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"Alas! It's too late." Li Changfeng lay on the deck chair and let out a sigh. Behind him was Xiaodie, who rubbed his shoulders gently; before him was Sai Ya, who bound up his wounds carefully. How enjoyable his life was!


Several days ago, Xiaodie's teacher had accompanied castellan to imperial capital. Therefore, she had stayed with Li Changfeng in these days. Sai Ya had also stayed here to look after injured Li Changfeng. By the way, there was no progress in the incident of missing elves; therefore, she wanted to promptly know the latest information about the incident.


"Childe, what do you mean?" Noticing Li Changfeng's depression, Xiaodie asked in a low voice.


"Nothing. I mean I haven't realized my promise to Sai Ya yet. After these days, those elf traffickers may stop their illegal actions."


"Don't think of the incident any more. I have been familiar with that. If they are sold to nice families, they may have a happy life."


Sai Ya smiled softly and continued to gently massage Li Changfeng's wounds with her slender fingers. The natural energy was transferred from her fingers to his wounds and gradually healed the wounds. Thanks to Sai Ya, Li Changfeng's serious wounds had closed in the two days; only scars were left.


"Em…Regarding this, I have a question." Hearing Sai Ya's words, Li Changfeng's interest was ignited. In fact, he was clear that the elves, who were sold as slaves, had no status or happy life. Furthermore, in some upper-class circles, officials and businessmen would exchange and give away the elves with each other. It was almost impossible to see the condition Sai Ya had described.


"Sai Ya, what plan you have for your future? Do you wanna marry with toy boy like your elves? Or strong human like me? Or ugly one like Black?"


"You…" Sai Ya flushed and immediately pinched Li Changfeng with strength, making Li Changfeng take deep breath.


"Don't avoid my question! Tell us! I and Xiaodie then can make an analysis for you. Otherwise, you're not safe without a man accompanying you for you're so beautiful."


"I…I have never thought of this. I'm young…" Li Changfeng compelled Sai Ya to answer his question, causing her face to be redder than before.


"You're not young as you think!" Xiaodie said in a calm voice, "If I'm at the same age like you, I'll marry with someone. Living by yourself is too tired! If you have a husband, you will have a person to depend on." After saying that, Xiaodie put her face on Li Changfeng's back, seeming Li Changfeng being her man.


"Xiaodie is right!" Li Changfeng touched Xiaodie's head and nodded.


"Actually, I have no certain plan." Facing Li Changfeng and Xiaodie's eyes, Sai Ya opened her mouth, "I just want to marry with a person who treats me well and can be my support. It doesn't matter that he is an elf or a human. But I don't accept orc husband."


"Oh, it sounds good. But…" Li Changfeng thought for a while, "Can you have a baby if you marry with a human?"


Influenced by the knowledge of Earth, Li Changfeng still kept different ideas from this world. In his opinions, different races couldn't bear descendants because of different genes.

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