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"Who is Zaks? Why are you so surprised?" First madam frowned because she knew Black was steady. In most cases, he didn't behave so excitedly.


"First madam, have you forgotten him?" Black gazed at first madam with excitement, "Five years ago, a month before Childe First's coming-of-age ceremony, namely, a month before General came back, someone broke into General's Residence in evening and wanted to assassinate Childe First. That assassinator is Zaks!"


"What?" First madam also got agitated when hearing Black's reply.


"Do you mean Zaks is that worgen? Five years ago, he failed to kill my son Li Yong and was chased by you over 250km; finally, he fled into a jungle and disappeared. Did you talk about him?"


"Yes!" Black nodded, "I remember him clearly. He is Zaks!"


"250km?" Hearing Black and first madam's chat, Li Changfeng's face twitched. Amazing! Black went after Zaks for more than 250km in just a night! How strong Black was!



Later, Li Changfeng sat on a simple stretcher made up by branches and was held by first madam's guards to return White Tiger City.


Li Changfeng slightly narrowed his eyes and carefully reviewed his explanation just now in order to find out mistakes.


Li Changfeng had lied to all people just now. He didn't expose Liu Wuneng for he guessed there must be a manipulator. A Liu Wuneng couldn't dare to murder him and they had no huge hatred. Therefore, he said that all guards and soldiers had been killed in the battle with bandits. The result was extremely miserable; all people perished together, except him. Those guards and soldiers had used their lives to send him out of the encirclement.


Though Liu Wuneng didn't believe Li Changfeng at first, Li Changfeng had talked so earnestly. Moreover, the dead couldn't give witness. Otherwise, he could know whether Li Changfeng spoke out the truth or not by observing others' expressions. In the end, when Li Changfeng stated that the guard leader had died with Zaks together so as to save him, Liu Wuneng couldn't hold back his homicidal intent to the three guards beside him. What the fuck! He fostered ungrateful persons!


When Li Changfeng got back to the General's Residence and cleared up his wounds. All people here got amazed. Xiaodie and Sai Ya dropped tears immediately when they saw Li Changfeng unshipping the two cloth stripes and showing his horrible wounds. Even first madam failed to control her emotion and turned round to order Black to find doctors at once.


While Li Changfeng was arranged to lie on the bed for rest, soldiers, who implemented the clear-up work on Pig Head Mountain, reported the searching information. A total of 63 bandits and 30 guards' corpses were found. However, 12 bodies of the eighth team were not found. In consideration that they had entered into the deep jungle, it was possible that those corpses were drawn away by beasts that had noticed the blood smell.


Two days later, Li Changfeng left the bed because he heard a depressing thing that made him unable to lie on the bed without worries. He had known that on today's morning.


Liu Wuneng had been killed with his three guards on the evening they had gotten back White Tiger City. But nobody had told him the thing before. At present, the whole city was cordoned off. First madam felt the incident was not simple due to Zaks. Therefore, in the two days, she had investigated the incident all the time. She vaguely felt that Liu Wuneng's death was too strange and there was something incapable to be linked together. Of course it was impossible for Li Changfeng to tell her all her had heard from him was fake.

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