes.

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