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The autumn has arrived.

Looking at the fallen leaves that fell through the window, Ho Liang's heart was somewhat melancholy. Today is the beginning of KPL's fall season, and he has been waiting for a new trip for the past five years, and then, no matter how busy, he is excited and eager to do so. But now ...

"He Liang, have you finished the opening sequence of the opening ceremony tomorrow?" A man ran to the office and yelled.

Liang's thoughts returned to the computer with this scream, and his head did not respond to a shout: "It's being done."

He is now a graduate student working in the Student Department of Dongjiang University. Although it is no quieter than when it was a professional sport, his life has lost the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the past. What will happen in the future? He only has one answer in his heart.

"Hurry up and draw the line to the playground before it gets dark, now wait for your sequence diagram." A voice of encouragement continues.

"Do not go". Liang kept busy with his hands as he spoke, and the sound of keyboard and mouse was suddenly heard. On the screen, the preferences of schools and departments are drawn at a fast speed.

"The speed of the hands is so fast that it deserves to be a professional former player." The man was behind him, watching his quick action of admiration.

"That's my giraffe of hands." Said Liang

"The same thing happens with different things."

In the text of his visitors, He Liang quickly completed the session sequence diagram, which was already near the end, and the files will be sent directly to the visitor's mobile phone.

"Praise, I'm going down first, and I'll be back." The man said.

"Why do you want to come back?" he asked

"Take my place and write down!" He reached seven feet of men and, at the same time, he realized that there was a cheerful look at Ho Liang and he had made him feel bad.

"I'm not free today." He did not mention it. The classification is one of the most important games in the glory of the king. Players can award and punish the points for the victory or defeat of the game, thus organizing the bronze levels up to the king, which is the most intuitive manifestation of the player's strength. But for professional players, the qualifying section is no longer enough to verify their strength, they are beyond the other side of the higher teacher.

He Liang, once a famous star of KPL, has become a divisor in the eyes of his colleagues. He plans to give up the game even after retirement, who wants to meet this colleague named Pan Ruiming, can not have his fight, live and resume the game, each or five will take it to the point. In the present, the qualifying game has just opened a new season, Pan Ruiming in the ear of He Liang. The persistent classification has been several days, but it has not been extremely diligent, nor has it given a Pan Ruiming to exert its grinding efforts. At the opportunity, pick up the coat is about to leave.

"Why are you leaving?" He Liang, who has always been kind and communicative, it has not been possible to avoid the questions.

"My younger brother will inform you today, and I will pick it up." He Liangtou did not return.

"His brother?" Is he a new student? What department? Hello! I use your computer! "Pan Ruiming asked some questions, but He Liang had disappeared, Pan Ruiming also ignored him, he was sent to He Liang's computer, he sent some copies of the sequence of the session, and he finished doing it, then he called and ordered some words, and then opened the phone in a quiet place in the glory of the king.

"We have to flee." As he murmured, he started in a single row.

When he is in the truth, the victory was sure, but the problem was that he played many more games than him. He was able to play diamonds in two days. In the absence of He Liang, Pan Ruiming's classification record has always been a consecutive double-digit loss, as well as numerous complaints and penalties in the system message box.

The most exaggerated season, He Liang took it to the Queen and then did not pay attention, Pan Ruiming only a week, was born in the golden section. It is no exaggeration to say that the fall of Pan Ruiming to the bronze of the original scholar has been a matter of no pressure if it has not been the integral protection of the bronze segment and the mechanism of the fall of the star. The talent and game level of Pan Ruiming can be seen in this. I never recognized myself, insisting that his teammates were too unreliable. This is the order of the day Pan Ruiming said with confidence: "teacher, make up".

Different heroes in the game have their own good position, reasonable choice of difficult and heroic lineup is a very important part of the game. Pan Ruiming's attitude is very responsible and reliable from the point of view of the mind - let teammates first select the heroes and positions they are good at, and finally make up for the shortcomings in the lineup by themselves.

Four teammates did not notice his words. In short, they picked heroes quickly. Pan Ruiming saw that the game in five positions, Shangdan, Zhongdan, shooter, assistant four are complete, but the lack of field play, immediately selected an assassin hero Lanling King.

"I fight wild and fly." Pan Ruiming was full of confidence.

The race began soon, and Pan Ruiming, who followed him to the throne, completely ignored the golden section of the race and hummed a minor tune and went straight to his own blue area. Playing wilderness is a way of gaining experience and economy by hunting wild monsters in the wilderness. It is usually one of the fastest growing teams in the team, leading the team's rhythm. Pan Ruiming hummed in a minor to beat the odd, the brain has been conceived for a while how the ghost did not kill the whole square, the upper pass but suddenly emerged from the other side of the hero, straight toward him.

Pan Ruiming hurried back, the other two heroes effortlessly killed him hit half of the blue monster, robbed the beginning of the game is very important to the blue BUFF. Pan Ruiming burst into anger and immediately opened his voice: "why don't you take a look at me?"

"The vision is there, and the assistant shooters do not show their heads, either red or blue."

The game's teammates did not respond, but Pan Ruiming suddenly sounded behind him, surprised that he almost threw the phone out. Looking back, I saw a young student standing behind him, his eyes on his cell phone screen.

"But you have punished each other, you still have a great chance to get it. Why do you want to run?" The teenager went on. Discipline is a Summoner's skill. Usually only wild heroes carry them. This skill can cause high real damage to the wild monster, and has a considerable advantage of knife repair. But Pan Ruiming did not take advantage of this advantage to win the blue monster and retreat directly.

"Who you are?" Pan Ruiming looked up and down at the boy who ordered him to play.

"Oh, I'm looking for a He Liang, is not this your office?" The young man said, his eyes finally moving away from Pan Ruiming's cell phone.

"It's outside, it's not here." When Pan Ruiming finished, I turned around and continued his game. Losing Blue BUFF, the King of Lanling finally cleaned out the remaining wild monsters and squandered his teammates with a surge from the front, and finally reached level 4. We received the great trick of the King of Lanling: three attack skills secret, to the invisible state. Sneaking to the opposite blue zone.

"The opposite side is open, if you want to fight against the wild, go to the red zone." Suddenly, a word came from behind.

"Still not gone?" Pan Ruiming, surprised again, shouted, but his attention returned to the game immediately: "How do you know it's red?"

"Just when you were looking at the Middle Way, I passed by, did not you notice the BUFF of it?" The boy said.

"Of course, but who told you what to catch? I'm going to go against blue BUFF. Can not you see I'm almost blue?" Pan Ruiming has not changed its line of action.

"Red face open, that blue diver of less than 60 seconds is updated, you can also take your own blue house, soon it should be fine". The boy said.

"What do you know? I'm going to set an ambush for him, even in the blue BUFF he joins his head." Said Pan Ruiming.

"Ambush for 60 seconds?" The teenager is pretty baffled. Why did not I have to play? How can I have a game?

But his voice did not fall, and Pan Ruiming's Lan Ling Wang met each other in the river course.

"Did you see that?" Pan Ruiming was so proud that the king of Lan Ling pushed him to Li Bai immediately.

"Li Bai has a big move!" The young man saw the faint light on the long sword in Li Bai's hands and hurried to remind Pan Ruiming. But Pan Ruiming's Lanling King attacked Li Bai with a shadow dagger, and then a secret skill of separation was followed. The Lanling King summoned the shadow to separate himself and waved his knife to Li Bai.

The sudden attack in the invisible state is really difficult to defend, but Li Bai was hit by the shadow dagger immediately a second-hand magic pen, the sword in hand into a green lotus sword battle, protecting Li Bai from the Lanling King and his separation. Then he released the great sword of Qing Lian, and Li Bai became the sword of Wang Yibo, and quickly attacked the Lan Ling.

"I depend!" Even eat two skills, but their own personal injury failed to play out, Pan Ruiming exclaimed, the Lanling King's big move and shadow again, see behind the teenagers can only be silent.

When the first attack is launched, the Lanling King enters a stealth state lasting 30 seconds after 1.5 seconds. During this period, the Lanling King launches another attack in the direction of the attack. However, the problem is that Li Bai was still in the process of launching Qinglian sword song. He could not be selected and attacked as well as when he performed Shenlai's pen. At this time, the shadow raid of the Lanling King was launched again and emptied.

Three attacking skills, the Lan Ling Wang has emptied two, only using the shadow dagger to slow down Li Bai. But Li Baiyi's skill will bring wine with displacement effect, at this time the pursuit of the Lanling King want to run one after another, Pan Ruiming helpless, and finally was a sword stabbed to the ground.

"Rely on!" Pan Ruiming was chagrined, but this time it was all his own operation problems, can not complain about teammates, resentful eyes immediately thrown at the young man behind him.

"Quarrel, what noise!" Pan Ruiming was fierce.

"We should wait until Li Bai's big move is limited." Said the boy. Li Bai's Qinglian sword song is usually in a restricted state. Only when the fourth ordinary attack hits the target in three seconds, triggering a passive skill, the Qinglian sword song will lift the restriction. But this time is only 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, the green song will return to the restricted state.

"How do I know if his big move is not limited?" Pan Ruiming said with no interest.

"When the lifting of restrictions, the sword will shine!" The boy was surprised that Pan Ruiming would ask such questions.

Who cares about such details? I said, "who are you?" Pan Ruiming was shocked. He had nearly a thousand games in the game, but he didn't know that Li Bai's big move had such a detail. While silently taking note of one side, it still needs to be hard spoken. But at last there was some curiosity about the boy.

"My name is ho, come to my brother He Liang." Said the boy.

"Ah? You are ho Liang's brother! No wonder it's no wonder! " When he heard the news of his family, Pan Ruiming suddenly changed his face. It is natural for him to give him so many opinions in the game. The younger brother of the professional athlete knows this game, of course.

"He Liang said to pick you up, didn't you meet?" Suddenly, Pan Ruiming went on.

"Is that right?" When he took out his cell phone and saw his eyes, he saw he didn't read WeChat.

"Excuse me!" He hurriedly turned around and went out, but he almost ran into a girl at the door.

"I'm sorry." He hastened to apologize to each other.

"It doesn't matter." The girl looked at him, but the smile on her face made him feel strange, but she didn't pay much attention to it at the moment. She nodded her head and left in a hurry. Pan Ruiming also wanted to pay more attention to what happened a few words, but the hand of the game is not over, while operating while getting up to go out, only to see what happened to the back disappeared in the stairway. But the girl standing at the door is still looking at her back, a thoughtful look.

"Who are you looking for?" Pan Ruiming looked at the girl and found that she was beautiful.

"No one is looking for it. The house is ready now. Hurry up and get it." Said the girl.

"What?" Pan Ruiming looked down and looked down. The blue monster in his home district was in a state of refreshing.

"How do you know?" Pan Ruiming looked up in surprise, but saw that the other party had already left.

"Because I play games." The girl didn't look back, but just like this, she disappeared at the staircase.

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