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Published at 11th of January 2021 03:20:05 PM

Chapter 196: 196
Chapter 196: Is He Your Sugar Daddy?

“Rehearsing?” He said . “Which parts of the scene still require rehearsing?”

“Bed… bed scene…” Ye Shengge hung her head not daring to look him in the eyes . “It’s just that… I’m afraid it won’t go smoothly, so I’m rehearsing in advance . ”

“Mm . ” The man still sounded calm . “Is it over?”

“It’s over! It’s over!” Ye Shengge finally breathed a sigh of relief . She turned around and said, “Teacher Qin, why don’t we call it a day?”

Poor Qin Youhui had just stood up, and he looked at Ji Shiting in bewilderment .

Qin Youhui didn’t know who he was, but he could tell what was going on based on the man’s superior aura, so he didn’t ask further . “Of course . Thank you for today, Teacher Ye . Let’s go, Xiao Liu . ”

“Wait . ” Ji Shiting looked at Xiao Liu’s hand and said . “Delete it . ”

Little Liu was dazed for a bit, then he nodded and said, “Yes, yes . ”

He immediately deleted the video .

Qin Youhui picked up his jacket from the sofa and walked out with Xiao Liu . He nodded at Ji Shiting when he walked past .

Ji Shiting shot him a cold glare .

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Qin Youhui started to sweat . He forced a smile and left .

Ye Shengge held the man until Qin Youhui and Xiao Liu disappeared behind the door . She then grabbed his hand and said, “Come sit down . I’ll get you some water . ”

Her tone was soft and cautious .

Ji Shiting looked at her and walked in, but he didn’t sit on the sofa . Instead, he sat down at the dining table .

Ye Shengge immediately poured him a cup of hot water and said, “I only have water here… Do you want tea or coffee? There seems to be good quality coffee in Director Xu’s room . How about I get you some?”

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“No need . ” Ji Shiting picked up his cup and looked at Lin Qi .

Ye Shengge slapped her forehead and walked to Lin Qi . She took her phone back and said, “You can get off work now . Go back and rest . You don’t have to come tomorrow morning . ”

Lin Qi nodded and asked, “Sister Shengge, is … is he your sugar daddy?”

“…Don’t spout nonsense . ” Ye Shengge said fiercely . She was furious seeing Lin Qi still staring at Ji Shiting . “What are you looking at? Stop looking! Hurry and go!”

Ye Shengge pushed her out and closed the door . She then turned around and looked at Ji Shiting, “Are you… angry?”

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The man put down his cup and looked at her . He curled his lips and said, “Angry? With what status? Being your sugar daddy or your husband?”

…It seemed that he had heard what Lin Qi had said .

Ye Shengge rubbed her hands and smiled, “That’s my assistant . She doesn’t know any better . She’s just spouting nonsense…”

“So you didn’t tell anyone you were married, and you didn’t tell anyone about our relationship?” Ji Shiting said calmly .

However, Ye Shengge felt her hair stand on end .

“I… I thought that you didn’t want me to announce it,” she stammered .

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