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"How, you see I am blind, so you think I will ashamed you, let you have no face, isn't it?" Chen Yuhao remembered what Zhang Jing had said to him, and his face looked even uglier.

"No... No!" Li Zhuoen, which her heart hardened a moment ago was soft again when she heard him saying that. Her heart filled with sympathy as she had overheard the conversation between him and his girlfriend outside the ward. Sincerely he was blind, but with his own ears must hear his girlfriend told him that cruel words, if she was in his position, she will be very disappointed too.

"I give you a day's time to consider, and after a day, you must give me a satisfactory answer!" Chen Yuhao said with a firm attitude.

"Why did you have to marry me? Do you love me?" Li Zhuoen was wondering.

"Don't love!" He answered shortly.

Crazy Dizzy, since he doesn't love her, why  is he still insisted for them to be together?. Relied on the angle he couldn't see, she turned directly toward him with a big supercilious look.

"Well, one day, I'll give you an answer tomorrow." Li Zhuoen's brain quickly turn a bit, "now is a good time to escape, ah, if don't run at this time, then when Ah! Want me to come back tomorrow, you dream!" Her heart filled with pride, ready to flash.

"Wait!" She had just taken a step and Chen Yuhao called her, "Did I say to let you go now?"

"Didn't you just said, give me a day time to consider it?" Li Zhuoen turned silent.

"I mean give you a day time to consider, but didn't say that you can go now!" Chen Yuhao used her feeling push forward the wheelchair a little, "because you, my family were gone, so you must stay to take care of me!"

"What... What the! Want me to stay and take care of you?!" Li Zhuoen's tone unconsciously elevated eight degrees.

"Why, you don't want to take care of a blind man?" Chen Yuhao's tone was full of irony.

That's not the point, okay? The point is, why should she stay and take care of him!!

Surely the outcome wasn't a surprise. Of course, she stayed to take care of him.

Buddha said that the past five hundred times looking back, in return for this life passed. In the end, her life, how many times the neck has been broken ah, this life can be met with this wonderful encounter! 

She sat on the couch beside the bed, and glared at the man on the wheelchair.

"I wanna go to the bathroom." Chen Yuhao said.

"Go on yourself!" She fold her hands on her chest and her tone sounded unfriendly.

"If I could see it myself, would I tell you?" His words sounded as well as a piercing needles.

Oh, I'm going to freak out! Li Zhuoen scratched her very messy explosion hair  hardly, her heart was so unwilling to stand up from the sofa to help Chen Yuhao came to the bathroom.

"Here is the toilet, you hurry up, I wait for you at the door!" Li Zhuoen took him to the bathroom, told him clearly, and went outside to wait.

God, how did she sink to wait for a man came from the bathroom ah? God, you don't open the door for me is no problem, why even the windows are closed for so long, at least, we should occasionally open it ah, now it's a good summer! I've been cooped in the room all day, almost suffocated! ! On the outside is very free. She was very depressed in her heart while thinking about this. 

Chen Yuhao came out of the bathroom, then she held him up, and came to the bed half down.

She came to sit on the sofa, buttocks haven't sat long, over there, the fellow began to give her orders: "I am thirsty!" ”

"Endure it!" She didn't think about it and replied.

"I said I was thirsty!" He repeated it again.

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