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Karma woke up and next to him he saw Misokai standing in front of him, he instantly moved back and realised that he was only in his underwear.

Misokai giggled."Those reaper scythes look good on you." She said as she would stretch."My brother is calling you, he said it was important." She would then begin to head towards the door.

Karma was blushing in embarrassment and decided to cover himself in his quilt until Misokai was gone."O-ok.."He said as he would wait for her to completely leave before he finally got out of his bed and got himself ready, he walked out the room and headed to his master's room."What?" He said as he entered and leaned against the wall.

"If it isn't my favourite student.." He smiled. he had a knife in his hand and he began to throw it up and down in his hand." We need to go to the underworld, its time for you to begin your training in the Ripa kingdom." He said as he would look straight into his master's eyes.

Karma would smirk."I'm your only student." Karma's master had no powers but he was able to train his student to the point where he had good physical combat, his master was a plain out thug and although he was human and not cursed with the demon power he had been researching on how to enter the underworld as well as how to obtain superhuman abilities.

Karma's father and mother scientists and had been trying to find a way to help cure their son of his as they would call.'disease' One day an experiment went wrong and they lost their lives, Karma felt responsible and called the police but he had realised what his parents had told him, that if he was caught then he would be thrown away and experimented on, from that moment Karma thought it was best to flee from the scene. For many minutes, days and months that went by Karma had become more adjusted to his street and now could fend for himself but one day he met a man by the name of Amon who took him into his home and began to teach him along with Amon's little sister Misokai martial arts. Misokai was a reincarnation of the earth demon Akuno and Amon had been researching on the Underworld for a long time.

Although Amon seemed to be nice he was a ruthless thug who was smart yet very dangerous, although he seemed interested in Karma he had his agenda, he had read that the winner of the war would claim the earth and he had wanted to be the ruler.

"We're going to the underworld to the Ripa Kingdom and the Chikiyū Kingdom for your training to really begin, there is no doubt that the other three reincarnates have already started their training and are preparing for the fight against the angels and then the fight to finish what had been started." Amon continued to explain the events that were supposed to be taking place.

"How will you be entering the underworld? You are a human aren't you..?" He asked him a little worried but trying to mask it.

"With this." He brought out a needle and injected himself and at that moment he felt a sense of dark aura fall around him."It's only temporary but this should help me." He said as he would take the needle out. He would then bring out a book and begin to chant. Karma would look in front of him to see a giant portal appear in front of him. He had looked and felt massive amounts of energy coming from the portal.

Amon called out for Misokai and she came running in and she was already ready."Let's go!!!!" He said smiling.

Karma didn't even have a chance to pack but shook his head and walked right in. The two followed right after him and Amon said."Well, we got to walk a while to the Ripa kingdom."

"Aw, why do we have to go to his kingdom first?"Misokai began to pout.

"Don't worry it will be fun! Although we will have to pass through the Kasai Kingdom in order to make it to the Ripa village, be careful guys." He said as he brought out a coat and they would cover themselves and make his way there.

Kazuto and Datenshi finally made it to the Kasai Kingdom and the gates opened and Kazuto and the two passed in.

A female who looked as if she was around Datenshi came running with voluptuous tits bounced up and down, she would instantly jump onto Datenshi with a smile."Datenshi! You came back!"

At that moment Kazuto fell out of Datenshi's hand and he was. flat on the floor along with Datenshi.

Datenshi's face began to get red."Hello Rias..." He said as he would wait for her to get off him.

She would get off him and her eyes would slowly look over to Kazuto."Is this the reincarnate..?" She said changing her tone and becoming much more serious.

Datenshi stood up and dusted himself off."Yes and he needs to be healed though, he was injured in a battle with the Shi reincarnate."

"Is this guy really that weak..? I thought the reincarnate of Shi was harmless." She said asking Datenshi.

"The recent one is more hot-headed... Now could you heal him!" Datenshi said getting bored with the conversation.

Rias nodded her head as she would bend over and look at Kazuto she placed her two hands on his ribs and began to heal him, just then Kazuto felt himself getting back to normal Rias got up and walked over to Datenshi."Done!" Kazuto would get up and feel no pain."Wow.."

"Yeah Yeah... It's time for your training to begin." Datenshi said as he would start walking towards what looked like a giant dojo which placed in front of him.

Just around that time Karma, Misokai and Amon walked in the first thing that caught Kazuto's attention was Karma, he could never forget those eyes and the red hair that was hanging out of the coat he was wearing.

Kazuto felt a sense or rage built up inside of him and was ready to try and go for round two.

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