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He organised his memories. 
The 3rd Base that he was apart of used to under Lee GangHo's influence. 
It was a place where happy memories used to be for him. 
'I am sure I have participated the battles that took here......'
At this moment.

An incident passed through his memories. 
'Yes, there was 'that'.'
'That place' was behind the Nerimchun.
"That's it!"
MuYeol shouted without him knowing. 
"Why is he doing that?"
Because of his shout people were looking at him like they were seeing an idiot, but that was not important to him. 
MuYeol held his sword. 
The sword that he was holding didn't feel comfortable.
To be exact the sword was a piece of trash. 
The weapon had a unbalanced weight and the blade was not sharp enough. 
'I can even feel this?'
Even though the 15 years he spent were just to survive, but at least he was able to learn something from it.

"Status Window."

Name: Kang MuYeol

"Status Window.'

Name  : Kang MuYeol
Rank   : E
Power : 15 
Agility  : 17
Health : 12
Magic  : 0

MuYeol sighed as he checked his Status Window.
'....... Can I really do this?'
When God Lakshumu summoned 7 billion people the average stats of each people was 10.
His stats looked good when you look at it, but the average included people from small kids, women and elderly people. 
'Well......, I had more days fleeing than actually battling.'
At the time he was listening to a lecture in the university.
He had never touched a sword so couldn't fight the Monsters that were right in front of him.
'It's different this time.'
The number of big and small battles that were fought by him were more than hundreds. 
He was more experienced in using the sword than anyone right now.
MuYeol knows that experience can be the biggest advantage or weapon in this place.

"I will stop it."

Save the people.
It's not only that.
MuYeol looked at the man that was busily moving around in the tent.

Kang ChanSuk.

'I will let you use both of your arms this time.'
MuYeol wanted to save him and make Kang ChanSuk his man.
Because he was one of the most outstanding Sword Master in the past?
During the 15 years there were many strong and influential people.
Out of those people there were people who was stronger than Kang ChanSuk or even crazier people than him.
'You are the one that I need and will help me rise to the Throne.'
He promised to himself.
to be the strongest to stand on the apex.
He will reign over the people that he looked upon.
'I will not live like this,'
Not as a  just foot soldier, but on the apex.
And that first was Kang ChanSuk.

MuYeol now understood why he came back to this terrifying point in time instead of the beginning.
To turn the table.
MuYeol took in a deep breath.
A new beginning.
To change his start from despair to a opportunity. 
Sssssck----- (sfx. something going pass very quickly)
He could feel the smell of death from his nose tip.
"Now is not the time."
MuYeol went to the other side of the tent instead of the front door.
Kuung ------ (sfx. of foot kicking off from the ground. )
A sound of foot kicking off the ground with force.

Was the sound of history changing.

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