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"Ah! You! Why did you…Hum!" Facing Li Changfeng's innocent eyes, Sai Ya heavily pinched his belly and ran back room with a red face.


"What's wrong?" Li Changfeng opened his mouth wide, rubbed his belly and looked at Xiaodie.


"Childe! Please don't say same words later. These words will hurt Sai Ya's heart!" Gazing at Li Changfeng, Xiaodie also pinched Li Changfeng and then got close to his ears.


"Oh…" Hearing Xiaodie's explanation, Li Changfeng understood and nodded.


Elf and human could have a baby. But it was a little difficult. Elves had long life, so they owned long pregnancy duration. When a female elf became mature, she would have an ovulatory response every three years. Moreover, in this period, the probability of fertilization was small. Therefore, if an elf married with a human, they might have no babies all their lives. This was why Sai Ya had been embarrassed just now. Li Changfeng had pointed out her grief.


"Em…May I make an apology to her?" Observing that Sai Ya kept herself in the room, Li Changfeng stood up with worries. He didn't know the fact so that he hurt Sai Ya through those words.


"Why are you standing here? Go!" Xiaodie stared at Li Changfeng with smile and continuously blinked her eyes, seeming that she had a conspiracy.


"What's the matter with you?" Li Changfeng's mouth twitched, for he had never seen Xiaodie showing the expression like this before.


"Heh…" Xiaodie bent her finger, giving Li Changfeng a sign to get close to her, "Childe, at several nights, Sai Ya called your name in dreams. So, heh heh, you know that."



"Em?" Like a bolt from the blue, Li Changfeng felt his hair nearly standing up when hearing the amazing news.


"What do you mean?" Li Changfeng licked his mouth in tension and forced himself to calm down. He needed to judge whether Xiaodie made fun of him, because the news was difficult to believe.


"Nothing. I'm just a maid. Now that childe doesn't understand, neither do I." Xiaodie winked her big eyes with an innocent expression, which made Li Changfeng really want to kiss her face. But according to her sights, Xiaodie didn't lie to him.


"Ha, it's fine. Your childe is handsome and elegant. It's common I'm in women's good graces." Li Changfeng tried to suppress his delight and pretended to be indifferent. It seemed that he was not surprised about the thing, because the thing was extremely usual.


Xiaodie curled her lip when she saw Li Changfeng's proud performance, "Childe, I'm serious. Don't you think Sai Ya is pathetic? Nobody cared her when she was just a kid. In the past years, she went different places without definite residence. Even though she stays in White Tiger City for a long time, she is on tenterhooks."


"Has she told you her background?" Li Changfeng twitched his mouth. He remembered that Sai Ya required him to keep the secret, but she spoke out first.


"No. I heard of your talks. I and Sai Ya lay on a same bed. I actually knew her actions."


"Oh, you're right." Li Changfeng lightly nodded. Xiaodie was a cultivator of fourth-heaven level. It was impossible for her to neglect their talks.


"Em!" Noticing Li Changfeng's expression, Xiaodie added, "In this condition, childe, don't you want to show your mercy and take in her?"


"All right. I should take in her. Em?" Li Changfeng replied smoothly for he didn't react promptly. But when he said these words, he suddenly realized that the "take in" was not simple; it had another hidden meaning.

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