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Special Emotional Afterword Short Story

Author: Sigsawa Keiichi

A Conversation on Guns -Fire Control-

A single motorrad (Note: Two-wheeled vehicle. Refers to only ones that cannot fly in the sky) was running through a prairie, somewhere out there.

Its rider was a young person, wearing a black jacket, wearing on the head a visor and-- Well, in other words, it's Kino. With persuaders (Note: Firearms) in tow.

On Kino's right hip was Canon, and on the backside was the Woodsman; strapped on to the back was the Flute; over the right shoulder was a small full-automatic persuader; over the left, a pump-action buckshot persuader.

Above Hermes' rear wheel was a rucksack, on top of which was a sleeping bag, and on top of that were persuaders, laid down horizontally and skillfully fastened together.

Each and every one of them were rifles of no lower caliber than 8mm; some were bolt-action, requiring manual reload after each shot, and some were automatic. There was also a grenade launcher, which shoots explosive projectiles.

The largest and longest among them, the 12.7mm anti-material rifle, (Note: Extremely high firepower) had both its barrel and stock jutting out prominently on both sides of Hermes; it would hit the trees if they were to run through a narrow forest route, which would make for quite an amusement.

"Hey, Kino."

Called out from below by Hermes while riding along,

"What's up, Hermes?"

Kino answered while looking straight ahead.

"Aren't you carrying a bit too much? The persuaders, I mean. They're real heavy. Don't your shoulders get stiff at all?"

"I'm stiff, yeah. They're super heavy. And the slings bite my skin. It's all sore."

"Then why?"

"Isn't that obvious!?"

"What is?"

"Listen up, Hermes. We're traveling through an extremely dangerous wasteland. What if, when we were attacked by the enemy, we can't properly deal with them? If the attack comes from where Canon and Woodsman can't reach, then it'd be Flute's turn, but in cases when a large amount of enemies rush us in close range, I'd need something full-automatic. Or the buckshot! Or even both!"

Kino strongly insisted, with a voice of indomitable spirit.

"Ah-- yeah, well-- Sure thing--"

Hermes ignored them all.

"However! What if we were under aim from more than a kilometer away? I'll need the long-range anti-material rifle. Every small thing can be the difference between being dead or alive! DED-DO OR LAI-VU!"

"Why're you speaking that language?"

"Still, even with a rifle this powerful, I'd have no chance if I were to be attacked while reloading. That's why I need to have at least three rifles. I've heard that a long time ago, there was a Shogun who conquered the land by having three Samurais shoot in rotation!"

"That bit is considered to be fake nowadays though... Oh well."

"I actually wanted more, but for the time being, this much is enough for me to handle any battle! Come, my enemies! If you want a piece of me, then bring it! I'll unload my shells 'till y'all bite the rust!"

"C'mon, don't go making new phrases like that... Oh well, whatever's cool for you, Kino."

And so the travelers kept running onwards.

In seek of unknown lands, unknown countries, and unknown adversaries.

Probably The End

To Be Continued... Not

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