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Mu Tianhe was ready to throw caution to the wind.

With a slight movement of his body, he disappeared from the spot.


His figure did not appear anywhere.

Instead, it directly incarnated itself into countless spaces.

The most powerful secret of the [Greater Space] technique.

Every single one of them was instantly enveloped by the space and then suddenly disappeared...

Tens of thousands of them fell from the sky, and thousands of them appeared in the air.

All of a sudden.

The blood-red sky slowly split apart.

Undead Lord's face sank, "Mu Tianhe, you're really not afraid of death, right?"

"You think you can stop me like this?"

"I want to see what boundary your Great Space Technique has reached. I want to see how much more space you can materialize." The shadow on Undead Lord's body suddenly climbed higher, turning into a black giant. From the shadow of the giant, one after another Blood Crows flew out.

"Wa, wa... "Wa! Wa! Wa!..."

"Wa, wa …"

All sorts of ghostly sounds rang out.

All of a sudden.

The sky was obscured and the sky was obscured. The northern region of Mu Clan was shrouded in darkness, as if it was night.

Everyone in the Mu Clan was scared silly.

When had he ever seen such power?

At this moment.

In their hearts, he was like an incomparably weak ant.

"Everyone, don't just stand there. Everyone, hurry over to the plaza."


"Hurry up!"

… ….

The Blood Crows covered the sky. This time, the number of Blood Crows was more than ten times as large as before.

Undead Lord laughed: Who can stop me?

"All of you must die!"

"Rumble …"

The sky darkened and the Blood Crows instantly pressed down. The same as the previous one was now pressing down on them one by one.

"Mu Tianhe, who do you think you are?"

"Fight with me?"

"You are still far from it." Undead Lord was extremely disdainful. He was one of the three great Empyreans of Xuans, a peak powerhouse of the divine space.

Who could stop him?

"It seems like third eldest is going all out, even releasing the ultimate power of the Heavenly Flame Crows."

"He's determined to win against Long Fei." The corners of the old man's mouth curled up as he laughed softly. He felt that the Undead Lord was helping them get married.

The mantis stalks the cicada and the oriole.

He's a yellow sparrow!

"Brother, can Mu Tianhe still take it?" The old man looked at the sky above the northern region. It seemed as if the tens of thousands of Sky Fire Crows had been moved to other locations.

This was not the case.

Mu Tianhe alone was the one who withstood all of the attacks.

Although Mu Tianhe did not appear, he was definitely injured.

To be able to endure so much power from the Blood Crow, even if he had Kong Kim's undefeatable physical body, he would still not be able to withstand it.

"Mu Tianhe is using his own life to carry it. How long he can hold it up will depend on how strong his willpower is."

The old man said: "But Long Fei did not appear. The fact that Ol 'Three used such a powerful move is enough to prove that he did not sense Long Fei's aura in the northern region."

"Then where is he?"

The voice in the air did not sound again.

Because they didn't know either.


Even if Long Fei was standing in front of them, they did not know.

They had never seen Long Fei before.

… ….

"Goldfur, hurry up!"

"Hurry up!"

Long Fei was very anxious, "Grandfather, you must be careful, you must survive, you must …"

Flower Fairy kept reporting to him about the situation in the northern region.

The northern region of Mu Clan was already within her perception. She was able to establish a connection with the flowers, plants and trees in the northern region of Mu Clan, so she knew everything that was happening in the northern region.

She also reported to Long Fei 'live'.

The giant golden ape was also desperately running away. It could be said that it was exerting all of its strength just to use up all of its strength.

But the distance was too far.

Even if he was a top-grade fairy beast, even if his speed was incomparably fast, he still could not instantly reach the northern region.

Long Kuangdao: "I won't be in a hurry."

"Master, according to Flower Fairy's description, this Undead Lord should be at the peak of the martial way. In the entire divine space, those who have reached this realm are almost invincible."

"You can't kill him with your current cultivation."

Peak of martial arts!

It was also known as the super great complete realm.

This realm was invincible within the divine space.

To kill a perfect powerhouse like this was simply too difficult, too difficult.


What was the level of a 'Super Perfection'?

Long Fei's Heavenly God Madman's strongest limit was also instkill within the realm of Level 13, but what was the level of the Undead Lord?

I don't know!

An Empyrean God madman definitely wouldn't be able to instantly kill him.

The Heavenly God Kuang was Long Fei's strongest technique, if it was not killed, how could Long Fei still have the power to kill it?

The power of the Pubes?

Long Fei said: "I know what you want to say, but with my current state of mind, what if I were to cultivate the power of the Alchemy field?"

Long Fei knew very well what Long Kuang wanted him to do.

In his heart, he was extremely anxious. Worried, how could he train under such circumstances?

Long Kuangdao: "Master, after your idea enters the Pubes and search for the plane strength that is compatible with your Haoran Realm, you have to know these things first."

Long Fei frowned, "That's right, I broke through into the Haoran Realm before I entered the Pubes, I still don't know what kind of plane of power is matching with the Haoran Realm."

Just like what Long Kuang said.

Even if he was still unable to grasp the power of the Pubes, but he had to at least know the power of the plane that was compatible with the Haoran Realm!

His Pubes was like a huge galaxy.

Starting from the Divine Moon Realm, every single great realm would be able to activate the energy within the Pubes.

This power was actually the power of a plane.

It was powerful because it released the power of the entire plane.


The power that Long Fei cultivated in and the plane of power he was equipped with were of the same sect.

It was the same power!

Whether it was the Divine Moon Realm's immense radiance or the Everlasting Realm's primal chaos diagram, the reason why their powers could collide and fuse was because they were of the same type!

"Huff …"

Long Fei sat cross-legged on the ground and tried to calm himself down. When the idea entered the Pubes s, it moved and released the power of the Haoran Realm …

… ….

In the north region of Mu Clan.


"Rumble …"

The black horde of Blood Crows continued to descend one by one, and as they did, they disappeared one by one, causing violent explosions in the distant sky.

This was the sound of the Blood Crows exploding. It was as if the sky was splitting apart.

The various powerhouse of the divine space raised their eyebrows.

The Blood Crows left the ground lower and lower, and their disappearance became slower and slower. It could be seen that Mu Tianhe was almost unable to hold on any longer.

Undead Lord laughed coldly, and said. "Mu Tianhe, you still have a choice."

"Undying ghost, just come at me as much as you want." The sound was just like the sound of something falling from the sky.

At this moment.

The corners of Undead Lord's mouth curled up as he revealed a slight smile, and said: "The location should have been found by me. Let me see what tricks you can still play."

"Blood Crow's Heavenly Eye!"

"Mu Tianhe, get out here."

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Countless Blood Crows suddenly glared at him. A powerful force was channeled into the air.

A loud sound echoed out.


Mu Tianhe fell from the sky.

It was also at this moment.

A huge space door appeared in the plaza.

Turtle Mountain had been opened!

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